How Much Does It Cost to Host an Application in 2023

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03Aug, 2020

Are you looking to host an application in 2021? The first thing you need to consider is the cost of hosting the application. Most people are concerned about the cost, and generally believe it must be too high. However, it depends on the mobile app server hosting providers. The cost may vary based on your choice for the app hosting service providers. In addition, you need to consider the cost of the server and the maintenance of the app. Combining all these costs, you will end up finding the right cost for hosting an app. Anyways, we have come up with a brief guide, including everything you need to know about the cost of hosting an application in 2021:

Do You Need a Server for an App?

In most cases, you do need a server for a mobile application. Whether you are developing on IOS, Android, or Amazon Echo, the need for a server is certain. This is because the server will host the content, and that content will be served to the users who are using or accessing the app. When you are identifying ways to reduce the cost of hosting an app or looking to develop a new mobile application, the first thing you should worry about is the cost of an app server. However, you definitely need a server in order to get some space to serve the app content to the users. You may provide the entire app content to the users with the download file, you still need some dynamic content that is essentially served to the users. An external server is necessary to generate the most app functionality.

How Much Does a Server Cost for an App?

After knowing you need a server the next step is to identify the cost of the server for the app.   Obviously, you first have to ensure you need a server and since you need a server in most cases, you should know that the cost of an app server varies. However, you can still manage to figure out the standard server cost. Below, we have determined the right cost of the server for a mobile app.

In short, the app hosting servers generally range from $70 per month to $320 per month in terms of price. However, this price mainly depends upon factors such as the content being served to the users, including static text and videos, projected growth, storage needs, and the number of active users of the app! Considering these factors, you can identify what is the right server cost.

What’s the Cost to Maintain an App?

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Every app needs maintenance on a consistent basis in order to keep the users engaged, happy, and keep using the app. This may include content updates as well. However, there is a cost for the maintenance of an app. The cost includes server costs, and push notifications, etc. The overall maintenance cost depends on how it was developed. As a quick and easy rule, we suggest to budget 20% of the original development cost as the maintenance cost. This will ensure you don’t end up paying too much for the maintenance of your mobile application.

List of Mobile App Server Hosting Providers

Here are some mobile app server hosting providers. We reveal the cost of each server one by one to let you know which of these fulfill your budgetary needs:


AWS (Amazon Web Series) is a popular mobile app server hosting provider. To know their overall cost, there are two types of costs to consider. The total charges include computing charges in addition to request charges. Generally, for a mobile app, the compute charges are $18.34 while the request charges are around $0.40. So, the overall cost of AWS server hosting services is $18.74.


GCP or Google Cloud Platform is among the cheapest app server hosting providers. The compute charges are too low i-e $2.75 per month. The request charges are pretty normal i-e $0.40. Hence, the overall server hosting service costs just $3.25 per month.


Vultr, founded in 2014 provides app server hosting services at an affordable cost. The overall mobile app hosting costs around $20 per month. Including both the compute charges and request charges.


The average monthly Azure server hosting cost is $18 per month. The compute charges are never more than $17.6. However, the request charges are around $0.40. Adding these two prices, you have per month cost $18.00 per month.

Digital Ocean

Digital Ocean is the US-based cloud infrastructure provider. It also offers mobile application server hosting services. The overall hosting cost is a little higher than the others. However, it does not exceed $20 per month. Top companies like AAMAX use Digital Ocean services.

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So, pricing or cost is an important factor to consider when looking for app hosting providers. The above mentioned hosting providers are the most trusted and reliable mobile app hosting service providers. You can compare their prices, as mentioned above, and figure out which company serves your budgetary needs. As a verdict, $20 per month is enough cost for hosting an application, specifically on Vultr and Digital Ocean. GCP is the cheapest platform as it costs just $3.15 per month. $18 is the maximum on AWS and Azure. So, go ahead and choose your app hosting service provider while keeping your application and budgetary needs in mind!