How to Earn and Build Customer Loyalty for an Engaged Clientele and Successful Bottom Line?

How to Earn and Build Customer Loyalty for an Engaged Clientele and Successful Bottom Line
21Oct, 2021

Customer engagement is one of the most critical tools to leverage, and arguably the difference between a successful brand and an average one. Creating a solid reputation and engaging with your clients impacts profitability, satisfaction, and word-of-mouth promotion.

Yet, many small businesses find that all their customer engagement issues are mounting and seriously affecting revenue. That’s a situation you’ll definitely want to avoid – but what can you do about it?

Here, Exemplary Marketing walks you through the main touchpoints for success.


As a new business owner, you’re likely being pulled in all directions and stretched thin. It is thus crucial to decide on your priorities. Use time-saving hacks like time blocking, outsourcing, and delegating so you can focus on your customer’s needs first. One important business requirement that needs to be taken care of first and foremost is to form a limited liability company, or LLC, so that you’re not spending time on excessive paperwork or tax management. You can further save time (and lawyers’ fees!) by using a formation service like ZenBusiness. However, each state has different LLC formation rules, so do your due diligence before moving ahead.


The easiest way to put off a customer is to be unavailable for their needs. Be sure to respond promptly, and offer solutions and redressals for any problems they might be facing. Customers who receive great support are more likely to offer you their trust and loyalty. If you have any business faux pas (they do happen!), avoid making excuses or ignoring feedback. Instead, MeloTel suggests you offer a freebie like a gift card or a discount coupon that will incentivize your customer to come back.


A rewards program is one of the cheapest ways to give extra perks to loyal and dependable clients. Utilize incentives, like a points or spending program, to accumulate rewards. A tiered structure plan to reward different levels of spending also works effectively. This will incentivize your clientele to spend more and repeat their purchases time and again.


Customers need a reason to remain loyal and come back to you over your competitors. Building an engaged audience base can result in spending hours in line for your product or fighting for it against friends. Most importantly, give them a reason to love your brand, and they’ll tell everyone they know about it! You can do this by ensuring a top-quality product, many freebies, exclusive launches, or excellent customer support.


‘Service with a smile’ is a mantra for a reason. Be mindful of your voice, tone, and language in every instance. Keep your brand language respectful, friendly, and cheerful: explains that shoppers greeted with a smile spent 67% longer in the store than those welcomed without! Also, be sure to shape your voice and tone consistently through company communications and website information.

Repeat customers spend up to 67% more than new clients. That statistic is the ultimate reason you need to start prioritizing customer engagement for your brand today. Utilize the tips above to keep your customers feeling satisfied, engaged, and appreciated – we promise it’ll benefit your bottom line significantly.