15+ Best Mobile App Design Companies in Hawaii

15 Best Mobile App Design Companies in Hawaii
18Apr, 2021

Creating a mobile app can be a great move for businesses of all sizes, giving you the chance to expose your customers to your business time and time again through their smartphone. Of course, building something like this yourself would take a lot of learning, time, and patience, and most people don’t have the resources to do this when they are running a busy business. Choosing a good app design company can be a great place to start, and this post will be exploring more than 15 of the best mobile app design companies in Hawaii to get you started.

1. Exemplary Marketing

Based in Chicago but offered services across the US, Exemplary Marketing is widely regarded as one of the best options for businesses of all sizes looking to have an app designed and developed. With 10 years of experience with mobile apps and more than 3200 apps delivered to happy clients, there are few companies that can offer the same level of expertise as Exemplary Marketing.

Alongside offering mobile app design services, Exemplary Marketing can also help with web design, SEO, social media, and general marketing, enabling them to get your app into the hands of users once they’ve designed and built it for you. Having access to a full-service like this can make it much easier to get your app off the ground.

2. Ikayzo

If Ikayzo’s website is anything to go by, you can expect extreme care and attention to go into your app if you choose this company. While they can help to develop and market your app, Ikayzo’s key focus surrounds the design, and the company always aims to create apps that truly reflect the brand of the client they are working for. Not only does this make their apps unique, but it also means that many of them come out looking beautiful.


Partners with IBM, Microsoft, and Google, NDimension Labs is a popular choice for large companies looking for app design services in Hawaii. While their US offices are based in Miami, the company still works with people across the country. Alongside app design, NDimension Labs can also develop websites, build software, and manage things like outsourcing for your business. This makes this company great for other large businesses, though smaller companies may not be able to take advantage of what they offer.

4. Purplegator

Purplegator is one of the largest app design companies in Hawaii, with offices across the US. While this means that they have some large clients under their belts, this agency still works hard to help smaller companies to achieve their digital dreams. Like many other app design options, Purplegator can also help with web design, social media, and marketing, making it easy to get yourself off the ground when you are trying to launch an app.

5. Wahinenet Designs

With offices in both Honolulu and Seatle, Wahinenet Designs is a popular choice for those looking for web design in the US. While much of their portfolio is based on websites, this company has demonstrated a good understanding of mobile design through their sites, and this can translate very well when making apps for small businesses. SEO is one of this company’s main areas of expertise, and this can be great when you’re trying to get an app into the hands of your customers.

6. One Wave Designs

One Wave Designs takes a small business-friendly approach to app design and development. Unlike many other companies in this field, One Wave takes is more traditional, making it easier for small businesses that don’t want to deal with complex techno-babble when they are looking to get their hands on an app. Their portfolio is bursting with excellent websites and apps that have unique designs, showing that they have what it takes to create something beautiful for your business.

7. Raynbo

Boasting a large team of AI/software engineers, graphic designers, UX/UI designers, and other professionals that can work together to produce high-quality apps, Raynbo has long been one of Honolulu’s favorite app design companies. While app design and development is one of their key areas of expertise, this company also offers marketing, web design, and a range of other digital services that can help during your app launch.

8. Gopher Apps

Unlike many of the app design companies you can find on the market, Gopher Apps focuses entirely on mobile platforms. Having been making mobile games since 2002, long before smartphones started to take off, this company has far more experience than most when it comes to creating experiences for small devices. While this makes them somewhat traditional in their approach, it also means that their team has a deep insight into what makes software like this work.

9. Pacific App Studio

Pacific App Studio is a branch of the popular Sirius Marketing Corporation. Having worked on a  range of specialized and complex mobile apps, this studio is a good choice for companies that want an app that can provide real benefits to their users. Alongside this, their ties to the world of marketing make it possible to get your app into the world with a bang, rather than having to spread the word yourself.

10. iCoderz

While it is easy to claim that you make the best apps in an area, iCoderz certainly has a convincing portfolio. Having worked with e-commerce, food delivery, and service provider companies in the past, this design company has the skills to create industry-leading apps that stand the test of time. Many of their clients are small and medium-sized businesses, enabling you to embrace big-business design without having to pay a steep price for it.

11. Hyperlink InfoSystem

Hyperlink InfoSystem isn’t directly based in Hawaii, but this doesn’t mean that they can provide excellent services. Offering a wealth of digital services, including mobile app design, this company has built a strong reputation for providing rapid services that meet the requirements of its clients. Alongside making business apps, Hyperlink InfoSystem can also make games, social media platforms, and other complex smartphone software.

12. SuperGeeks

It is common for app design companies to offer a variety of services, but SuperGeeks takes this to another level. Alongside excellent app design services, you can also get server maintenance, web development, and computer repairs, to name a few, from this company. This enhances their value to small businesses, giving them the chance to cover almost every aspect of their digital needs with a single company.

13. ComputerLog

ComputerLog has had the chance to work with companies like Comodo and Microsoft in the past, giving them a clear edge in the app development market compared to other companies. Despite their ability to create big-business mobile apps, though, ComputerLog can also help smaller companies to realize their online potential. Alongside designing and building your app, this company can also help you to maintain it in the future.

14. TASS

It can be easy to judge a digital service provider based on the website they have in place, though it would be a mistake to judge a company like TASS for looking a little outdated. Having found a lot of success with app design and game development, this company hasn’t had much need to update its website, and this can actually be a very good sign.

15. Mix Plate Media

Having made apps and websites for schools, governments, and charities, it’s easy to see that Mix Plate Media has a lot of skill when it comes to design. Many of their projects have been used by thousands of people, giving them a unique insight into what makes modern users tick. Alongside app design, Mix Plate Media can also help you with branding, marketing, and other digital services.

16. Digifutura

Digifutura isn’t just an app design and development company; this agency helps businesses to bring their products to market. Whether digital or physical, having a company that can help you to market your product is essential in the modern world, especially if you’re a small company with big dreams.

17. Clever Coding

Finally, as the last app design company on this list, it’s time to look at Clever Coding. With UX/UI design, responsive development, and a host of other services under its belt, this company is ideal for many small businesses looking to create an app that works for their users. As their name suggests, code is at the heart of the company’s work, and this is often a benefit when you’re working on a complex app.

Mobile app design companies have been springing up everywhere over the last decade or so, but they don’t all offer the same level of quality or service. For those in Hawaii, this should make it much easier for you to choose an app design company that will be able to start your mobile app project on the right foot. Of course, though, it’s always worth doing your own research to ensure that you choose a company that offers exactly what you’re looking for.