What Makes Your Website Catch The Eye Of A New Visitor All The Time

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18Sep, 2019

Web design is super essential when landing clients. Look at it this way this is the clients way of debating whether or not he or she will buy from your site just BY THE WAY IT LOOKS!

Now you may be asking yourself “people really care about the way my website looks” OF COURSE great graphic design, and videos can help expand the horizon of your brand 10x.

What are ways that can help your clients last longer on your website? Let me share those with you.

  1. mobile optimization 95% of users will be able to tell if your company is up to date by simply noticing that it is mobile optimized. Meaning the website looks good on mobile as it does on desktop.

2. Graphic design believe it or not will prove if your website is worthy of looking through or not. As humans we are more attracted to design and beauty, rather than old and boring writing.

3. Navigation Since most websites have so many pages you need to go through. It is important to have a simple process for your clients to navigate through the website. This will have the customer come back for more.

Hope you enjoyed these essential features to make your business grow!

Content writer,

Dan Gillan

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