25+ Best Mobile App Design Companies in Idaho

25 Best Mobile App Design Companies in Idaho
17Apr, 2021

If you are looking for the best mobile app design companies in Idaho, then this list is the right place to look. Each company has been compared and ranked on the services they provide, their value for money, and the overall quality of experience they offer to their clients and customers. The best mobile app design companies offer users great experiences with easy-to-use interfaces that help their client’s business to grow and revenues to increase. Here are 25 of the best mobile design companies working in Idaho, today.

Exemplary Marketing

Exemplary Marketing leads the way when it comes to cost-effective app-based solutions. Their approachable team works with you to create apps that will delight your customers. The iOS and Android compatible apps are visually appealing, easy to navigate, and highly responsive. The apps are fully tailored to meet your purpose. If you want an elegant and bespoke creation then exemplary marketing should be your first point of call.


Based in Boise and founded in 2014, Ventive is a local company that has a passion for helping businesses scale up with their digital products and services. Ventive builds products that are designed to get into the market fast. The company positions itself as an ideal partner for companies who do not have the scale or capacity to develop their digital portfolio in-house.

Phvntom Inc

Phvntom Inc offers a huge range of services and products to their clients. The app development branch makes up roughly 15% of their business offer. They mostly work with small businesses in advertising and marketing or e-commerce. Phvntom Inc prides themselves on creating innovative technology-based solutions for their clients.

AHG, Inc

AHG develops cloud-integrated mobile applications that are designed to enhance your bottom line. The company specializes in business productivity solutions and they offer clients the chance to buy the systems as used or to use them as a foundation for more bespoke creations. They have a wealth of experience in the area of inventory management, assets tracking, traceability, mobile data collection, and workflow / process management. As such, their focus is 100% on business services.


CKC’s team has an impressive resume. They have worked with huge names like NASA, Microsoft Research, and even the United Nations. CKC has made apps that can easily integrate with Quickbooks and accept payments through Stripe making them a major player in e-commerce apps and apps that can easily be integrated with invoicing processes. CKC has experience in developing apps from the ground up and building them to cope with being scaled up quickly. So if you have an ambitious plan for a new app, it is definitely worth approaching CKC.

Zenware Inc

Zenware Inc has grown its app development arm and been involved in this business from the very beginning. However, Zenware Inc has kept up with the times and offers app-based solutions on the latest platforms including iOS, Android, iPad, and iPhone software development and web development. Their vast experience within the industry has allowed them to offer inventively designed apps for numerous clients.

Fast Foundry LLC

Fast Foundry promises to deliver client’s value-adding solutions at realistic and affordable prices. About a quarter of Fast Foundry’s business comes through app development, meaning they have built up an impressive portfolio. Situated in Boise, the local company is well situated to understand the specific needs of any Idaho-based client.

Collide Technologies

Collide Technology prides itself on the robust end-to-end software, app, and web-based solutions they offer their clients. Collide develops apps that can help you streamline processes or turn a proprietary idea into a moneymaker. Based in Coeur d’Alene, Collide is an Idaho-based business with a truly global reach.

Big Wood Software, Inc

Big Wood Software develops apps designed to leverage the power and reach of social media. Their apps have primarily been developed for use with mobile platforms and cloud technology. Alongside this Big Wood Software also offers managed IT services, so they are an ideal company to contact if you are looking for a one-stop-shop for all your IT and digital needs.

Rapid Innovation

Rapid Innovation builds beautiful user-friendly apps using blockchain technology. Apps are created with the most up-to-date technologies making them lighting fast and easy to use. Rapid Innovation boasts that their apps create loyal fanbases, which is a must for any brand wishing to cultivate a big following. Whether you are starting with a concept or you need blockchain technology integrated into an existing app, Rapid Innovation is ready to help Idaho businesses with their digital needs.

Resource Data

With a history spanning five decades, Resource Data knows their stuff when it comes to IT solutions. In this long history, they have worked with small start-ups and giant global enterprises. The company also provides business consulting, IT management, and IT strategy consultation services alongside their app development products. The company has a base in Boise but also has hubs throughout the USA including Anchorage, Houston, Portland, and Juneau.


Flextechs LLC delivers app-based solutions to the entire Pacific Northwest region of the United States. The company is owned and operated by expert IT consultants who believe their unique operating model helps them deliver superior service experiences. Flextechs has worked with hundreds of organizations to create sound technology and business investments. They promise clear communication, excellent documentation, and most importantly, the highest-quality customer faced IT solutions on any project they undertake.


Wedowork promotes itself as a boutique tech agency based in Idaho Falls, Idaho. Their designs are effective, responsive, and agile. They primarily work with small businesses but they do have clients that are medium-sized enterprises. Their approachable and friendly team is dedicated to helping their clients realize their full business potential by creating fantastic apps and IT solutions.


IdaWebHost is much more experienced with web development but they do offer app development services as well. Founded in 1999 the company works with clients to create apps for mobile use. They are known for eye-catching layouts and custom graphics.

TESCH Global

TESCH Global is most well known for IT strategy consultation however about a tenth of their business is involved with app development. They have experience working with clients in the fields of healthcare, manufacturing, supply chain management, and retail.

Be creative, LLC

Be creative was created by two graduates of the University of Idaho’s school of communications. The company still has a base in Boise, however, the main center of their business is now situated in Lafayette, California.

Big Wave Development

Big Wave Development is a creative agency that can offer a vast array of services to its customers. They offer branding, graphic design, web design, web development, e-commerce development, and app development as part of their impressive service list. They can develop apps for iOS and Android systems.

R P Graphic Design Studio

R P Graphic Design Studio are mostly focused on providing graphic design and brand strategy to help clients create and implement targeted marketing plans. However, they do also offer app development as part of their service. With a lot of graphic design experience, their apps are likely to be beautiful and appealing to customers.

DTX Creative

Founded in 2001, DTX Creative is perhaps uniquely positioned on this list as they offer motion graphics, 2D and 3D animation services alongside app development. This highly specialized offer helps them stand apart from their competitors when offering services to small startups, nonprofits, and large corporations.

Speakeasy Media

Speakeasy Media provides SEO, web design and development, custom software development, UI/UX design, and mobile app development to their clients. They have a range of mid-sized and small business clients, who speak highly of the expertise on hand at Speakeasy Media.

Silverfox Web Designs

Silverfox really seems to do it all. Whether it is helpdesk and ticket systems, property management systems, or blogs, vlogs, and reviews, Silverfox is ready to deliver digital solutions for its wide range of clients. About 10% of their business is focused on mobile app development and they offer apps across a range of platforms.

Binar Apps

Binar Apps is a serious player in app development. They utilize Kotlin, Flutter, React Native, Swift, and JavaScript to develop cross-platform apps. Binar Apps also provides ongoing support, updating apps with the latest technology, fixing bugs, and searching out code optimization opportunities for their clients.


Yozu has worked with some of the world’s biggest companies like Yodel, helping to build their customer-facing apps. In the seven years Yozu has been around they have created apps that are available throughout the globe.


If you are looking for an app development company that can launch your products quickly, then Globant is certainly worth speaking to. They have over a thousand members of staff, which demonstrates just how global Globant truly is. However, their service is less likely to be as personal as other companies on this list.


Inncrewin has been developing apps for fifteen years. They proudly display their work on their webpage such as the highly successful, MemorizeItAll app. Inncrewin is very confident in the service they will provide. This is typified by offering to pay a penalty if they do not deliver your app on time.