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04Jun, 2021

Incorporated in 2014 and based in Illinois, Exemplary Marketing is a social media marketing agency delivering outstanding marketing solutions worldwide. In addition to marketing solutions, the team also provides exceptional application designs & development services. They offer comprehensive solutions to various sizes of businesses, globally.


Moreover, the technical experts are liable for every provided solution’s security, dependability, and efficiency. Exemplary marketing is not merely a solution provider, but in actuality, it is a troubleshooter hub for client’s every possible problem.


It’s the core duty of the firm to provide clients with world-class solutions to make their business grow. At Exemplary, the experts work day and night to assure the conversion of clients’ groundbreaking ideas into reality. Ergo, the clients value the outcomes delivered by Exemplary with quality, scalability, and security, along with proactive management. The experts’ team believes in superiority; therefore, they emphasize quality and strive for continuous improvements.


Besides this, the team of skilled software developers, UX architects, designers, and QA engineers are driven to create impactful solutions for clients’ business. They have delivered thousands of solutions for helping businesses to expand at a rapid scale. The organization understands the challenges of working with a remote team; that’s why it focuses on presenting an experience that feels like home.


The GoodFirms team interviewed Exemplary Marketing’s owner & CTO, Malik A Kurdi who not only described the company but also elaborated the services rendered by Exemplary.


Starting with the interview, Malik unveils his responsibilities by mentioning that he foresees all sales clients and employees to ensure everything runs smoothly at Exemplary Marketing.


Further, Malik narrates the story behind the company’s inception, by mentioning that he always sought out to be an entrepreneur. Malik hated the old and boring 9-5 lifestyle and studied elite entrepreneurs like Jeff Bezos, Robert Kiyosaki, and the infamous Mark Cuban. Knowing the online sales had such a great presence, Malik founded Exemplary Marketing in 2015.


Talking about the company’s business model, Malik mentions that Exemplary Marketing’s business model is all in-house. They like to work for Americans.


Continuing further with the interview, Malik elaborates the most in-demand services catered to clients at the national level by the company. Exemplary Marketing has successfully delivered 600+ projects and served 450+ content clients from startups and Fortune 500 companies. The swift and efficient services proposed by Exemplary Marketing stimulate business growth and aid clients to meet endless possibilities.


The organization follows a conventional approach to offer services and does extensive research to provide and automate businesses. Exemplary Marketing goes to great extents to provide mobile apps and support services to provide world-class services successfully.


With a broad assemblage of business and technical knowledge, Exemplary Marketing helps companies of different niches. Promoting a mobile app that is feature-rich and responsive, Exemplary allows clients to change the overall business growth and the way they operate.


Driven by the commitment, Exemplary proffers a scalable and systematic mobile app solution that ultimately gives clients’ business an added advantage to get closer to clients. Exemplary Marketing has provided services to business people from different verticals by developing cross-platform, iOS, Android, AR/VR, and IoT apps.


Moreover, Exemplary Marketing has increased strength in developing innovative mobile apps. Their native app idea and development process is very cost-effective. Exemplary Marketing’s expert developers take care of everything right from the start to offer an intuitive mobile app.


A proficient team of developers understands the client’s problem to map their work process. They ensure taking care of everything at each step during the process to offer seamless services and rigorous support and take care of the app’s design and build.


Thus, delivering a successful product for launch with seamless support & rigorous promotion has ranked the firm as one of the preeminent mobile app development service providers in Illinois, USA (Chicago) at GoodFirms.


The review displayed below proves the potential of app developers at Exemplary Marketing.


Furthermore, Malik divulges that Exemplary differentiates itself in many different ways. It has good customer support, project managers, and general managers. “As a client, you will never have a problem communicating or knowing what’s going on with the project,” says the owner and the CTO of the firm. The experts’ group also updates the clients every week with project updates, specs, details, and more.


It is an unarguable reality that an enticing design is sure to attract clients to the brand. Creating a perfect app is equally as crucial as having an app; ergo, Exemplary Marketing outlines a captivating app themed precisely aligned with the client’s business mission.


To give a contemporary touch and produce a visually stunning design, Exemplary Marketing employs state-of-the-art technology that can purposefully meet clients’ business expectations. The artistic team utilizes the most advanced technology and trends to guarantee that clients receive an aesthetically pleasing design.


Francesco D’Auria-Gupta, an owner at Stocknack, gave a 5-star rating to Exemplary Marketing for their quick acknowledgment and turnaround time.


Exemplary Marketing has produced and designed apps for big brands over the past few years by exerting careful consideration of each element and serving mid-scale and large-scale industries. The creative team follows a few well-organized processes to create a stunning app design. The process starts with a skeletal structure, succeeded by a prototype, interface, and innovation.


Thus, being a well-grounded agency that believes in curating an attention-grabbing app, allows Exemplary Marketing to earn a secure position as one of the top mobile app design companies in the USA at GoodFirms.


“Lastly, we are not in a rush to quote your project,” says Malik by concluding the interview. The team takes 1-3 business days to write up a detailed FRD (functional requirement document) that includes every spec, detail, and aspect of the application, enabling the firm not to miss anything. 


Moreover, in his concluding remarks, Malik beams that the customer satisfaction rate is excellent overall, all of the clients are happy! The organization has perfect social proof, as they always provide updated documents and work professionally and vigorously, treating clients as their priority.


Thus, going through the summary mentioned above from Malik’s interview, one can also read the detailed interview published at GoodFirms.



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