Pinso: Now Creating Promotional Photos Have Been Easy

Now Creating Promotional Photos Have Been Easy 2
18Feb, 2022

Posters and flyers are the backbones of most advertising campaigns. They have to be big, eye-catching, and really effective in capturing your audience’s attention. The problem is that posters are expensive, time-consuming, and often difficult to produce at scale.

With the most advanced and convenient poster and flyer maker app; Pinso, you can now design and print posters and flyers in a few simple steps. Besides, it allows you to create stickers with your own photos in just a few seconds. This app is easy to use, user-friendly, secure, stable, and has a lot of customization options.

Pinso: Poster & Flyer Maker App Designed & Developed By Exemplary Marketing!

Nowadays, everyone knows about the huge amount of apps that are available for smartphones, but not everyone has seen the new poster and flyer maker app by Apple. Created specifically by Exemplary Marketing, it gives users an easy way to create high-quality posters and flyers with ease, Pinso is one of the most powerful and easy-to-use apps ever developed by Exemplary Marketing. Take your business or school event to the next level with this easy-to-use app!

Exemplary Marketing is a renowned mobile app development company offering customized app development services. It doesn’t matter which type of app you want for your business, just give an idea and the expert developers will develop and design an engaging app for your business.

We designed a new app called Pinso that allows you to create promotional posters, advertisements, stories, and cover photos. We designed this app in a way that users can create professional unique designs with a few clicks. It doesn’t matter if you’re creating designs for your business or social media, you’ll amaze everyone!

Features in Pinso App

This app was created by our mobile app developers who worked nights and days on it. App developers at Exemplary Marketing have developed this app in a way where users can showcase their brands with thousands of professional designs in one tap.

Also included are eye-catching templates for Instagram stories, Facebook posts, Banners, and Logos so you can express your style. You are able to personalize all the designs, changing the colors and captions, photos, graphics, and fonts whenever you want.

How does it Work?

Open Pinso, select one of five basic templates or a custom size, choose from over 500 free fonts, then upload your image. In just minutes you’ll have a poster or flyer ready to print or save. You can even email your poster directly from your phone with AirPrint.

The result is an easy way to create professional-looking posters in seconds. If creating your own artwork isn’t quite up to your alley, Pinso also has access to thousands of user-created works that are available royalty-free. They even offer prebuilt stock images that will make quick work out of any project.

All files are saved locally on your device so there’s no need to worry about data transfer rates affecting printing times. It doesn’t stop there though! With support for layers and transparency, you can use multiple images on top of each other or change their opacity to give your design that extra pop it needs. While it’s not billed as such Pinso also makes a great personal photo touch-up tool.

Premium Subscription

As the will of the client, we have put a premium subscription feature into this app which will help our customers earn money through this app. Users have to pay the annual bill to operate this app. The Pinso PRO Subscription allows access to all features and content within the app that can be purchased.

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