50+ Best Mobile App Design Companies in Florida

50 Best Mobile App Design Companies in Florida 1
16Apr, 2021

Companies looking for the Best Mobile App Design Companies in Florida have come to the right place. We’ve compiled a list of (just over) 50 of the top companies operating in Florida to help you in all of your app design needs and ensure the very best user experience for your customers.

1. Exemplary Marketing

The indisputable leader in the industry, Exemplary Marketing offers an app design for UI and UX that is stimulating, visually attractive, and themed precisely to your purpose.

2. Atmosphere Apps

Atmosphere Apps provides mobile app design for professionals and understands how vital it is to design and develop a mobile app that combines beauty and functionality flawlessly to meet your audience’s needs.

3. Camber Creative

If you’re looking for rapid feedback to help you find out what designs work and which designs don’t, Camber Creative has the process for you and uses prototyping to identify the best design for your app.

4. Mercury Development

Experienced with iOS, Android, and Windows phones, Mercury Development has won numerous awards and has worked with clients as renowned as Google, HSBC, and HP, so they know what’s expected for big companies.

5. Koombea

Koombea is happy to let you take the lead and will follow your vision down to the finest details with its custom app design and development process that helps to bring your unique ideas to life.

6. TekRevol

Whether for Android, Apple, or even cross-platform, TekRevol has the tools at its disposal that will give your business reliable tech solutions for any mobile app needs and queries you have.

7. AnyforSoft

AnyforSoft believes design is essential for meeting your company goals, which is why it can help you transform your user-centered strategy to create usable and attractive interfaces.


ZOONDIA serves a vast array of industries and brings expert UX/UI knowledge to the table to make your mobile app one of, or even the most visually stunning applications available no matter your sector.

9. Nybble Group

The Nybble Group gives you the chance to take a bite out of the mobile design platter and delivers 100% dedication that ensures your project is completed to your high standards.

10. Cobuild Lab

Cobuild Lab helps you to build an app that can respond to every one of your company’s demands and is compatible with numerous platforms to help you achieve industry domination.

11. Laughing Samurai

If you’re looking for a solution that ensures a comfortable and seamless experience for your customers, Laughing Samurai can provide the answer you’ve been searching for to boost engagement and profits.

12. C7 Creative

C7 Creative claims to be Florida’s leading mobile app company, but we’ll let you be the judge of that if you give them the chance to design and develop your next mobile app.

13. 8base Labs

If you have a vision, 8baseLabs is the perfect company to bring it to life for you with the combination of a smart and stunning user interface for both business or consumer.

14. DPL

DPL is a leader in putting attention on the finest details that can separate your mobile app from your competitors to help you get a foothold in the industry.

15. Fueled

As an award-winning technology consultant, Fueled assists with the entire spectrum of UI/UX and can help your app show off precisely what you’re about.

16. Core Mobile App Development

Based in Orland, Core Mobile App Development specialized in apps for businesses, athletes, and celebrities to give you a taste of the sparkling sunshine in the palm of your hand.

17. Interexy

Interexy will help you bring your company into the present day and help you look forward to the future with a sleek and streamlined app design that’s as useful as it is pleasing to look at.

18. CloudTrains Technologies

With CloudTrains versatile skills and eye for detail, you’ll be on cloud nine and see superb changes in your company fortunes with an all-in-one app for everything and anything,

19. Hashrocket

Hashrocket works hard to ensure every app meets its user-friendly philosophy and can work with an array of popular mobile app languages with a highly trained and fluent team of designers.

20. baKno Apps

Operating since 2006, baKno Apps has seen and done it all, so they are more than capable of helping you promote your products and boost brand recognition through your mobile application.

21. Yati Labs

Yati Labs will help you make your ideas come true through rigorous testing from expert app designers that gives your customers the app experience they’ve always wanted, even if they didn’t know it.

22. Inceptive Technologies

Rather than boast about overcoming complicated problems, Inceptive Technologies will happily build solutions with simplicity, and sometimes, that’s all you need for a mobile app design that inspires customers.

