Exemplary Marketing – A Top Mobile App Development Company in Chicago to Work With in 2021

Exemplary Marketing – A Top Mobile App Development Company in Chicago to Work With in 2021
21Dec, 2020

Exemplary Marketing has been attributed to being the Top Mobile App Development Company in America. That is a tall claim to make you might say, but considering the body of work the brand has accumulated over the years, it’s hard to argue with it. One of the most important reasons for this becoming a well-earned title is, their dedication to UX design and mobile app development. The core of their business is to design apps that are above all else, easy and fun to use. Customers want something that is intuitive and that means, having a good design philosophy.

Experience and reputation

If you are going to spend a lot of money on your own app, you want the best team available to undertake the challenge and score a home run on their first attempt. That’s why Exemplary Marketing is so often the first port of call for so many enterprises, large or small. They have many employees which are at the top of their game, continually improving and learning to remain industry leaders. They have a wealth of experience, and a reputation that has been building and building.

They worked for leading companies such as McDonald’s, Boeing, Under Armor, Group Home LLC, Sears Holdings, Discover Financial Services, and Uber to name but a few clients. You might be asking why they have such a lineup of heavy hitters?

A team sport

App development is a team sport, that has to be played as a cohesive unit otherwise everything falls apart. All the designers, coders, UX professionals, marketing teams, risk managers and software developers have to become one giant unit. They have a very strong app development team that is full of personalities that speak their opinion but aren’t combative. You need egos to subside and great minds to prevail when dealing with the very complex needs of a client. When clients come in to see how the team is working or be the guest of honor in a meeting call, they get to see and hear how the team gels so well and moves from point to point so easily. Sometimes you have teams that have ‘fake’ cohesion, but this is the real deal.

An affordable service

After all this, the big reputation, the great team, expertise, portfolio etc, they still remain competitively priced. They know that small business owners can’t afford too much so they pick their projects wisely. Spending a lot of money on an app that blows, isn’t going to be a risk worth taking. So, Exemplary Marketing makes sure they are offering affordable services that can be scaled, adapted and monitored. According to their 5-star review status on Google, their hourly rate is between $100-150. As mobile app development goes, that is pretty darn reasonable. Considering the level of expertise on offer, that is something a micro and or small business owner could really entertain.

Support and updates

Most companies will treat you like a third party after they have finished their project with you and gotten paid. Not so with Exemplary Marketing. It would be totally against their philosophy of UX design. You rarely get the UX just right on the first try, so you have to make adjustments and updates after launch. They will help you update your app to remain relevant in the highly competitive app market. Listening and responding to customer complaints is vital for your app to remain downloaded and installed on their phones. So this after-launch support is so needed.

Proof is in the pudding

So is it all worth it? Well, the only thing to do is to taste the pudding. The quality of work they have done shows in the case studies they have under their belt. Clients who work in the healthcare industry, those that work in financial services, and those that offer unique niche services, have recorded themselves promoting the mobile app development service. All of them expose one thing over and over, pure UX design! UX has become the number one issue for many consumers. They want to use apps that are easy to navigate, intuitive in nature, adapt to their screen swipes and are forever being updated to be faster, more aesthetically pleasing and fun to use.

If you are intending on developing a brand new mobile app this year, you have to consider Exemplary Marketing and match their standard of dedication to modern UX design, to their rivals. Without question, we highly recommend this brand if you want a superb mobile app for your business.