20 Best Mobile App Development Companies in Wolverhampton

20 Best Mobile App Development Companies in Wolverhampton
17Jun, 2021

With an engaging and impressive mobile app, you can scale your business, offer extra value, and increase your ROI. Not all mobile app development companies offer the same quality, so it’s vital to do your research. If you’re looking for an excellent company to work with, check out the top 20 best mobile app development companies in Wolverhampton.

Exemplary Marketing

At Exemplary Marketing, you’ll find a team of incredible developers. The team can produce ingenious apps, to meet your graphical, technical, and content needs. Exemplary Marketing has years of experience and bags of imagination. The team will design an app that sets you apart from your competitors.

Exemplary Marketing uses the Waterfall Method, to create Android and iOS apps. Whether you’re looking to develop a mobile app, or an app for your company,  you’ll get an innovative product. With a cost-effective development process, businesses can create the perfect app without overspending. Exemplary Marketing is considering a top app development company, serving Wolverhampton and across the UK.

VOID Applications

With VOID Applications app development, you can take your business to new heights. As part of the development process, VOID will help you to develop a push notification strategy. Using a pushing notification strategy, you’ll boost your click-through rate.

Looking for an app to stand out from the crowd? VOID Applications can develop the perfect gamification strategy, to ensure that your content is engaging and relevant. The company has an impressive portfolio of apps including Streblo, the stress management app, and PHMAT, a comms app for primary schools.


Dexoc is a fantastic mobile app company, with a portfolio of over 200 successful development projects. The portfolio includes Windows, Android, and iOS. Dexoc works with companies across a variety of industries from travel and sports to healthcare, entertainment, and social media. As well as iPhone and Android, Dexoc also provides cross-platform development. Dexoc focuses on identifying your needs and specifications. The team uses a collaborative process, to create the cutting-edge design you’re looking for.

Proton 6

Proton 6 starts by closely studying your audience, to design a mobile app that meets your requirements. The Proton 6 team builds state-of-the-art apps, to improve user experience, and drive sales. By building unique and challenging apps, Proton 6 has gained the trust and admiration of many customers. The company has built powerful app solutions across a range of industries, including accountancy firms, restaurants, and healthcare.

Seraph InfoTech

Seraph InfoTech is a leading mobile app development company in Wolverhampton. Seraph have successfully delivered 1000’s of development projects, since back in 2011. There are plenty of advantages of working with Seraph InfoTech. The team has a detailed understanding of creating hybrid applications, and cross-platform tech. With an average rating of 9.8/10 from previous clients, rest assured you’re in the best hands. Seraph apps can support you to offer an improved customer experience, and increase conversions.


iTalents is a website design agency, their mission is to ‘cultivate interactive digital experiences that excite and inspire.’ The company have experience in a wide range of industries, working with clients from New York to London UK. iTalent have more than a decade of experience in mobile design and website design. With these bespoke web solutions, you’ll put your business on the map. iTalents can design high-performing mobile applications, to establish a mobile brand for your company.


Eighty3creative can design you a beautiful mobile application, helping you to interact with your target audience, increase sales, and boost brand loyalty. They’ll create a push notification roadmap, to improve your CTR and extend your reach. There are lots of benefits to working with Eighty3creative. The team designs apps to streamline communications, automate processes, and target sales. With Eighty3creative, you’ll get an app that significantly improves your ROI. Eighty3creative is considered one of the best mobile app development companies in Wolverhampton.

57 Digital

57 Digital work with clients across Wolverhampton and the rest of the UK. These expert developers can create bespoke mobile apps, Apple TV apps, or smartwatch apps. The company has more than six years experience in designing original mobile apps. 57 Digital is well known for creating the Minecraft companion apps. They also worked with companies including Sheffield Hallam University, T Mobile, Microsoft, and Abbot.

Exploding Phone

Exploding Phone is a West Midlands-based app development company, serving Birmingham, Wolverhampton, and the surrounding UK areas. Exploding Phone develops app technology for various different platforms. A few of these platforms include mobile, Android tablets, iPad, Amazon Echo, and more. Exploding Phone is made up of a multi-skilled team, with a mix of experience, creativity, and talents. With Exploding Phone, you’ll get advanced system integrations and powerful solutions.


