19+ Best Mobile App Design Companies in Arkansas

19 Best Mobile App Design Companies in Arkansas
14Apr, 2021

There’s a lot of value in having a mobile app designed for your business. It improves the customer experience, gives your business a competitive advantage, and they’re also faster/more effective than mobile websites. However, it’s important to remember that the effectiveness of a mobile app will depend on the quality of the design and build. As such, it’s important that you’re not just hiring any company to design your app. Only the best will do.

If you’re looking for an Arkansas mobile app company, then you’re in the right place. In this blog, we’re going to run through the best mobile app design companies in Arkansas. If you’re planning to incorporate a mobile app into your business operations, then it’s one of the following companies that you should hire for the task!

 1. Exemplary Marketing

Exemplary Marketing is considered to be the top mobile app design company in Arkansas. So what sets them apart? It’s not just the quality of their work that wins them plenty of plaudits among their clients, but the range of services that they offer. They can design and develop your app with your specific needs/requirements in mind and much more. Testimonials for the company often highlight the strong sense of collaboration and communication that existed between the company and client. No matter what you’re looking for, you can have faith that you’ll be in safe hands when you hire Exemplary Marketing.

2. 21Twelve Interactive

21Twelve Interactive aims to blend creativity with the technical prowess to create applications to achieve excellent results. They serve clients of all sizes, so whether you’re a one-person operation or a large business with 100+ employees, they’ll be able to whip up an app that helps you to achieve your business objectives. They’ll work with you during the development of the app concept. From there, they’ll take over, giving you updates along the way. At the end of the process, you’ll have an excellent app that was just what you were looking for/needed.

3. Doc4 Design

Doc4 Design is a firm with a particular area of interest. Rather than serving the general population, they work with family-owned, traditional businesses that may need some help moving into the 21st century. Their clients often praise their creative abilities to take a concept and turn it into an app that helps them to serve their customers in a way that’s more in line with modern standards.

4. Apptegy

Apptegy is another mobile app development company that has a specific angle. They work with schools to develop apps that allow students and parents to stay engaged with all that’s happening within the school. Rather than using an “out of the box” app, this option allows schools to create a custom app that truly reflects the school’s identity.

5. Altimize

Though they’re based in Arkansas, Altimize is known for working with brands and organizations across the country. Part of their appeal is that they don’t limit themselves to one particular niche or industry; whatever you need a mobile app for, they’ll be able to help. They can help you to develop an app that’s in sync with your overall brand, so you can have an overall online presence that really says what your brand is all about.

6. Few

Few work with their clients from the beginning of the app development through to after the app is launched. For Few, the act of creating a mobile app is a collaborative process. They’ll take your ideas on board and work to create an app that is perfectly measured to your specific needs. They make their clients happy by offering a wide range of services — they can create, they have technical skills, and they offer after-project support, too.

7. Icon Web Group

Icon Web Group works with brands to create an online presence that really helps the customer. As well as creating apps, they can help to ensure that your digital presence is watertight across all platforms. Ultimately, their goal is to help companies bring more customers on board and drive sales.

8. Idestini

Idestini takes a different approach to its mobile app development. Rather than working with companies to help boost their customer engagement, they create apps that help businesses to run more smoothly behind the scenes. Your company can achieve great things when you have apps and software that bring various aspects of your operations together and which helps your employees to work better.

9. Sharp Hue

Sharp Hue is another company that helps to produce apps that allow businesses to reach their full potential. Every company has pain points that slow them down and hold them back. Sharp Hue aims to reduce the impact of these pain points by producing apps and software that resolves the issues.

10. Matchstick Studio

Matchstick Studio is a team of talented, creative individuals that deliver excellent app results without being too flashy. Their motto is ‘Do the best work possible. Always.’ And that about sums it up. When you work with them to develop an app, you can rest assured that you’ll walk away from the project fully satisfied with the results! They can produce apps for customers or to improve business operations.

11. eSparkInfo

eSparkInfo has ten years of experience developing high-quality apps for its customers. They please their clients by comping up with workable solutions that improve the experience for both staff and the company’s customers. And that’s exactly what you should look for in an app development company!

12. Metova

Metova recognizes that each company is different and thus has different needs from their app. With an eye on the future, they develop apps that solve a company’s distinct issues. In the past, they’ve worked with large, multi-billion dollar companies across a wide range of industries.

13. Lofty

Lofty doesn’t just design mobile apps; they design apps that work to reach a target. They do this by utilizing data and then creating the app using the insights they can glean from that data.

14. Rockfish

Rockfish is a full-service agency that brings creativity and technology together. Fully modern, they have one eye on the future and develop apps that put their clients on the cutting of user experience.

15. Pedigrine

Boasting six years of experience and thousands of happy clients, Peregrine use their extensive industry experience to blend complex ideas and technology. The end result? Apps that deliver a return on investment and which always delivers consistent performance. You can’t ask for much more than that!

16. Epoch Online

Epoch Online has been helping businesses for twenty five years. Of course, a lot has changed in that time. But Epoch has managed to evolve. Today, they can offer a high level of service for a variety of digital products, including mobile apps.

17. Techniza

If you’re looking for a web design company that does exactly what it says it’ll do, then Techniza may just be the one that you’re looking for. They’re experts in a wide range of digital areas, including mobile app design. But in truth, they can do it all — and this allows them to offer a full service to the clients, helping businesses to stay on-brand across various digital platforms.


IFWORLD exists to make businesses better. If you’re facing an issue with your operations but don’t know what the solution is, then it’ll be worthwhile getting in touch with IFWORLD. They approach problems with a critical, creative lens, and then build applications that’ll help to eliminate the problem.

19. Incite Local Mobile

Incite Local Mobile is a company that does one thing and one thing only: design and develop excellent mobile apps. They’ll work with you every step of the way. During the development stage, they’ll assess your needs and come up with a solution that perfectly fits your requirements. You can have a say during the building stage, too, as they’ll allow you to see previews and make adjustments if necessary. The relationship doesn’t just end once the app is built, however — they’ll work beyond the launch of the app to ensure that it fully works for you. This includes providing actionable data insights that allows companies to improve their operations.

20. aceonetechnologies

This agency can do it all. How? Because they’ve assembled a crack team of industry experts to ensure that every aspect of the mobile app development process is watertight and completed to the highest possible standards. They’ve invested in building their team because they know the true value of mobile apps for businesses. So what can you expect when you hire them to build your app? The best of the best. You’ll be hiring a team that’s composed of UX designers, developers, backend engineers, and more. The end result will be a brilliant app that more than meets your expectations. You’ll have a beautiful, highly functional, well-working app!


And there we have it! As we’ve seen, there are plenty of great mobile app development teams in Arkansas. On this list you’ll surely find a company that will be able to take your concept for your app and bring it to life!