25+ Best Mobile App Design Companies in Kentucky

25 Best Mobile App Design Companies in Kentucky
20Apr, 2021

Mobile app design has become an essential element of any company’s marketing strategies in recent years. Providing apps can be a great way to get your business into the hands of customers more often, with unique and tailored experience being possible that websites simply can’t offer. Of course, though, you neeed to find the right company to help you out when you’re first starting with something like this, and this post will be showing you 25+ of the best mobile app design companies in Kentucky to get you started.

1. Exemplary Marketing

As one of the best mobile app design companies in Kentucky, Exemplary Marketing have a wealth of experience with app development, UX/UI design, AI, and much more that can help your business to build an amazing app. Based in Chicago but with branches in Kentucky, this is a great place to start when you’re looking for app design services.

2. ADK Group

ADK Group is a popular choice for businesses looking for app design, web development, and software building. Having worked with a huge variety of companies, ADK Group is a good choice for businesses that have unique needs, with the small team in this firm being able to guide you through your app development journey.

3. Rootstack

With a focus on business-facing software and tools, Rootstack is an excellent choice for companies looking to create internal applications. Like many other development companies, Rootstack can also help you with web design and other digital services, enabling them to handle just about every online job you have.

4. Echobind

Unlike many App design companies, Echobind is entirely focused on mobile apps. This means that they have a huge amount of knowledge and experience surrounding smartphone platforms, and they even pride themselves on creating solid code that is tested thoroughly. They can guide you through the planning, design, and building stages of your app project.

5. Slingshot

Slingshot is a modern company with modern aims, and they aren’t afraid to present themselves as a fun business. Made from a small group of young people, Slingshot has a unique insight into the minds of this massive market, making them ideal for companies that are looking to modernise or start fresh with new designs.

6. Apporio Infolabs

Originally founded in India, Apporio has an office in Kentucky that makes it easy to use their services. Offering pre-built apps, bespoke app development, and a range of other smartphone services, this company offers affordable options that are always quick to be developed.

7. Vividsites

Vividsites is a digital marketing company that focuses onb UI/UX design and custom programming. This makes them ideal for those looking to create a professional app, with their whole development team being geared towards this sort of work. Alongside app design, this company also offers web design and development services.

8. Thoroughbred Solutions

Thoroughbred Solutions is another company that is entirely focused on app design and development. With a wide range of different apps in their portfolio, it’s easy to see that this agency is able to work with both business-facing and customer-facing apps, making them ideal for a range of projects.

9. Red Hawk Technologies

Redhawk Technologies uses Agile development practices to rapidly develop apps that stand up to the markets they are designed for. Not only can they help you to develop an app, but they can also help you to do the prior research to make sure that your idea is going to be successful.

10. FocustApps

With a keen focus on web and mobile app development, FocustApps has a lot of experience when it comes to creating systems for customers to use. Not only can they help you to build mobile systems that look great, but they can also help you to reflect this on your website when people come to visit.

11. Net Tango

Having worked with big names like the Nashville Government, AT&T, and Louisville Water, Net Tango is one of the biggest companies on this list. They offer development services for evetrything from websites and mobile apps to desktop software apps, making it easy to get all of your digital bases covered when you go with Net Tango.

12. GlowTouch

GlowTouch is an outsourcing and design company that is able to help small businesses to achieve what big companies are doing at the time. This is achieved by using expert designers alongside work being outsourced to cheaper locations.

13. BlueGood Design

BlueGood Design is a small and traditional company that offers website and app development, along with technical support. While their projects may be simple, they offer a great amount of value, with few companies being able to match the prices offered by BlueGood.

14. eLink Design

As a marketing company, eLink Design can help with app design and development, web services, and marketing options like SEO and PPE. This makes them well-placed for many businesses, as they have everything you need to get started on services like Google.

15. DBS Interactive

DBS Interactive is a digital media company that has worked with a range of companies, including giants like Papa Johns. This experience means that their designers are used to working with modern clients, offering a wide range of services that can enable you to build a beautiful app for your business.

16. Bitsource

BitSource is a large company that is based in Kentucky, offering full-service application systems that can connect between apps, websites, servers, and other elements of your digital landscape.

17. Able Engine

Able Engine is a consulting company with a difference. Unlike other consultants, Able Engine can help you with each of your projects from start to finish, rather than simply telling you what to do and leaving you to figure it out for yourselves.

18. APAX Software

APAX Software is another app development company, though this agency has a unique take on project development. Rather than working on their own, APAX aim to involve your team members in the app development process, ensuring that you are able to produce an app that meets your needs in no time at all.

19. RedTag.Digital

With strong connections to companies like Google and Facebook, RedTag.Digital is a great choice for businesses that are looking for help with marketing. Alongside this, though, RedTag also offers app design and development with a professional edge.

20. Louisville Web Group

Louisville Web Group is a rather traditional digital agency, offering options that small business owners are likely to understand. This makes them great for businesses that simply want to get started with an app and aren’t too worried about having the latest UX features.

21. Premier Solutions Inc

Premier Solutions Inc offers a wide range of development and marketing services, including a heavy focus on ecommerce. This makes the company excellent for those looking to create apps with sales functionality, with the option to connect up with your website being available.

22. IdealDigital

IdealDigital describes themselves as a creative digital agency, and this means that much of their focus is on design. While also being able to provide development services, this makes IdealDigital a great choice for companies that want a beautiful app that performs well.

23. Fusioncorp Design

If their website alone was anything to go by, any company would be happy to have their app designed by Fusioncorp. Mixing classical and modern styles to create slick, smooth, and stunning apps, this agency is the perfect choice for companies who want some chic in their app.

24. Mediaura

Having worked with companies in just about every field, Mediaura is a good choice for small businesses looking to improve their online presence. Many of their projects have included app development, web design, and marketing services.

25. Cogitools Software Inc.

Cogitools Software Inc is another traditional company, offering services that are easy to understand and get your head around. This makes them ideal for companies that don’t want to deal with complex terminology or wording when they are having their app built.

26. Red Pixel Studios

Finally, it’s time to look at another big player. If you’ve been in Kentucky for some time, it’s very likely that you’ve used Red Pixel apps in the past, with many of the small and independent businesses in this area relying on this design agency to handle their work. This popularity is for a good reason, with Red Pixel Studios offering excellent design services.

As you can see, Kentucky has a lot of great app design companies just waiting for your call. Finding the best mobile app design companies will usually require some research, and the answer isn’t the same for every business. In some cases, it will make the most sense to go with a small designer, though it may only be possible to realise your dream with a much larger firm.