25+ Best Mobile App Design Companies in Indiana

25 Best Mobile App Design Companies in Indiana
17Apr, 2021

All over the United States, there are software developers and engineers with tons of experience and expertise. However, to accommodate the growing needs of the modern world, it is necessary that you eventually develop your own mobile app for use as part of a wider and more optimized customer experience.

While only one, state, Indiana is home to some of the best mobile app design companies that the nation has to offer and these include:

  • Exemplary Marketing
  • Aptera Software
  • Business Media Group
  • Connect Think
  • DMI
  • Developer Town
  • Appirio
  • EP System Technologies
  • Flexus Solutions LLC
  • Flexware Innovation Inc.
  • Haystack
  • InGen Technologies
  • Inverse Square
  • Level 12
  • Lumavate
  • Motega
  • PixelRocket LLC
  • Pros Consulting
  • RocketBuild
  • SEP
  • Socio
  • Topcoder
  • YML
  • WRG Digital
  • KSN Technologies

Exemplary Marketing

Specializes in Android and iOS app development, UI/UX, and web development. Also offers graphic design, copywriting, and AI services with marketing via Ad Words, Facebook and Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and email. Can manage systems using CRM, SEO, and IT through software as a service and other managed IT components.

Aptera Software

Designs and develops custom apps and websites for enterprise businesses. Highly skilled at working with existing development teams to meet project goals and will actively teach and work effectively with in-house developers. Can develop web and mobile apps with Xamarin for iOS and Android as well as SEO optimized websites for e-commerce.

Business Media Group

Adopts a creative approach to web and app design that specializes in the planning, production, and execution of business, corporate, and entertainment events. Can integrate new technologies such as VR and live streaming into existing apps or build new apps from the ground up and can implement virtual meeting technologies as a part of a wide strategy.

Connect Think (now KSM Consulting)

Has performed extensive work for all types of entities such as government agencies, commercial business and private citizens alike. Adopts a rigid and structured approach to web and app design that incorporates the latest technologies and data analytics systems. Will proactively manage IT systems as part of their delivery.


Offers enterprise-level innovative digital experiences as part of comprehensive UI and UX systems when designing apps and websites. Competently operates established systems such as AWS and Salesforce to increase and manage productivity while developing e-commerce as well as AI and analytics systems.

Developer Town

Specializes in modern software development for desktop, web, and mobile apps across Android and iOS with a focus on upgrading existing systems to modern ones. Can work from the ground up or proactively with an existing development team to deliver high-quality systems using .NET Core, C#, and Xamarin.


Experts in developing and designing apps and sites based around Salesforce systems and provides support through the development process from design and implementation to aftermarket care for both employees and customers. Specializes in CRM strategy and design including planning, UX/UI design, and e-commerce.

EP System Technologies

More of a managed IT service with experience in delivering enterprise-level web and mobile app design. Will manage all aspects of iOS and Android design and development such as concept, design, implementation, and testing while implementing branding, marketing, and maintenance. Expertise in managed IT means that EPST is more secure than most.

Flexus Solutions LLC

Web and mobile app design and development company that specializes in services for small to medium-sized businesses. Offers comprehensive solutions covering responsible landing pages for web and mobile using established CMS systems such as WordPress and Django with app design and development for all mobile devices including iPad and iWatch.

Flexware Innovation Inc.

Specializes in technology integration with app design and development focuses around industry and process automation with existing standard technologies such as SCADA and HMI systems. Offers new technology integration with legacy systems from Microsoft with cloud-based solutions, process efficiency management, and managed IT services.


Offers custom mobile app design and development solutions either as new bespoke software or upgrades and technological integration with existing systems. Approaches projects from a consultancy angle rather than technical and delivers across multiple systems and disciplines including iOS, Android, CRM, e-commerce, and SaaS.

InGen Technologies

Delivers web and app design and development focused around business growth and development by incorporating modern digital philosophies such as the Internet of Things. Apps are customer-centric UI and UX systems designed to provide a cutting-edge CX that gets ahead of the competition. Analytics and CMS included across a diverse array of sectors.

Inverse Square

Custom design and development company with specialties in custom websites, web apps, system integration, and mobile apps. Focuses on streamlining processes through a comprehensive system of assessment, design, development, and support with ongoing optimization of bespoke apps.

Level 12

Experience web and mobile app development and design company with a focus on technical challenges that utilize complex algorithms with Python. A technical approach allows the implementation of complex new systems or the optimization of existing ones through scaling, process automation and streamlining, and SaaS systems.


Not technically a mobile app design company but offers an impressive engine design and development suite that allows you to easily and effortlessly create the mobile app you want and need with an easy-to-use no-code system. Possible limited potential however since the platform is aimed more at internet marketing and branding than anything else.


Focused on small to medium business and offers a complete web and mobile design and development implementation strategy from design and development through to marketing. Supports modern online presence requirements such as digital marketing, email, social, media and advertising for a wide range of sectors.

PixelRocket LLC

Specialists in UI/UX and digital marketing and can design and develop mobile apps for multiple devices and systems such as iOS and Android for e-commerce. Provides intuitive design interfaces centered around the best CX and UX possible through comprehensive requirements research, usability assessments, and aesthetics.

Pros Consulting

Primarily planning, assessment, and training service but also offers custom mobile app design and development services as part of the wider strategy. Offers basic yet excellently designed and implemented functionality and is best used on web portals and basic websites. Is noted for developing excellent apps and sites for local public entities.


An experienced studio that specializes in mobile app and web design and development for various sectors and industries. Offers advanced sites and mobile apps capable of cross-platform capabilities using industry-standard technologies such as Java, Swift, Objective C, and Appcelerator. Also offers SaaS and web hosting.


Offers traditional web-based app design as well as mobile with cloud-based systems and embedded technologies. As such, SEP is known to work with companies in an industry where more complicated systems than simple CX UIs might be necessary as a part of the IoT and is a trusted partner with many reputable systems such as Azure, AWS, and Heroku.


Specializes in event technology and offers custom apps and websites focused around event management, planning, sales, and organization with experience in planning events for large companies such as Google, Microsoft, and PepsiCo. Can integrate with existing technology and provide VR systems for meetings and other event types.


A little different than usual since they provide access to a talented pool of freelance designers and developers as part of a Talent as a Service model. All personnel is vetted and proven experts in their field which covers app programming, design, and development with talented former employees of companies such as Microsoft.


Designs and builds innovative digital experiences through web and mobile app design and development. More technologically advanced than most development companies with a focus on cutting-edge tech including the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, and digital-first solutions by adopting a Silicon Valley approach to development.

WRG Digital

Experts in delivering marketing-based app and web design systems that incorporate the latest technologies and methodologies that include SEO, responsive sites, PPC management, and CMS as well as a structured approach to UI and UX. As such can help with advanced marketing strategies as an added bonus that most other developers don’t provide.

KSN Technologies

Offers enterprise solutions by way of innovative strategies from certified consultants. Software development of internet and mobile apps form a large part of the service offered and covers all aspects of IT, virtualization and cloud-based systems. Is capable of large-scale upgrades and integration through scaling, data migration, and re-engineering where necessary.

At the moment, 44% of small businesses have had their own mobile app developed as this is now an expectation of most consumers for most business types. Not only does a companion app provide more insight into a company as a whole, but serves to simplify the CX by streamlining almost everything, resulting in repeat business and customer loyalty.

Because of this, it only makes good business sense that you jump on board the custom mobile app trend and get ahead of the competition before they get ahead of you. Most mobile app design companies in Indiana offer at least a design and build, but most can integrate with existing systems, upgrade your old ones and incorporate the latest in commercial technology.