How to Build a Mobile App for Your Business without Breaking the Bank

How to Build a Mobile App for Your Business without Breaking the Bank
21Aug, 2020

Mobile apps are costly if you are getting them developed from the agencies or freelancers as well. The costs may vary depending upon the scale and the complexities of the app. To get a mobile app developed by a professional is the ideal scenario for high-end business since they can afford the funding. But for anyone who is an entrepreneur and in the initial years of their startup or own a medium-sized business, funding an app development of $50,000 is not an ideal number. So the best way to get out of this situation is either to get the development done on your own or hire a mobile app development agency that can minimize the cost. Here comes companies like Exemplary Marketing which provide effective mobile app development at the most effective pricing, the professionals of the company will get onboard to fulfil your app demands while developing it to perfection for fulfilling the needs of your business.
There are a few things that you can do on your own to minimize the overall costs of the Mobile App Development while working in collaboration with the mobile app development agency.

Have a perfect idea

You don’t want someone else pitching you the idea about the app and charging you for it. That will be a big dent in your finances. Brainstorm all the features and the services that the app will provide and come up with an idea about the app and how it will work. Pitch it to the right developer to get it developed.
Besides that, make sure that you add your uniqueness sot app development. Your app is not going to sell out in the public immediately. People will not download it because it was present in the Appstore or Playstore. They will only download it if it offers something unique to the people.

Find the right people

You can get charged as much as $50,000-300,000 for mobile app development in current times. While you have the idea about the app, a little technical expertise will help to negotiate the deal. You must learn the basics about development and get the best deal for your mobile app development with a mobile app development agency. Having absolutely no idea about the basic technicalities of app development can easily allow agencies to overcharge you. Spend some time to learn the basic technicalities and then contact companies like Exemplary marketing to get your app developed in an affordable manner and top-notch quality.

Assess your budget

The most important thing to consider in mobile app development without breaking your bank is your budget. You cannot go with all your credit in order to develop an app that is aimed at expanding your business. For a medium-sized business, app development of $25,000-50,000 is more than enough. Anything beyond this is an outstretch for the business.
If you are doing mobile app development for a startup, $5,000-10,000 is the budget that would be economical for you considering the scale and the complexities of your business.
Make sure that your mobile app development costs including the pre-development, post-development costs, maintenance costs, labor costs, and overhead costs are all a part of your budget. Any unnecessary and uncalculated budgetary addition will be a big constraint for you so make sure that you have enough budget for the app development.

Testing and inspecting throughout

You should not wait for the end product to be delivered to you. If there any bugs or features lacking in the app at the end of the product development, you might have to pay more. So the best way to make sure that you minimize the costs is to work in collaboration with the developers at every step. Make sure that you carry out the demo testing at every step so you are well aware of all the features and point out any changes during the process of development, This will save you a lot of time and money in the long run since bugs are common in the mobile apps and developers charge a lot for fixing those bugs.

Create the buzz

Apple did it into sold out on the first iPhone. It took a lot of time and investments to make sure that the empire reaches $2 trillion until 2020. All this has been possible by the product development as well as the buzz created by the company around its products. You must work in collaboration with business websites and journals to create a buzz for your app so that more and more users get on board and buy it. Make sure that you create the right contacts to create the buzz that will get you to attract the right audience.

Get it on the Appstore or Playstore

Once you have the right buzz and the right target audience, you can send an application to the official channelslikeAppstore or Playstore to put your app on these platforms.
Once you have developed the app and launched it on the platforms, your business will grow by leaps and bounds. The app must be in relevance to your business and it will cover the cost of development very soon.


While the app development process is already very tedious, it will not end since you launch the app. The more users sign on the app, there will be more glitches and bugs which will come up. You will need constant technical support to ensure that bugs do not affect your business. Having an in-house mobile app developer is ideal. You can also sign a contract with your app developer to provide technical support whenever required. This will be saving you a lot of money.
Considering all the above aspects, Exemplary Marketing has been offering the Mobile App Development Services which will comply with your budget and will assist you in case of any bugs or app issues. Avail those services today and enter the digital world without any worry.