50+ Best Mobile App Design Companies in Arizona

50 Best Mobile App Design Companies in Arizona
15Apr, 2021

Mobile app design companies are critical for building apps for brands to better connect with their customers. But which are the best companies out there for the job? That’s what we explore in the following list.

Check out our rankings for the best mobile app design companies in Arizona below!

1. Exemplary Marketing

Exemplary Marketing is one of the top mobile app development companies in Arizona. It has more than 10 years of experience in developing mobile solutions and has more than 40 million client app downloads to its name.

2. Oxy

Oxy focuses heavily on web design, but it also possesses significant mobile app development expertise as well. Its team comprises a group of business-minded professionals who focus primarily on financial outcomes.

3. New Aeon Digital

New Aeon Digital’s mission is to prevent businesses from getting left behind. That’s why it offers a bunch of innovative digital solutions to enable them to keep pace with its rivals.

4. Fisher PHX

Fisher PHX is an all-around digital marketing company based in Arizona that also offers custom mobile app development. It has been in business for more than 30 years and has numerous Fortune 500 clients.

5. Mansell Graphic Design

Mansell Graphic Design usually focuses on branding and UI/UX. However, it has recently delved into the world of mobile apps, providing packages that give companies precisely what they need.

6. Tech Decade

Tech Decade is a company best known for its knowledge of Android, iOS, .NET/C#, Java, and HTML5. Its experienced team of coders gives brands massive flexibility in their app design.

7. Epsilonium Systems

Epsilonium Systems is a relative newcomer to Arizona’s mobile app development scene. It offers a dedicated team of professionals from complementary fields.

8. 360 Cloud Solutions

360 Cloud Solutions specializes in developing cloud-native apps for businesses, including B2B firms.

9. Creative Slice

Creative Slice is an award-winning web design firm that got its start all the way back in 2003. Today, it focuses heavily on developing custom apps for niche enterprises.

10. Go Web Solutions

Go Web Solutions is a results-based company that focuses on app development, digital strategy, and SEO integration.

11. NEXTFLY Web Design

With offices in Phoenix, NEXTFLY web design is a one-stop-shop digital marketing solutions provider, offering custom mobile and web apps for its clients, alongside a suite of digital marketing services.

12. Gate6 Inc

Gate6 got its start all the way back in 1996 when a group of coders came together to create enterprise software solutions. It brings that expertise to its mobile app development and SEO services.

13. Julep Marketing

Julep Marketing takes a novel approach to app development, integrating it with public relations, social media, and inbound marketing.

14. Civano Web Design

Based in Tucson and the Oro Valley, Civano Web Design specializes in creating niche apps for distinctive businesses.

15. iIntercept Media

iIntercept Media was founded in 2014 in Scottsdale and is now one of Arizona’s fastest-growing app development companies. It takes a hands-on approach, improving its clients’ software from the inside out.

16. Gaurish Technologies

Gaurish Technologies specializes in creating beautiful apps for creative and artistic brands. It can develop apps for Windows, IOS, Android, or all three!

17. Sitewire

Sitewire is an app development company based in Tucson that focuses on helping its clients thrive. Its goal is to enable organizations to reach their full potential.

18. iRapture

iRapture is a mobile app development specialist that focuses on creating pieces of software that support its clients’ missions. It believes in brilliant, simple, and innovative design.

19. Internet Dzyns

Internet Dzyns is famous for its love of making innovative ideas come to life. It’s been building apps for more than 18 years and is always mindful of brand requirements.

20. Net-Craft.com

Net-Craft.com is a custom web and mobile app development company that specializes in both IOS and Android platforms. It provides free project cost estimates via its site.

21. New Angle Media

New Angle Media got its start in 2003 and is now a full-service digital marketing company, with a specific focus on mobile app development. It is the go-to solution for numerous global brands.

22. Lucid Agency

Lucid Agency uses what it calls “Fortune 500 strategy” for all its app development projects and caters to on-the-fly updates and modifications.

23. Bohac Consulting Services

Founded in 1999, Bohac Consulting Services dedicates more than 25 percent of its resources to mobile app development. It takes a problem-solving approach, creating software solutions that meet the needs of clients and their customers alike.

