How APP Maintenance Works

How APP Maintenance Works
18May, 2020

Maintaining an app is indeed critical to keep your users happy & secure; that is how it works. However,  the actual hassle starts when your app gets ready to conquer the online market. Even if the process is completed, what is left is the main execution

We categorized the steps in how it works, what is required & why you need this! 


The term maintenance is not new for us, perhaps the difficulties, developments & procedures are different. This maintenance requires investment. In simple words, everything that generates leads for you requires a thick amount.

Moving forward, calculating the percentage & enchanting updates is pretty tough and you will need someone to perform it. While your company is ready to go & all the accomplishments are set, leave the rest of the solutions on us. 


If you don’t want your app to be obsolete, work on long-term maintenance & see it shining for you. Here’s why app maintenance is cherry on top of your business.


It is said that 70% of the users uninstall the app within the first 90 days. A major loss! App bugs & glitches can be dangerous for your company.


You don’t want users to use the app, you want users to love it & keep it no matter what, right? Then make healthy long-term relationships with them. Your customer retention should be the first priority. Take feedback & allow your users to review your app. 


Every company knows its weaker points, pitch competitors with the best results. 


Profits are the main objectives of any company, the longer it can earn, the longer it can go. Your pro-updated app can benefit you in so many ways you can’t even imagine.


Reputation is the main game, an on-going hustle, it takes years to make a positive brand image, don’t let your app glitches or unusual bugs to ruin it. 

How Much Does It Cost to Maintain an App

The avg cost of the app maintenance is 20% of the development cost per year.

Also, 20% of the amount is needed or depending upon your market value & niches you work for. One thing remains constant is the purpose. The maximum users you keep happy, the higher benefits you would get. Let’s look in these points:

  • Generally, if you focus on the ranges of an app what comes first is the type of an app, by type I mean category. Then the platform can be huge at a certain level, no matter if you are providing your services for iOS users only or it includes every platform like android, Windows phones, etc.
  • To make an exceptional identity your app requires to move from platform-to-platform. In case your app is available for specific users, mate, You really need to maintain it & this time for all the obvious reasons. 
  • The design which can hover your audience, when you take small little steps you need to function according to the importance. The destitute designs at first are somehow acceptable but if your company is getting A+ responses then your app needs fixing. 
  • To reach millions, see your number of pages & infrastructure first, thought-process over strong security for the app is a must. 
  • Due to several factors at one stage we can not sum up the whole price easily, it takes measurements. Keeping in mind that the app might be simple, moderate, or complex. Different apps carry different rates. 

Let’s break down some prices for your ease:

Large Development companies would need $500,000-$1,000,000

Mid-level app development companies go for $150,000-$450,000

Small app development shops are pretty affordable from $50,000-$100,000


Yes, you need it. Launching your app does not mean this is the end. Well, it is the start of the story. You have to update it constantly. As soon as you create an app your hustle moves from developing to maintaining it. Always keep an eye on your app performance if you don’t want your app to become obsolete.

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