20 Best Mobile App Design Companies in Edinburgh

20 Best Mobile App Design Companies in Edinburgh
02Jul, 2021

Mobile app designers are in charge of making the app look good. When a development company has designed all the features and functions of the app to ensure it works smoothly before hitting the market, an app designer will give your mobile that one-of-a-kind look that flows with your company’s branding and ethos.

A good mobile app design will consider tried and tested features and colors and blend this with your chosen design to include things like the color scheme, font selection, and the types of buttons and widgets. In addition, the mobile app design will incorporate user interface (UI) and user experience (UX).

Choosing The Best Mobile Design Company

When choosing a  good mobile app design company, you want to make sure that the designer you choose has experience designing apps for your specific platform – these are called native apps or hybrid apps that can work on both Android and Apple phones. This is due to the nuances in both platforms’ user face and how the user interacts with the platform.

There are some rules to bear in mind when designing a good mobile app, and typically, the general idea is not to reinvent the wheel. Instead, a good mobile app design aims to make it easier for the user to complete tasks within the app. For this reason, you want to stick to tried and true options such as green for yes, red for no, and constant themes throughout, such as using the same style buttons on each page—clear wording and navigation and simple color schemes that don’t detract from functionality.

Similarities regarding function and goals within both apps should include;

  • A goal-driven design
  • Simple design
  • A design that flows
  • Readability is key
  • Respect the platform

Once you appreciate all of these qualities and are happy with the ideas presented to you for designing a good mobile app, you can look for the best 20 mobile app design companies in Edinburgh.

20 Best Mobile App Design Companies in Edinburgh

Exemplary Marketing

The team at Exemplary Marketing offers exceptional Application Design and Development services. We provide comprehensive solutions to businesses of all sizes all over the world. Our technical experts are accountable for the security, dependability, and efficiency of all solutions provided. Exemplary marketing is more than just a solution provider; we are also a troubleshooter hub for any problems that may arise.

Sonin App Development

Sonin App Development is a multi-award-winning app development company. With over a decade of experience assisting ambitious organizations in developing the right products that improve people’s lives, they enjoy bringing ideas to life. They strive to collaborate with businesses that share our core values of understanding, caring, and never stopping thinking.


GearedApp is a leading mobile and web development company in Scotland. GearedApp specializes in creating custom apps and web platforms. They guarantee to bring energy to their work and are enthusiastic about finding the best solution to every problem. The team at GearedApp has experience in various fields, including digital health, social media, tourism, and sports.


Vidatec is an award-winning mobile app and web development company based in central Scotland specializing in native iOS, native Android, React Native, and progressive web apps.

As a company, Vidatec has been working with some inspiring organizations to create apps that are beneficial to users, whether it’s apps for health and wellbeing, social care, workplace engagement, or leisure and travel, is based on the understanding that what matters is the user’s experience.

Bad Dinosaur

Bad Dinosaur works in a variety of industries, including Death Tec, Education, Health, E-commerce, Financial Services, Oil & Gas, and Charities. They create apps for startups, established businesses, and everyone in between thanks to their agile approach to software development and can accept projects at any stage of the client’s journey. Bad Dinosaur specializes in developing Minimum Viable Products, along with clickable prototypes and demonstration apps, as well as branding and design, user testing, and hosting.


A person-centered, purpose-driven digital agency that builds everything to be accessible. As a result, rather than paying extra for accessibility auditing or user testing, it is now included as part of the service. Because 22 percent of the population is disabled, this is a huge market to tap into that other competitors aren’t.

Na:gne Studio

Na:gne [nog-nuh] Studio is a software agency that believes that anyone should be able to create a custom app or website. Through software design, development, and product launch services, Na:gne offers custom packages and upfront pricing to help founders and businesses of all sizes turn their ideas into reality.

Civic UK

As a digital agency, Civic UK creates websites and applications that benefit both customers and companies alike. They also delve into the nitty-gritty of audience analysis and usability testing to responsive web design, application development, and hosting. This combination has been offered since 1994.

Swarm Online

SwarmOnline is a leading Scottish provider of custom cloud and mobile applications. The company assists businesses in realizing their product vision by combining cutting-edge and open technologies, engaging user experience, agile development, and training.

Swarm Online is a world-renowned expert in front-end technologies based on HTML5 and JavaScript.

Open Platform

Open Platform is a digital marketing firm that specializes in websites, digital tools, and applications that are defined, designed, built, and implemented by Open Platform. As one of the 20 best mobile app design companies in Edinburgh, Open Platform will make your digital marketing more engaging, functional, interactive, and interesting.


Mtc. provides a full-service web design and development solution. This experienced firm has the expertise and know-how to deliver web solutions to clients in a variety of industries. From branding to website development, eCommerce, content management systems, and intranets, as well as search engine optimization and email marketing, Mtc has you covered. Their dynamic and highly skilled team of individuals creates a symbiotic relationship between creativity and technical know-how.


Work with Pufferfish to realize your vision by combining their unique technology and content design capabilities with expert knowledge, skill, and creative talent. As a digital company, they combine extraordinary form, magnetic appeal, and one-of-a-kind interactivity to tell your story in ways that have never been done before. Their approach is designed to transform the potency of your communications and engagement from creative concept development to realization, installation, and beyond.


Erbo is a mobile app development company that creates award-winning, game-changing apps for both new and established businesses. They have designers, developers, and marketers who serve Scotland from offices in Edinburgh and Glasgow. Erbo can help you deliver innovative, technically complex projects using the latest app development technologies as one of Scotland’s leading app developers.


Waracle creates work of value for clients with vision, created by people with a purpose. Waracle is a UK-wide industry-leading team of Design Researchers, Developers, UX/UI Designers, Scrum Masters, Product Leads, Data & Cyber Security Experts focused on driving innovation and delivering competitive advantage for enterprise clients in highly regulated industries.

Pogo Studio

Pogo Studio was founded on the idea that everyone should have a say and that no one is too important to be challenged. The small but effective team brings this attitude and applies its values to every project they undertake. This ensures that they provide the best service possible to clients.


QikServe, which was founded in 2011, is an enterprise platform for guest self-service in the hospitality industry. Hospitality operators can provide powerful in-store solutions using any channel, from kiosks and tablets to web and mobile apps, allowing guests to order and pay for their food and drinks whenever and however they want.

Delta DNA

DeltaDNA has been providing fast and powerful analytics tools and insight to the leading publishers and developers in the games industry since 2010. The analytics platform is at the heart of the DeltaDNA offering, gathering deep and rich data to unlock better player experiences and increase engagement and revenue.


PODFather began his career in business software development in 2000, specializing in warehouse and logistics environments. Their current software-as-a-service, electronic proof of delivery (or ePOD) solution was launched in 2007 and is designed to be easily integrated into existing software systems. It has evolved into one of the most feature-rich and modular mobile workforce management solutions available.


At Zudo the goal is to assist businesses in reaching their full potential in an increasingly digital world. They want to empower all businesses to make sound technical decisions based on commercial considerations, sound development practices, and open processes. Services include app design and development UI/UX and web design amongst others.


xDesign365 uses powerful web and mobile apps to solve complex problems. They are a team of expert engineers, talented designers, resourceful project managers, and astute product owners who collaborate to form an unstoppable team dedicated to creating beautiful experiences that deliver results.