24. Necodex

Necodex focuses on partnering with clients, providing a supportive team, ready to provide app development at any time.

25. Sofvue

Sofvue provides mobile app development services for companies with complex requirements. It finds technical solutions where others can’t.

26. Rocket Media

Rocket Media is an all-in-one app development and digital marketing company, providing the full suite of services that its clients need. It got its start in Gilbert, Arizona, all the way back in 2003 and offers massive experience across its development team.

27. Vuria

Vuria specializes in helping e-commerce stores build apps that convert. Its software features exceptional digital design.

28. Burick Communications Design

Burick Communication Design focuses on building apps for B2B companies that help them better tell their brand stories. It also offers email integration, engaging social content, and digital strategy.

29. GSM Plus Infotech

GSM Plus Infotech focuses on implementing what it calls “scientific design” into its apps. It is well-known for its innovative thinking and ability to help clients execute their brand strategies.

30. User10

User10 is one of the most accessible mobile app development companies in Arizona. It takes a minimalist approach, creating easy-to-understand software that facilitates sales.

31. ÜTILE Outsourcing and Digital Solutions

ÜTILE Outsourcing and Digital Solutions, as the name suggests, focuses on creating helpful, user-friendly, and profitable apps. The company, based in Scottsdale, Arizona, is run by Gregory Grip and Ran Karp, experienced leaders and creative developers.

32. Meltmedia

Meltmedia got going in the year 2000 and, since then, has built a team of more than 80 skilled designers and developers. It focuses on providing high-quality, on-shore app development for discerning clients, looking for the best.

33. NUVO

NUVO focuses on creating apps with beautiful designs and attention to detail.

34. TucsonBizz

TucsonBizz is increasingly focusing on mobile app development. However, it also offers enterprise-level software solutions.

35. SofHub

SofHub builds apps explicitly designed to help companies convert customers. It understands the corporate game and creates solutions to match.

36. PhoenixBizz

PhoenixBizz began offering custom software development in 2011. Since then, it has switched its focus to mobile app development – a necessity, it says, for today’s businesses.

37. Synapse Studios

Synapse Studios is one of Arizona’s leading mobile app design companies, dedicating more than 40 percent of its time to the cause. It primarily serves startups – clients with little time and even less money.

38. Seven Infinity

Seven Infinity provides a host of marketing and programming services with mobile development at its core. The brand takes a cross-platform approach – something it claims modern consumers want.

39. Paragon9

Paragon9 focuses primarily on “app modernization.” It is, therefore, a great choice for any business looking to improve its existing software.

40. AppFirms

AppFirm is another mobile-app-focused company that dedicates all of its resources to app development and marketing.

41. ScottsdaleBizz

ScottsdaleBizz is a boutique company with less than 200 employees. It focuses on app development, custom software development, and web design.

42. Northern Computing

Northern Computing is a mobile app development company for brands that have tried everyone else. It offers technical solutions designed to meet complex app requirements.

43. Hot Salsa Interactive

Hot Salsa Interactive got its start in 1997. Since then, the company has built a reputation for creating incredible mobile apps.

44. Nerdery

If you want to geek out, then Nerdery is the place to do it. This digital consultancy offers mobile app design alongside strategy and UX design. It also provides wearable app testing services – a nice extra touch.

45. Single Focus Web

Despite the name, Single Focus Web provides a massive range of services – one of which is web design. The company is renowned for its high level of customer support.

46. Neudesic

Neudesic offers high-quality programmers, but for a price. This brand is for companies with large budgets who just want to get the job done.

47. Magnitude Management

Magnitude Management is never too busy to meet with clients and discuss their mobile app development needs.

48. Propelur

This mobile app development brand aims to “propel its clients forward.” The company delivers customized solutions that align with companies’ branding needs.

49. Sonatafy Technology

Sonatafy Technology takes a leadership-driven approach to app development. It specializes in helping clients who know they need an app but don’t know which direction it should take.

50. Parsus Solutions

Parsus Solutions focuses on taking its clients’ visions and bringing them to life. It serves businesses across a range of industries, including the hospitality sector.

51. EasyVoice

EasyVoice focuses on developing Alexa skills and apps for home assistant devices. However, the company’s developers regularly cater to mobile app clients as well.