10 Best Mobile App Design Companies in Harbin

10 Best Mobile App Design Companies in Harbin
22Sep, 2021

Exemplary Marketing

With over 500 team members bringing skills that pull from a wide range of disciplines, this is a massive team of in-house mobile app designers, as well as developers, UI experts, and technicians with knowledge of all kinds of emerging and new technology.

Aside from a diverse range of skills, this team brings a focus on real-time communication that ensures that their clients are always aware of the current and next steps in the project. This makes it much easier for clients to get the answers they need and know what the plan for their project is. Similarly, Exemplary Marketing gives clients full ownership of the source code of any apps they help create.

IT Outsourcing China

A comprehensive IT outsourcing team, this also includes a wide roster of in-house and freelance designers that offer a wide range of mobile apps, including Android, iPhone, Windows Mobile, and BlackBerry-specific apps.

They specialize in designing apps for a wide range of purposes, including mobile games. With offices all across China, they have already worked to create a wide range of mobile apps for organizations of different sizes across a range of differing industries.

Cloud Ten Labs

A team that primarily specialize in mobile app design and development, but with some work in web development, too. The vast majority of work from this world-class development company is done with small business owners, but they have worked with several globally known clients, as well, such as Intel and Uber Eats.

Most of their experience is in consumer products and services, as well as B2B services. Originally based in Southern California, they have offices across the world, including in China, with access to skills such as Swift, Objective C, Java and React Native App development to make sure that whatever platform you wish to cater to: you can.

Angel Echo

While originally founded in San Francisco, this team has since grown to include offices in China, such as their Shanghai office. With 11  employees in their team, this is a highly curated roster of experts that specialize in mobile app design and development that has worked with small businesses, midmarket companies, and enterprise brands, ensuring the same quality of work and dedication to results is present no matter what kind of client they work with.

Amongst their specializations are work with educational apps, virtual reality, and even some work with robotics, showing their dedication to emerging technologies.

Make Technology

With several offices, including 33 people on the team that has worked on various projects since 2016, this company (which originated in Hong Kong) works with the global Publicis One network, which has helped them gain clients in mobile app design and development, as well as website and web app design and development, across the globe.

With a specific focus on thoughtful product design and development, they aim to use their experience and expertise in ergonomic design to create the very best user interfaces and experiences, providing the kind of journey that ensures users have a positive time with the app.

CentLing Technologies

A team that has over eight years of experience, CentLing Technologies works primarily as an outsourcing company to meet a wide range of digital needs. Aside from other services, this includes mobile app design and development services that have seen them working with multiple Fortune 500 companies, including specific expertise in working with the electric power industry.

However, they are able to work with clients from across a range of different industries, ensuring that their product bases are combined with a high-quality of third-party applications to help meet their client’s goals.


A comprehensive mobile and web app design and development team, they have a range of services specific to their mobile customers, including Native iOS, Swift, Android, React, Flutter, and Ionic design and development services.

They also offer services that can help their clients specifically when it comes to uploading to Chinese app stores, making sure they meet the criteria that can help them expand into new markets.

This global software development and digital consulting company has offices across the world, including their HQ in Beijing, China, that allows them to help companies looking for web, mobile, and other trending solutions.

21Twleve INteract

A team that was based originally in Shanghai, but with offices across multiple locations, this company was founded in 2016 with the explicit purple of designing and developing a wide range of software solutions to help clients with specific goals or problems that need to be solved. With this problem-solving approach to mobile app design and development, they bring a range of additional specializations, including digital marketing, eCommerce, PHP development, as well as QA & Maintenance.

They ensure that their service goes well beyond the launch of the app itself, into support and updates to provide the best user experiences possible.

Ranolia Ventures

A close-knit team with offices based in the US, India, and China, they bring over 5 years in mobile and web app design and development. With over 100 apps developed, this close-knit team of over 200 employees has access to a wide skill base, meaning that regardless of what kind of app a client is looking to develop, with whatever emerging technology they want to make use of, Ranolia Ventures will be able to help them meet their goals.

With expertise in digital marketing, they are even able to help make the launch of the app as effective as possible.

Shinetech Software

A team of custom software development experts that work across a range of industries but specialize in e-commerce first and foremost, this is a team of 8 full-stack developers based originally out of Beijing that work to outsource app design for clients across the world.

Their aim is to take the plans that their clients bring and to add value through the creation of high-quality software, as well as design of excellent user experiences that helps their digital solutions do more than meet aims, but can help exceed expectations.