Appoly is a web development studio, working with companies across the West Midlands, Wolverhampton and the UK. Appoly have an excellent track record of developing cutting-edge mobile apps. The company has worked on a diverse range of apps including Duon Global Services, Love Cruise Shopping, and Cafe2U. Looking for an augmented reality application? Appoly have the talent and expertise to make it happen!


Appify can design highly functional applications, to support your company operations. Appify will help you to balance all the different factors, from output quality to servicing levels, stack specialisations, and more. The team have over 45 years of experience, helping companies to create innovative technologies and drive transformation. Appify is behind many state-of-the-art business apps. They’ve produced apps such as RecoverMe, Way2Work, TrainedIn. If you’re looking for a great mobile app development company in Wolverhampton, Appify is an excellent choice.

Blueberry Consultants

Blueberry Consultants is a Birmingham-based software company, working with clients across Birmingham, Wolverhampton, and other areas of the UK. The company was founded back in 1997, and works as a Microsoft Gold Partner. Blueberry Consultants has experience in developing both native and hybrid applications, depending on your needs. With so many apps on the market, Blueberry Consultants can help you stand out from your competitors.


Codevate is dedicated to developing future proof and unique software, to boost your company ROI. Codevate have proudly been serving businesses in the West Midlands for many years. They have experience in a range of industries and will work hard to help you achieve your business objectives. Got a complex app idea? That’s okay! Codevate will provide prototyping and upfront consultancy. With these services, you could lower the primary costs of app development.


Ficode’s mission is to ‘empower small and medium businesses worldwide and assist them to contribute to the world economy in a more competitive, comprehensive and profitable way.’ With these bespoke mobile app services, Ficode will make your creative ideas a reality. Ficode can create visually stunning and user-friendly apps, to impress your customers and drive sales. Ficode has developed a range of B2C, B2B, and m-commerce applications, focusing on both efficiency and security.


Chetu designs world-class software products, they’ve worked with a range of names including Siemens, Johnson & Johnson, OpenSolutions, Yella Umbrella, and more. The company offers a range of services including enterprise-class apps; programming and application development; and cross-platform development. With thousands of happy customers and an impressive portfolio, Chetu is a great choice for your company. Chetu is a leading mobile app company in Wolverhampton, Birmingham, and the surrounding areas.

Studio Rav

Studio Rav are experts in building custom websites and custom apps. The team has experience in a variety of coding methodologies and languages. They can provide software versioning and Github, integrations, and customized apps to impress. The talented staff at Studio Rav will work with you to choose the right technology for your application.

Info Rox

Info Rox help brands to develop powerful applications to scale and grow their businesses. With Info Rox you get a team of experienced developers, supporting you to reach your app goals. The company focuses on agile development, speeding up the app completion process. Info Rox have expertise in many different technologies including iOS, Android, React, Net, and PHP.

Just Applications

Just Applications is an app development company in Wolverhampton. The company has 5+ years of experience in creating mobile apps. Just Applications have worked with a diverse range of clients over the years, from small businesses to premium brands, and even sports celebrities. There are plenty of reasons to work with Just Applications. They’re a multi-award-winning company, with expertise in cloud and desktop, web, and mobile apps. Just Applications have created plenty of beautiful web applications including Greetings House, Base Jump, and Time Dude.

Compsoft Creative

Compsoft Creative is an award-winning app development company, with a track record of developing beautiful high-performing apps. Using their creative flair and expertise, Compsoft Creative can design a bespoke app, to enhance your operations. The company offers a full-service approach, including graphic design, testing, development, quality assurance, project management, and more. For a highly creative mobile development company, you need Comsoft Creative.

Apps Plus

Apps Plus help businesses to design ‘pixel-perfect apps’, that improve user experience. Every app by Apps Plus is developed to be enjoyable, intuitive, and engaging. Using the latest design methods, and platform features, Apps Plus creates interactive mobile apps. From the initial objectives to going live, Apps Plus will support you at every stage of the process.

As you can see, there are plenty of awesome mobile app development companies in Wolverhampton.