10 Best Mobile App Design Companies in Dongguan

10 Best Mobile App Design Companies in Dongguan
11Sep, 2021

When it comes to mobile app design, you need to make sure you choose one of the best companies to work with for your project. Therefore, we have put together a list including 10 of the best mobile app design companies in Dongguan and nearby. Check them out below:

Exemplary Marketing

We help companies develop world-class software solutions and applications by bringing together over 500 software development experts. We provide custom technology solutions for businesses worldwide through our US-based company Exemplary Marketing. Through its combined expertise in technology, specific industry knowledge, and a dedication to excellence, Exemplary Marketing develops enterprise-grade mobile and web apps.

Silicon Valley

Are a CMMI Level 3 Certified IT Consulting Company and a NASSCOM Certified Partner

We have been in the business of developing web applications, mobile applications and software for more than 12 years. Exceptional developers provide our significant services for our clients to help us deliver our services to you. M V Rupesh (CEO) is a highly experienced business professional with an innovative business model marching forward under his excellent leadership.

CentLing Technologies

Based in Qingdao, China, we are in the IT industry. In 2009, the company was founded by 32 individuals who specialize in custom software development, mobile app development, and website design. Their main focus is on IT and telecommunications, with small businesses and enterprises as clients.


In 1982, Softtek launched its app development firm. The Monterrey, Mexico-based company specializes in mobile application development, back-office/bpo services, web development, and custom IT software development


A multi-faceted, online marketing agency with headquarters in China, QPSOFTWARE LTD offers results-driven digital services. Digital marketing and web design are their specialities. Various CMS can be used, including Drupal, WordPress, Magento, Prestashop, and Symfony. With our digital marketing expertise and WeChat/Mobile app development (IOS / Android) services, we can help you grow your business.

Based on your business needs, they identify the most suitable CMS or Framework for your company. WeChat and Mobile app for the next generation will provide you with the most effective digital marketing strategies.

Their websites, WeChat/Mobile apps, and SEO solutions can be customized for the worldwide market or specific to the Chinese market

ELY Information Technology Co. Ltd.

In China, Ely Technology Co. Limited is based in the city of Quanzhou. In April 2016, Limited was founded with a focus on developing Mobile and Web-based IT solutions within the IT industry.

As a software provider, they offer clients a variety of software solutions, such as instant messaging, online-to-offline commerce, e-commerce, corporate websites, customer relationship management systems and enterprise management systems.


AxiusSoftware is global software development, digital consulting, and development company headquartered in India.

Globally, they help customers gain a competitive advantage by transforming operations, enhancing customer experiences, and enhancing Customer Experiences. As per the client’s needs, expectations and timeline, AxiusSoftware provide solutions, services and consultancy.

They can provide assistance Among the following: Websites, mobile apps & other trending solutions developers The second is. Defining China’s Digital Footprint for global companies

Customers are not the only focus at AxiusSoftware. Employees are also a priority. Having a unique blend of technical and domain knowledge along with a dynamic, agile, and highly experienced team is the core strength of their organization.

Their products and solutions ensure quality delivery to customers, and they have excellent delivery and engagement models


Wirecraft provides digital products to world-class brands, enabling them to thrive and grow their businesses. A team of designers, engineers and data expert teams based in Shanghai, Paris & Hong Kong creates Web, mobile, WeChat & offline omnichannel experiences.

ELY Information Technology Co. Ltd.

Ely Information Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Quanzhou, China. In April 2016, a company was founded with the goal of developing mobile and web software solutions.

Software solutions they provide include instant messaging, online-to-offline commerce, e-commerce, corporate websites, customer relationship management, and enterprise management solutions.


This outsourcing company specializes in serving small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) across the globe. They’ve served many SMEs in a variety of industries since 2006, and have built strong expertise across the following sectors: Telecommunications, Advertising, Computer Games, Mobile Applications, IT development, Translation and Publishing, Animation, CMS, and eCommerce, among others.

Through their top-notch technical resources and culture of innovation, they create unique business solutions that offer real value to their client’s target markets and their end-users. They offer the best mobile practice and online analytical practice in the world.

Trying to find the best China mobile app development company?

Mobile app design can be expensive. Generally speaking, it can cost anywhere from $10,000 to $150,000 for a system such as this, unless you want a free DIY app builder or an out-of-the-box solution. It is therefore important to choose the right app developer so that you can save time and money as well as be provided with an app that will make your business stand out from the rest.

You must define the type of app you want to develop before starting a conversation with a developer, as this will help you to avoid having to ask the same questions over and over. Depending on the complexity of your app idea, you will need an app developer whose skill level corresponds to your budget.

If you have started a conversation, ask to see portfolio examples, references, and reviews. It is important that you also discuss the timeline so that you are on the same page regarding what is expected.

As about 90% of time spent using mobile devices is spent on apps, a mobile app may lead to more customers and more exposure for your brand.

Our list of the top mobile app developers in China can help you find a partner. Check reviews, feedback, and awards to find the best fit for your company. Above anything else make sure you always discuss your needs with the mobile app design company that you choose to work with. After allto develop, you need to get exactly what you need for your business, and you are only going to achieve that if you choose one of the best.