10 Things to Consider Before Building Your Mobile App

10 Things to Consider Before Building Your Mobile App
22Jan, 2021

Create An Original, Worthwhile Idea

Before you even think about pursuing your idea, you must question whether the concept itself is fully original (free from any copyrights) to ensure your hard work will actually pay off. The most important question that you should be asking over and over again is, “Will this app provide a solution to difficulties that users are currently facing?”.

Figure Out Your Target Audience

Simply having a unique idea for your mobile app won’t guarantee immediate or long term success, as the app must be downloaded and utilised by a large number of customers to prove that it is actually useful and worthwhile. It’s vital that you can take some time to recognise and know your audience, as you should tailor each aspect of your design process to meet your clientele’s wants and needs. Unfortunately many concepts are actually targeted towards completing certain tasks rather than reaching a specific audience but this encourages part time usage rather than loyal operation.

Choosing The Right Mobile Platform

In the modern day, there are several mobile platforms that you can utilise which each offer their own selling points and drawbacks. Whether you decide to pursue an Android app or an iOS app is completely your choice, but you should aim to assess the pros and cons of each before making your decision to identify the best platform for your brand’s needs. Each platform will require its own programming language, so it’s impossible to transfer an Android app across to an Apple iPhone, so make sure you decide upon the right platform before the complex algorithms begin to take shape.

Consider Advanced Database

Many users rely on their mobiles for several important features, including increasing their memory. If an application were to glitch and lose track of progress (forcing the user to start from scratch) they may even go as far as  uninstalling the application. As a result, having a super fast database is vital to maintain high performance of your app, and there are several factors that can aid you in making the right decision. For example, you should consider the capacity or full size of the database, as well as the safety and security messages that have been installed to protect the data you enter.

How To Accept Payments

In recent years, shopping online and utilising e-commerce platforms as a whole have exploded in popularity. One of the biggest dangers associated with online shopping is security, as many people believe that their personal data is at risk whenever they enter their details into their mobile phone or laptop. Making the decision to implement a well known, recognisable payment gateway that can process payments in a safe and secure manner will offer your users the peace of mind they need to make a purchase without worrying for weeks about potential problems that may occur as a result.

Maintaining The Highest Levels Of Security

As the volume of personal data stored on mobile devices grows each day, you must make an effort to maintain the best levels of security to protect your customers, staff and business from malicious activity. Your mobile phone can identify your exact location, as well as your most visited places, all of your passwords, bank account details and so much more – failing to keep such a large amount of personal information out of harm’s way can be tough, but it’s never been more important. Many users would like to get their hands on such data for their own unlawful benefit, so be as vigilant as possible and implement several security steps to turn your mobile app into an impenetrable fortress

Create An Elegant Design

The screen size and shape of a mobile phone can make elegant app design more difficult, as it presents certain challenges and obstacles that designers must work hard to overcome. A good design should be minimalistic, as this will reduce distraction and encourage uses to stay focused on the information you choose to present to them. A quality design can bring real clarity to your interface, removing several obstacles from the user and instead encouraging them to engage and scroll further. Ensure that you can remove any unneeded elements which do not support specific users tasks, as this will simply slow your app down whilst taking up vital space.

Always Test Your Application

Before you publish your new creative mobile app, you must take part in testing and assessment to identify any potential issues or mishaps that may affect the overall user experience. Utilise a study group that’s made up of outsourced individuals that aren’t members of your team, as this can offer a fresh perspective from a ‘customer’ point of view.

Make It Future Proof

Making sure that your mobile app is effective enough to thrive for years to come is a necessity, as you don’t want to find that 12 months from now the buzz around your platform has gone and all money is slowly drying up.

Generating A Profit

Generating a profit for your app needn’t be difficult, as you can consider options such as renting out ad space, using In-App purchases or requesting payment for initial download. There are several other avenues that you can explore to monetise your app, depending on the type of platform you would like to pursue.