Top Ten Mobile App Development Companies in Chicago | 2020

mobile app development companies
19Jun, 2020

Looking for mobile app development companies in Chicago? Well, there are thousands of companies around you that offer mobile app development services. In 2020, this industry has become further vast. Now, you can find millions of mobile app developers around the world. There are freelancers as well as development companies who offer mobile app development services. In Chicago as well, there are numerous companies and freelance developers. However, we suggest services by companies since they have professional and qualified personnel. In addition, companies are more trusted and reliable. Similarly, with some renowned companies in Chicago that can assist you, there is no need to contact freelancers.

However, the question is which is the right app development company in Chicago? Well, it takes a lot of factors in consideration. From the quality of services to prices, and from accomplishing projects to customer reviews, everything needs to be considered before you hire a company. Anyways, we ensure you don’t plunge into this river of factors and requirements. Here is a list of top ten mobile app development companies in Chicago in 2020:

Exemplary Marketing

Exemplary Marketing is the most reliable and popular mobile app development company in Chicago. Not just in Chicago, people from all over the US purchase their app development services. They are known for developing some popular mobile apps that are liked by their clients and the users of those applications. They have qualified and experienced staff with expertise in IU and UX designs. Also, they have years of experience in app development. They can develop games, iOS apps and applications for android. They ensure highest quality services at extremely economical cost. If you are eager to find one best app development company in Chicago, it’s Exemplary Marketing!

Eight Bit Studios

Eight Bit Studios provide unique application development services. You must have used a few of their popular apps. They specialize in developing websites and mobile apps. Basd in Chicago, they have been serving the community for years with their top notch mobile applications.


Simpalm has offices in several other cities of the US, apart from Chicago. It is a popular company in the US known for developing games and mobile applications. They have their expertise in web development, hybrid app development and native app development, with more than 10 years of industry experience.


Cultivate has created some exceptional mobile apps over the years. One of the most popular brands in the US with a lot of experience in app development. Their industry experience is vast and have served some huge clients in the past.

Red Foundry

Another renowned brand in Chicago, Red Foundry specializes in developing apps of all types. They claim to use the latest trends and technologies in development and are experts in UX designs. Their app care maintenance program is a highlight of their services. They offer long term application care and updates.


Foxbox is one of the familiar names in the industry. They provide app development services in Chicago as well. They can build beautiful and innovative mobile applications based on your requirements. They are flexible with their pricing and usually charge lower prices for developing high quality apps.

Chelsea Apps

The clients of Chelsea Apps have reacted positively to their apps developed so far. Their past performance is really good and they are encouraging to utilize their app development services. They gave experience and are familiar with latest development trends and app designs. Also, they have expert developers in their personnel.

Table XI

Table XI has a team of professional developers who know how to build the perfect mobile apps to meet customer needs. They have developed a few popular apps that are working very nicely for their clients. Also, they offer update services to the clients whom they have served already.


Like other app development companies in the list, Codal specializes in developing apps for android and iOS. They are expert at coding as well as designs. Over time, they have developed exceptional apps that are appreciated by the users and their clients. User reviews on those apps prove their worth.

LaunchPad Lab

LaunchPad Lab specializes in software development, mobile app development, website development and more. This allrounder company can help with developing apps for android and iOs. They take pride in their outstanding apps developed so far and with great customer satisfaction. In addition, their prices are pretty reasonable against their app development services!


So, these are the most renowned and trusted mobile app development companies in Chicago in 2020. To make sure you get the best app developed that fulfils your needs, contact any of these companies. Their prices are affordable, services are exceptional quality and have a great track record. Make sure not to hire a company other than these!