Promote efficiency, prevent data loss, save time, and gain much more when you hire our services because our developers provide the most innovative and solution-based Corrections and Jail Management Software.

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The use of Jail Information Management Systems is the solution to modernizing jail operations, manage the growing population, and most importantly, safe-keeping information. Exemplary Marketing developers are skilled and experienced in creating customized Jail Management Software that asides the numerous benefits, is flexible enough to still store photos and videos thereby acting as an "all-in-one solution" to jail management.


Building fresh Jail Management Systems or integrating them with an already built system comes easy for or team of experts made up of engineers and developers who have years of experience in the tech industry. We couple different functionalities in the system to simplify operations.

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Booking Management

The entire booking process is made seamless and fast as a result of the different solutions and additional features added to the software which support custom services.

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Housing Management

Jail Housing Management will never be tough again if you embrace the 21st century innovations built by our experts at Exemplary Marketing. Things like inmate routine checks are automated.

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Release Management

Exemplary Marketing developers configure custom tools and features specifically for jail release management, and these tools/features are built into the one whole software.


Our experts make custom modules to meet your specific workflow management needs, streamlining operations through automations, and seeing to the effectiveness of each process as well. We build the single robust system capable for running all jail operations conveniently.

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Exemplary Marketing developers configure automated custom systems for streamlining jail scheduling procedures be it for prisoners, visitors, workers, etc.

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Data Storage

Our innovative system layout allows for the storage of information even in video forms. You can securely save inmate and employee data conveniently.

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Duty Allocations

We build in features that support the allocation of duties to the prisoners, and effective supervision instead of using manual methods.

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Financial Management Systems

Payment processing becomes seamless and fast with our solution-based Financial Management Systems programmed to support automations in the area of finance.

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eSignature Integrations

Our seasoned developers merge the eSignature system with the Jail Management Software which strengthens efficiency and operation security when compared with the paper method.

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Inventory Management Systems

Our Inventory Management Systems are custom-made in order to ensure maximum management of everything regarding your corrections system.

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Records & Case Management

Exemplary Marketing experts provide top-notch Records and Case Management functionalities with which data can be entered or retrieved as the need arises.


Exemplary Marketing Corrections and Jail Management Software Development experts make use of the choicest technologies coupled with years of experience in the field to configure solutions that also cater for effective Commissary Management, streamlining the processes involved for better results.

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Commissary Management

Our developers program online systems for efficient commissary management by streamlining and simplifying processes like invoicing, billing, payment, delivery, etc.

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Food Service Management

Managing food service in the corrections and jail system is made easy through the integration of different tools to support processes like food safekeeping, deliveries, and so on.

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Inmate Visitor Management

We carry out system integrations specifically to simplify Inmate Visitor Management so, visitors no longer have to gather in an arena for whatsoever because the entire process is automated.

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Inmate Telephone Systems

Our experts provide quality Inmate Telephone Systems Software which is made up various integrations that make a robust platform.


Being a leading provider of software development services locally and internationally, we merge the Electronic Medical Records, Electronic Health Record and Electronic Medication Administration Record systems together to build a wholesome Correctional Management Software with flexible solutions for better productivity.

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EHR & EMR Management Systems

The stress and errors attributed to the use of paper in keeping medical records are all gone with the integration of compliant EHR and EMR Software.

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Clinic Management Systems

There are different built-in capabilities for maximum and efficient control of clinical operations, inmate/visitor check-ins, and more.

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Electronic Medication Administration Records

The EMAR solution is introduced for easy retrieval of prisoner health records irrespective of time and space hence, the health of prisoners are well catered for.

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Inmate Healthcare Finance Management

Finance Management is important in every sector, Corrections and Jail inclusive, which is why we build custom systems for managing the health finance correctly.


Exemplary Marketing is a certified provider of state-of-the-art solutions for Inmate Tracking and Security. Our developers contribute their quota to making jail operations easier by building custom systems at very affordable rates, and our services are available both locally and internationally.


Inmate Management

We have tailor-made solutions for managing inmates in the jailing ecosystem which actively prevents violence and improper behaviors in the environment


Tracking & Monitoring

Our Inmate Tracking and Monitoring System keeps tab on inmate/prisoner details in terms where they go and what they do, through the use of Radio Frequency Identification.


Employee Management

We carry out system integrations specifically to simplify Inmate Visitor Management so, visitors no longer have to gather in an arena for whatsoever because the entire process is automated.



How inmates move from one location to another, be it for legal or medical purposes, is also regulated by some of our solutions built into the comprehensive Jail Software.


Inmate Identification Tools

We build a comprehensive database for storing the complete detail of each inmate, which in turn makes information retrieval easy using technologies like the RFID.


Activity Logging

We pay attention to ensuring a unique system where the details of prisoners are efficiently and securely stored on the cloud.


Surveillance Solutions

Security is enhanced within the facility with the introduction of Internet of Things Devices, Artificial Intelligence, the use of internet, and many more.


Regulatory Compliance

No development team ensures compliance like Exemplary Marketing. Our Corrections and Jail Software remains compliant with policies as laid down by the National Institute of Corrections, and other related bodies.


Our team is made up of certified and experienced Inmate Re-entry Software developers, and we configure custom solutions based on the needs of our clients. Our Inmate Re-entry Solutions are designed to process the freedom of the right inmates automatically instead of the manual methods that require the use of papers. With this new method, released offenders are prone to turn new leaves.


Parole & Probation Management

Our experts merge the Court Case Management Systems with the functionalities of Probation Department Systems, which all together support automated letter generation, and so on.


Diversion Programs & Housing

Our system is also incorporated with features that support Diversion Services after prisoners have been released


Transportation & Location Management

Struggling to manage location or transportation? We have systems that are custom-made for these purposes, and they work with GPS integrations.


Inmate Funds Return Processing

When any inmate is released, there is a system included in the main jail system which processes the return of the inmate's private belongings including money.


Human Resource Management Solutions are also very much useful in the correctional agencies too, and we consciously build them to meet the specific needs of workers in this discipline. The solutions streamline the lengthy procedure involved in hiring new workers into the ecosystem.


Exemplary Marketing experts carefully program Human Resource Management System Solutions for convenience and effective supervision of staff activities. You can scrutinize workers, monitor how frequent they resume work, run headcounts, monitor efficiency level, and much more.


Payroll & Employee Benefits

We build individualized portals for workers, and they can monitor their financial entitlements from there. These portals also simplify the work of your HR team particularly during the disbursement of workers benefits.


Background Checks & Drug Screening

Our experts initiate special modules that run underground checks on individuals, particularly when you’re looking into employing more hands into the system.

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Security Rounds & Headcount Performance

Security routine checks and headcounts are done in a computerized way, thanks to our custom jail software solutions. So, everything comes really easy for both inmates and jail workers.

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