Exemplary Marketing Garnered 100+ Reviews on Google, Clutch and GoodFirms

Exemplary Marketing Garnered 100 Reviews on Google Clutch and GoodFirms
22Dec, 2020

Who is Exemplary Marketing?

Exemplary Marketing is a social media-based marketing service, located in Chicago. We provide a top-notch marketing service, working with businesses across the world. As well as our social media marketing, Exemplary Marketing offer services for Application Designs and Development. Our tech experts can guarantee reliability, security, and efficiency, for every one of our marketing services. Exemplary Marketing isn’t just a provider of marketing solutions, but a support hub, to troubleshoot your marketing problems.

Which services does Exemplary Marketing offer?

Exemplary Marketing offers plenty of different marketing services, including the following:

Web Design: Exemplary Marketing is proud to be rated the number 1 Web Design Company in Chicago. When you choose us you’ll get beautiful mobile-friendly and consumer-friendly websites, offering an improved user experience.

SEO: At EM we focus our SEO on three key areas, including quality website visitors, measurable outcomes, and improved search engine rankings.

Content Marketing: With EM content marketing services, you’ll get engaging content and increased web traffic. Our talented writers can produce unique content, reflecting the desires and values of your target audience.

App Development: Depending on your needs, our app development services have many different areas of focus. Whether it’s product strategy, IOS development, UX design, games, backend dev, or custom software, we’ve got everything you need to make the perfect app.

Other services include LinkedIn Growth, Graphic Design, Facebook Marketing, Email Marketing, Google Adwords, and more.

What are the benefits of developing an app for your business?

Exemplary Marketing can help your company to develop an app for your business, but what exactly are the advantages of doing so? There are plenty of benefits to developing an app, including:

Strengthen your brand: With the help of a mobile app, you can strengthen your brand, by improving communication and awareness. You’ll ensure more regular interaction with your audience, building credibility, and trust.

Offer more value: By offering your customers a mobile application, you can offer them more value. It might be a new app-based service, a game, or a loyalty program. Whatever you use your app to offer, it’s all about enhancing your customer experience.

With the right app-based service you can boost conversions, improve your user experience, and enhance your branding.

Which clients has Exemplary Marketing worked with?

Exemplary Marketing has helped numerous small to mid-sized businesses grow their companies with the help of digital marketing. Our company has also created many applications for leading agencies and brands. A few of the mobile apps we’ve created include Giveaway, PhotoShooter, World News, and Cuffed.

Exemplary Marketing is growing as a company

Much to our delight, Exemplary Marketing is continuing to grow as a company. We stand out on Google as a leading marketing company and have built a name for ourselves with the help of some five-star feedback from our clients.

We have several review profiles online, including our profile on the Clutch website. Here you can see plenty of Exemplary Marketing reviews from highly satisfied clients. For instance, Exemplary Marketing recently worked with a Motion and Graphics Company called ‘Race Wheels’. The company gave a 5-Star rating, along with some top feedback:

‘We’re happy with the wonderful job they did. The team was able to meet all deadlines and complete milestones on schedule much to the stakeholder’s delight. The workflow and communications were thoroughly effective and the final design was met with positive acclaim.’

Exemplary Marketing also has an excellent review profile on GoodFirms, demonstrating many more happy clients and glowing feedback. At EM, we’ve worked tirelessly to provide a quality service for our clients and pride ourselves on being the leading marketing company in Chicago.

Why work with Exemplary Marketing?

At Exemplary Marketing, we have established ourselves as the best marketing and app development company in Chicago. We’ve built up a portfolio of happy customers, based on our commitment to excellence, and our marketing expertise. There are many benefits to working with us, you won’t just get quality and professionalism, but you’ll get an affordable service that doesn’t blow your budget!

At Exemplary Marketing, we understand that no one business has the same needs. We strive to create personalized marketing plans, based on your individual goals and desires. When it comes to mobile application development, we can give you the edge you need, to stand out in a crowded marketplace. For more info about our full range of marketing services, get in touch today.