Why Mobile App Development is Expensive?

Why Mobile App Development is Expensive
21Jan, 2021

As part of your business, you may be thinking about other ways that you can enhance the experience for your customer and one way that is growing in popularity is to consider creating an app. There are so many ways that a smartphone application could enhance the customer experience. It could be a sales platform, it could be a loyalty scheme for customers or it could simply be for information or tracking purposes. The options are endless, but that means that you need to consider the development side of things and this is where many businesses become a little stuck. After all, all development is expensive. So what are your options? We wanted to explore why mobile app development is expensive and perhaps offer insight to help you to take advantage of this unique and new platform to help your business thrive.

First things first, it isn’t just about the app

It may sound strange saying it isn’t about the app but the development side of things is so much more than you see on the front interface. The elements that your customers will potentially see and use is just part of the story. If your app is going to be more complex than say a reader type platform, so perhaps an ecommerce shop or something more interactive, then you will need a backend part with a server and a database, as well as API used for communicating with them. This is where the costs can add up. A decent UI (User interface) is simply an industry standard these days, there is, after all, a certain level of expectation. So you need to take this seriously but at the same time it can add to the mobile app development cost.

There is a high demand for mobile developers

Another reason why it can be expensive to get your app developed is the demand there is for decent smartphone app developers. This means that for anyone who knows what they are doing, has the relevant skills and the right knowledge, that you are going to be paying top money for. As the demand increases so can their prices, so this is where people can fall short and choose to pay within their budget, but might not necessarily get the application they visualised.

The need to support a lot of platforms means extra skills

One thing people don’t consider is that the application needs to be relevant for across different platforms. Initially, you might think this is iOs for Apple and Android for other models, but in actual fact within those there are elements to think about. For example, you may need to ensure that your app can work with different software updates within iOS. People still have older models of phones with older software on so you wouldn’t want to alienate them. The same can be said for android devices. So you might need to think about how this could affect your budget and of course the price. The more variations you have of your mobile app, the most costly it will be to develop.

A lack of skilled developers

One thing we might have already mentioned, but is worth a whole point dedicated to it, is the costs that mobile app developers can demand for their services. That isn’t just because there is a high demand for mobile applications to be created, you also need to factor in that there are not that many highly skilled developers able to create these versions that are required for today’s market. There are so many idealised visions of what an application could be for a business, so you may find that the developer you choose isn’t able to deliver what you want. Therefore, finding one that can means that you may end up paying for the privilege.

It’s expensive not to have one

While we may have discussed all the reasons why having a mobile app developed is going to be a costly enterprise to embark on, you also need to factor in the cost of not having one created. If your business could utilise an app, benefit from it and have increased revenue and profits, then the question to ask yourself is would it be too expensive not to have one created? Could not having the app cost you in other parts of your business? This is where you need to consider all of the benefits versus the cost and workout out if it is a worthwhile investment for your business.

Let’s hope this has made it clearer why mobile app development is expensive.