23. Echo Interaction Group

Echo brings plenty of experience to the table whether you’re starting your app design from scratch or want to undergo a complete makeover to reflect your evolving brand.

24. Concepta

Concepta has watched and learned how mobile apps have disrupted industries over the past decade, and they want to help your business do the same with intelligent and engaging designs.

25. SourceFuse

If you need a dependable mobile app design that won’t trip over itself at the first hurdle, SourceFuse might be the answer, whether for iOS, Android, or a mixture of both.

26. SDSol Technologies

SDSol Technologies is an award-winning app development company and will be happy to help you take your app ideas from your mind to paper to screen.

27. The App Master

The App Master might sound like a bold company name, but it backs up this confidence with high-quality results and exceptional quality that make it easy for your customers to interact with your brand.

28. XeoDev

The perfect choice for small, budding businesses, XeoDev can build and design native apps to work with a wide range of 21st Century systems to keep you up to date with the world around you.

29. VKAPS IT Solutions

A believer in the benefit of strong foundations, VKAPS IT Solutions provides the crucial building blocks that guarantee success for your company’s mobile app.


SOLTECH helps to bring mobility to your company whether you’re already established or want to take the next significant step towards better brand recognition.

31. Cosmico Studios

Cosmico builds robust and easy-to-use mobile applications that are perfect for enterprises that want to make the most of their success.

32. Webiotic

Webiotic is a leader in identifying the next trends in app design and user interfaces to stand out from the crowd and bring customers and clients towards your app.

33. KitRUM

KitRUM designs UI/UX that customers want to engage with and will not take their eyes from, which can only be a good thing for your company.

34. Vantage IO

From ideas into reality, Vantage IO has a team of app design gurus who understand what your customers are looking for before they realize it.

35. Tech Yard Solutions

If you work in a fast-paced industry without time to catch your breath, Tech Yard Solutions provides the expertise to develop an awesome design that immediately catches the attention of those who matter most.

36. Modernized Mobile LLC

If you have an idea for an app, Modernized Mobile won’t just protect your intellectual property, it will also help you design it to make sure the app is a success.

37. Haneke Design

Haneke Design has been in this business for a while, so it knows what to expect and how to make the most of an idea that guarantees your app finds the audience it needs.

38. WestonDev

Bringing the expertise in design and practices that are unique to both iOS and Android, WestonDev doesn’t just meet your expectations but instead exceeds them at every opportunity.

39. Cualit

The Cualit approach takes the spark of creativity to ignite a flame that will help you tell your story through an intuitive app that’s easy on the eyes and easy to use.

40. Consensus

With offices all over the Western Hemisphere, Consensus reaches a variety of customers and provides versatile app designs suitable for all ages and any industry,

41. Yes We Are Mad

From guidelines to marketing and a focus on numerous tech demands, Yes we are Mad is a fantastic option for the modern creative hub that lets your ideas get out of your head and into the real world.

42. Feature[23]

Feature[23] uses a client-focused process that will build the mobile app you always imagined.

43. E2Generations

E2Generations is ideal for growing companies to build custom software that accelerates growth if you can handle it.

44. Onward Development

Onward Development is an industry expert that offers a three-stage approach to help you find the perfect app design.

45. OrNsoft Corporation

If you’re looking towards the future, let OrNsoft Corporation lend you a hand to ensure your business is ready for any advancements.

46. Grata Software

If your current app feels too bland, Grata Software will help revolutionize your designs so you’re never ignored again.

47. SlideWave

Anyone who needs to grab attention immediately should look at SlideWave to make sure you don’t waste another second on bad design.

48. SimTLiX

SimTLiX strives to make the tech side of things as simple as possible to make sure you understand precisely why your app is making the changes you need.

49. Litebox

For a superb streamlining solution, Litebox ditches the deadweight to guarantee a smooth and straightforward experience for any customer.

50. Hashtag Systems

Hashtag Solutions has done the research and this has made them acutely aware of the future of e-commerce, which is why they’re happy to help you prepare.


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