10 Best Mobile App Design Companies In Busan

10 Best Mobile App Design Companies In Busan
09Oct, 2021

Busan is South Korea’s second-largest city by population and the center of the country’s film industry, however, in recent times, its popularity as a technology hub is growing. This bustling port city is becoming more contemporary, offering services such as luxury shopping malls, international hotels, and a modern transport system.

More companies are looking to diversify their marketing of products and services into cities such as Busan. One way that they can do that is by designing practical and creative applications targeted towards the Asian population. Here are the 10 best mobile app design companies dominating this growing market in Busan.

Exemplary Marketing

The app design and development company, Exemplary Marketing is number one in Busan due to their large team with expertise across a myriad of industries that ensure client’s need to look no further. Exemplary Marketing has an extensive portfolio, from small organizations to large brands which proves how well they can adapt to the needs of their client.

They are experts in all things app design, no matter if the app is meant for Android, IOS, or Windows, Exemplary Marketing will ensure that all your requirements are met. Customer service at Exemplary Marketing is also second to none and no matter where in the world you are based, or what time zone you’re in, Exemplary Marketing’s knowledgeable team will be able to communicate with you during your business hours.

21Twelve Interactive

Another leading app development company is 21Twelve Interactive who also specializes in web design eCommerce development, digital branding, game development, and more. They employ developers who are experts in their market niche to help you get exactly what you want from their services, such as iPhone app developers, Ipad app developers, android app developers, and more.


Asiance is an innovative technology organization that specializes in dealing with luxury clientele such as Dior, Breitling, Louis Vuitton, Bottega Veneta, and more to help expand their presence in Asia. This organization isn’t afraid of pushing boundaries, since they regularly generate fresh, new ideas that are always skillfully executed.

Creatip Global

One of the leading digital marketing groups in Korea is Creatip and although they are experts in all things digital marketing, they are highly flexible and offer a full service, including app development across various platforms.

Mckinley and Rice Inc.

Mckinley and Rice are the perfect organization to approach if you’re a smaller business looking for growth and have a relatively tight budget for marketing and app development. Nevertheless, this company has helped all types of businesses, from small start-ups to public limited companies. They are responsible for pioneering ‘Border-tech’ which is the democratization of cross-border tech.

EON Reality

EON Reality is your virtual reality software experts that have been growing in size and expertise since 1999. EON will help you with mobile app design for educational and academic training solutions, with a mission to make knowledge accessible to everyone.

MSG Global

MSG Global are experts in the financial industries and can deliver specific knowledge in that particular field, however, their profitability and performance management solutions are utilized industry-wide. This organization began in 2012 and is constantly growing with a team of experts that will help you with a range of services that allow your company to succeed with business and IT strategies.


LuxPM specializes in delivering high-quality software quickly and efficiently to their clients who offer a range of services, from the web and mobile apps to artificial intelligence. This company aims to meet your requirements at as little cost as possible and offer customers a professional and quality experience.

Their operations extend all across Asia and as far as Russia and India, however, their roots are in Ontario where the company was started in 2018. Their unique selling point is their agile development process which includes six important steps in achieving successful completion of projects.

We Planet

We Planet is in the business of wearable technology and fitness tracking. They design, conceive and develop mobile-cross platform solutions, including applications to help companies from small start-ups to large organizations. Since their area in wearable and fitness tracking technology is highly niche, they are experts in their field and are willing to help any client looking for help with projects in this sector.

Digital Invo

Digital Invo was founded in 2018 with a vision to deliver innovative, digital experiences that make an impact. They offer a range of services, including mobile application design and web application design, and reliable service where they remain on-hand whenever you need their expertise throughout the lifespan of the application.

Many of these mobile application design companies offer other services and some even specialize in a particular industry, however, these are the top 10 that are leading the way for small to large companies, entering the Korean market in Busan.