How Long Does it Take to Develop a Mobile App?

How Long Does it Take to Develop a Mobile App
04Dec, 2020

If there is one thing that we all need in this digital world today, it’s a great app. A mobile app for a business takes time to develop, especially when it comes to determining time frames and scheduling projects. When it comes to developing a mobile app, you need to have a little patience! Figuring out how long it takes depends on a lot of factors, but it also depends on the resources that you currently have access to know whether what you are trying to build is achievable.

Most agencies will tell you it can take up to 16 weeks to develop an app and release it into the App Store, but this varies per app. There are hundreds – if not thousands – of apps out there on Android and App Store right now. Those who download these apps often download, check it out and delete the app. User experience is an important consideration and the apps that are churned out too quickly are those that fail quickly, too. Apps that are swiftly deleted are often too buggy, not professional enough and are poorly put together. So, you want your app development to take an appropriate amount of time.

Social media apps are very different to those slapped together without much thought. They are usable, upgraded very frequently and you barely notice when you slip between Safari and the app on your phone. THIS Is what a successful app should look like, and these are the apps that take more time. If you want a seamless interface and an exciting design, quality is what you need and it’s quality that takes time.

A brilliant app takes time to develop, and there are a lot of factors that determine how long your app should take. Here are some of the factors that must be considered when it comes to figuring out what impacts your mobile app development timeline.

What You Want VS Technical Reality

If you are currently online, it’s more likely you will have a product to integrate with your app. Do you know where your app will get it’s content and data? Are you providing any features that go above and beyond, like live chat? Do you need any server hosting? All of these things are important, but you need to know what your technical realities are before they can problem-solve your app.

Your Team

Can you code yourself? Most people who are looking to develop an app aren’t professional coders, so they have to hire a coder to do it for them. You might only have an idea and need someone to help you with the execution, or you could be an expert coder already and can do it all yourself. You have to add the time it takes to find and hire a great developer to the time spent on your app, as it does make a difference. You have to consider the time it takes to get to market, but an app development agency can help you here.

It May Take Longer Than Planned

An app can be promised to you in 16 weeks, but take longer than that if there are changes with the integration system, or new iOS releases in the way. You may also face testing issues and that can extend your timeline considerably. You do not want to be the company that releases an unfinished, unsupportive app into the store for others to download, poorly rate and never trust your name again!

Know Your Product Plan

If you want to know how long it truly takes to build your app, you need to have a clear idea of a plan for your product. You know what your app is going to look like in your head, but you need it written on paper. You should consider how you can improve and enhance the app over time – which takes more time! – and you should think about what realities you may face as you release the product into the app store. You should have a long term plan for your app development so that you know what to expect at every stage of the development process. The right mobile app development agency will be able to help you to plan your product properly.

Bringing an app from idea to actual product is a process that you need to spend as much time on as possible. You want high-quality results for your app, not an app that is discarded as fast as it is downloaded!