How I Earned 65,000 Dollars In 3 Months

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10May, 2020

Let’s talk about our minds, how do you see a built-up empire with well-going profits & services? 

A well-being status these empires got and the organized reputation they claim is not only what to look at. Organizations work harder, and then the upfront view you see is too perfect for you.

Exemplary Marketing is trusted by big brands, maybe the story of my struggle would lead you to decision-making for your ambitions & dreams, and maybe one day you stand among the best.


I, Malik Kurdi being the CEO, let me tell you that there is always a scope of what you are doing & never stop doing it. 

This constant faith helped me to earn 65k dollars in 3 months, you might find several blogs on our accomplishments, reviews of our best customer services, quality products & successful deliveries but this quarantine works well for me as it gave me a chance to share how we ended up becoming one of the most trusted companies in Chicago. 


Exploring our existing skills is the perfect idea to see what we can become. I began to realize my ambitions that were just not meant to stay in some corner of my mind. It kept triggering me that I had dreams and I didn’t pursue just because I used to think that the resources I got were pretty limited. Mate, you really need to fix this up if you think the same way. 

If I talk about the background, I was pretty obsessed with nailing market values, technology & SEO analysis. Your ideas for development require your full-time attention & working on it until it falls in the right place.


This thought of me, not getting the exact price of my hard work used to shiver me but this is how a beginner thinks, right? The price won’t attract you anymore once you start gaining experience, knowledge & patience. 

Maxing out funds, investments, sales, payrolls, taxes is an unwanted part when you first think of doing something, 

So, I decreased my unimportant essentials for a moment & scheduled my tasks which protected my work & time tenaciously. Get a task manager for that! It used to Track my to-dos & sorted my projects on one system for each day.


Practicing saying “NO” to unnecessary meetings, plans, hangouts was as hard for me as it is for you right now but things are gonna happen. Fast forward, I learned some major lessons such as research on campaigns that worked for me to create my own.


The first month took a longer time than any, every day I had a battle with myself, every day I thought to quit but since it was not an option, I remained calm & distracted myself from a thought of failing.

The second month was not easier too, I reached out to every client as possible as I could, introduced my ideas of a digital marketing company & the layouts I designed.

Rejections didn’t pull me back to the routine, instead it gave me another push to make more ideas & developments until the day I found my path. That’s how the third month was the best as it bought chances, lessons & settlements for me.


Exemplary marketing featured in CNBC, FACEBOOK & GOOGLE. My pure intentions to create a sustainable community for my people made me a successful person. The money I earned in 3 months was a consistent story of how customers got engaged with me & how they promoted us. 

I, with my team reached from UIC to The University of Chicago & the list goes on…


 Close your eyes for a bit and see where you stand in your imaginations. I can surely say, the visuals we see, the promises we keep, the passion we have & the pain we gain through all the journey is immense. 

Every day, we question our fate but what we lack is to have faith in our goals. Do you know what’s worse? not being consistent with the things we used to fight for.


Locking your opportunities behind the bars of your failures is never a good solution. I chose not to lock myself with one thing, with one brand, with one niche, Instead, I worked on every possible opportunity I found.

It takes time but you can proactively change your lifestyle, improve your financial situations & boost income with constant struggle & pure intentions. In the end, there is no loss, it’s always the gain.  

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