10 Best Mobile App Development Companies in Winnipeg

Best Mobile App Development Companies in Winnipeg 1
30Jul, 2021

Exemplary Marketing

A Chicago-based business, Exemplary Marketing is known as one of the best mobile app development companies with offices in Winnipeg, Canada. They offer more than marketing solutions, they offer the best application design and development services across web and mobile. Their comprehensive solutions work for businesses of all sizes around the world and they have the technical experts who are able to offer solutions for every possible problem.

Hippo CMMS

A powerful and affordable web based maintenance management system, Hippo CMMS applies itself to a range of industries, including healthcare, hospitality, manufacturing and government facilities. Hippo CMMS specialize in major maintenance features, and they work with software that’s user-friendly and designed for all.

Tactica Interactive

At Tactica Interactive, you will find one of the best mobile app development companies in Winnipeg. Your audience will want to have engaging websites, which means that you need a company like Tactica Interactive to work with you. They can help you to deliver the best value through the best online experiences that customers cannot find anywhere else. Tactica Interactive allows you to give your audience the mobile apps that truly deliver, and their apps are easy to use, social and so pretty to look at. It starts with strategy, and Tactica Interactive understands that!

ID Fusion Software

A fast growing mobile app development business, ID Fusion Software offers the best services for small to medium companies who need mobile app development planning, research and building. They also help those with maintaining their technology, developing the technology that’s emerging and helping others to continue to grow at the same time. If there are larger businesses out there looking for experts in mobile, then turning to ID Fusion Software is the place to turn.

Government organizations also use the help of ID Fusion Software, too, to enhance and maintain existing applications. Since 1999, the brand builders for ID Fusion Software have continued to build something bigger than themselves. They created an environment to enable staff to become more productive and empower others to solve problems. Since then, ID Fusion Software has grown as the world doesn’t, from the building of online marketplaces to adopting mobile apps in the early days of the iPhone.

Aliph Tech

If you are looking for the best possible mobile solutions, it means finding the mobile app development companies in Winnipeg that stand out for you. Aliph Tech have more than a decade of experience and proven expertise in the right software. Aliph Tech offers businesses a seamless interface, and as a lean organization, Aliph Tech has a hunger to be the market leaders everyone wants to hear from.

They adopt the best possible practices at all times and they follow the agile SCRUM methodology, so you always know what’s available to you. If you want a business that is proactive and fun, you need the help of Aliph Tech, one of the best mobile app development companies in Winnipeg.

DPD Software Ltd

For a mobile app development company that delivers the best in IT solutions, turn to DPD Software Ltd. Not only will you get a company on your side who delivers your business needs, you get one that offers anything from a web-based solution to software integration solutions.

These are all purpose built from custom tools and even tools of the “off the shelf” variety. Over time, DPD Software Ltd has gained a lot of experience because of its involvement in the development of systems for a range of businesses, and some of those include food, merchandising, hotel, legal and more!

The challenge that faces most businesses today is in the mobile app development arena, and DPD Software offers knowledgeable and experienced members of staff to help you to improve upon your tech knowledge. If you want to learn more about the best mobile app development companies out there, choosing DPD Software is a good place to start.

They build their team around a culture of networking promotion and they ensure that people know that the right amount of expertise is typically supplied by a range of vendors. The most important thing to note is that their software is designed from the ground up, so whatever the issues with your mobile app development, you can get the help that you need to ensure that you are saving your customers money and maintaining the reduction in loss for data processing and delivering features and functions that surpass the growth today.

Direct Focus Marketing Communications

Another brilliant option in the Winnipeg market is mobile app development company Direct Focus Marketing Communications. You can see that with over 20 years of expertise, this is a business who cares about offering a diverse team of over 100 professionals spread over the North America and Canada markets.

They have been previously named as one of the top 100 employers in Canada for two years in a row. At Direct Focus, you will find a company that does more than others out there. They believe in true success, and they believe that the best thing to do to replicate your goals is to create and design the best apps from start to finish.

They handle the day to day so that you don’t have to, and that means that you can focus on the areas of your business that really need it. This is a mobile app development company that cares that you have a development of practical and real-world mobile app solutions at all times.


As a digital creative company, this mobile app development business ensures that you have support from a digital creative company interested in developing the best possible digital experiences. They are able to manage and develop your mobile app, developing it further as it needs improvement. Since 2005, Coelement have closely worked with the biggest brands and organizations to ensure that people understand what they do and why, as well as the changing behaviours based on that understanding.

They do this in a range of ways, and as they are experts in creating mobile apps that offer powerful storytelling, you’ll see very quickly how they can use emotion to enhance the retention of the message as well as its understanding. They design and develop mobile apps, videos and websites that will promote change through action and experience.

Coelement works to engage users in an interactive and immersive digital experience designed to respond to user input and action. Coelement is based in Winnipeg, Canada and they work with clients worldwide – not just limited to Canada! If you have a huge idea, Coelement would like to work with you!


When looking for a mobile app development company, it’s important to look for a business with the same objectives. At Stempora, you will be able to put your goals for your business mobile app acrossand get the support that you need. They work to manage project risks, the timeline and resources you need as aggressively as possible so that you don’t have to.

If you need a mobile app development company to keep track of everything in your mobile app development adventure, Stempora is the company to choose! They deliver on every project, on time and as you need them. They function daily in this way, and they stay on top of every situation by ensuring that they are keeping a positive attitude that focuses forward.

Resolut Technology Solutions

For a company to be able to best support their clients, they need to be able to take full advantage of technology. By assessing needs and developing the right solutions, you can take your mobile app development to the absolute limit.

Resolut Technology Solutions offers the right help with clients who need to adapt and energize their working style, fitting their clients needs and situations together for the best possible outcome. They give their organization the tools to achieve their goals and they can do it for you, too. Don’t be afraid to ask for help from Resolut Technology Solutions when you need added help!


If you want a mobile app development business who are well-versed in all things web and mobile, you need Tinnovat. Not only do you get the end to end support and solutions that you need to meet your business needs, you are able to increase your online presence and boost your business.

There are innovative technologies used with Tinnovat, and you can bet that you will receive the best in quality services, too. They have a vision to bring innovative IT and modern technology together, and they offer day to day solutions that will boost your life in a way that’s cost-effective and correct.

At Tinnovat, you’ll get help with web technology development, mobile app development and software development among many other things they can help with! Clients across the world have benefitted from the expertise from Tinnovat. They strive to eliminate the uncertainty in technology, which means that you get the very best at all times! Don’t be afraid to contact Canada-based Tinnovat today for more.