20 Best Mobile App Design Companies in Bradford

20 Best Mobile App Design Companies in Bradford
12Jun, 2021

Mobile app design companies are essential in helping you design an app that achieves all of your goals and targets. If you are looking for mobile app design companies in Bradford, here’s our pick of the top 20:

Exemplary Marketing

Exemplary Marketing offer services that are…well…exemplary! They provide App Design UI/UX services that are made to help you build applications that are attractive, visually stimulating and themed to your exact purpose. By utilising the best in modern app design technology, unrivalled results can be seen.


A locally-based software company that provides a range of different services. Intelivita provides a perfect blend of innovation and business solutions for mobile applications. This includes bespoke app design for both Android and Apple devices, focused on engaging UI and UX.


An extremely highly-rated app design company in Bradford. Averment delivers cross-platform mobile applications for iOS and Android devices, using the latest tech in the game. A dedicated team of app designers have already worked on numerous impressive projects for local businesses.

Knarkz Solutions

Over 20 years of software development experience gives Knarkz Solutions more than enough ability to help you get the app of your dreams. The app design services focus on delivering a quality user experience while giving you a simple look and feel to your app. All elements of the design are customisable to suit the needs of the publisher!

5 Netsells

The York office of Netsells serves the Bradford area with a host of app design services. Over 200 mobile applications have been produced by the team, delivering world-class app design across multiple devices. They take care of every element of the design process, even extending to building the application for you.


A global software development agency that can help you design an app in Bradford. The UK branch of this team is on hand to deliver exceptional app design services. The company is keen to innovate wherever possible, helping you design an app that personalized for your customer’s experiences. Lots of research is conducted to ensure that your app is designed in the best possible way for your target audience to enjoy.

Dubit Limited

A company to consider if you’re seeking app design services for interactive applications. Dubit is a master in designing apps and games aimed at children. Their UX and UI design teams work with kids during the design process, ensuring that every element appeals to them. It led to many of their apps landing the number one spot in app stores across the world.

Yorkshire Software

Yorkshire Software is an app development company in Bradford that offers a bespoke service for each client. Everything is considered specifically for your needs, all the way from consultation to development. In terms of app design services, Yorkshire Software is more than capable of delivering modern designs for both native iOS and Android Platforms. The services are scalable, meaning they’re appropriate for both small and large-scale app design requirements.

Action Prompt

Action Prompt is all about providing powerful and easy-to-use apps for businesses and individuals. They’re a company to consider if your business needs an app to take online orders – specifically aimed at restaurant businesses. You can contact the company and receive an innovative and modern app design that’s simple and easy for anyone to use. Now, customers can place orders via your app, and Action Prompt takes 0% commission on online orders.


Based just outside of Bradford in Leeds, Limeapps has everything you need in an app design company. They design both iOS and Android mobile applications, taking a unique approach to their services. The company listens to your demands and will design apps that are based on your brand intentions. Previous examples of their products are available on their website, showcasing diversity across numerous industries.


Revnosoft boasts an app consultancy team that engages with clients and helps you discover precisely what you need from your app design. They take these ideas and put together an initial app that’s designed to please. Features can always be tweaked and customised, ensuring your final app design is more than what you expected. There’s always a firm focus on designing a good user interface, and this is available across iOS, Android, and Windows devices.


Vindicta wants you to grow your business by mobile app design that fit your needs. This experienced agency can design mobile applications to work with your business strategy. All elements of the design process are built around your particular goals and aims. Vindicta is more than aware of how important mobile apps are in engaging with your audience. So, all the design ideas are modern, unique and made for your brand.


Innovative and user-friendly mobile applications can be designed by Audiacia for your business. They have been developing many apps to provide clients with easy access to data and business procedures. The team is capable of making cross-platform designs with the highest level of usability around. They work with businesses across multiple industries, offering bespoke add design solutions that work.

New Redo

A software development company that’s capable of helping your business with a wide range of concerns. The app design team is highly skilled and experienced, working alongside each client to really conjure up an app that works for your needs. As a software development company that can design apps, New Redo has the benefit of building on other experiences to make your apps even better. This includes integrating cloud solutions that elevate your app design to new levels.

Webo Digital

Webo is a company that simplifies the app design process as easy as possible for each client. They provide a roadmap/blueprint of exactly what they will do for you. From an app design perspective, this includes handling wireframing, UI/UX design and prototyping. Effectively, these services let you come up with a prototype app that can then be approved and developed for iOS, Android or Windows mobile devices.

Eden Agency

An ISO 27001 certified agency that specialises in app and UX design. They’ve been in business since 2007, with plenty of experience to call upon. They design and build both iOS and Android apps, even earning nominations for awards. In 2020, the company was shortlisted for the B2C App of the Year at the UK App Awards for one of its clients. The design services are extensive and are all built around the client themselves. Eden Agency has also worked with a range of different companies and clients in Bradford spanning a wealth of industries. All the apps are crisp and clean, focusing on fluidity and modern app design.


Pocketworks has worked with brands such as ASDA, Travelodge and BNP Paribas to create streamlined mobile apps. The company offers app design that is made for modern smartphones and tablets. As a leading digital agency in the area, Pocketworks understands the importance of a quality, easy and engaging app. This is reflected in the agency’s approach to app design; everything is designed around creating the ultimate customer experience. After all, if your customers and users aren’t happy with the app, what use will it be? As a bonus, they also offer IoT app design and development services.

The Distance

One of the top app design companies in the UK, The Distance has a host of exceptional reviews that make it a great option for anyone in Bradford. The company is capable of delivering award-winning app designs that are directed at your target audience. Examples of previous projects are available, all of which are very smooth, sleek and focused on creating the best design experience for the user. The Distance has been designing iOS apps since the very first iPhone was released, with 100+ Android apps also designed by the team. Over 2 million app downloads show how popular their apps are!


Founded in 1996 and with a growing employee base, Twentysix is more than up to the challenge of designing your next mobile app. They primarily focus on mid-market and enterprise businesses, and their app design services are mightily impressive. The design team at Twentysix uses all the latest tools and techniques that are best suited to your goals. It results in fluid apps that focus on UX and offer customer-driven designs.


Refractiv designs bespoke applications that deliver genuine value to your business. While the company’s capabilities extend beyond app design, this is very much a firm focus for them. They’ve had lots of success designing apps for companies across many industries, including sales apps, portal apps and mobile photographic apps for construction. No matter your needs, they’re sure to provide you with excellent app design.

If you are searching for the top mobile app design companies in Bradford, these are twenty of the best. All the companies on this list serve Bradford and the surrounding area, delivering exceptional app design services that can help you create a successful mobile app.