15+ Best Mobile App Development Companies in West Virginia

15 Best Mobile App Development Companies in West Virginia
08May, 2021

Smartphones have never been so popular and many businesses want to take advantage of this. Having an app can make your company stand out and enable you to offer more to your customers, but achieving a goal like this isn’t as simple as throwing an app together yourself. To have your app accepted onto app stores, you will need a professional company to help you with this. To help you to find the right developer for you, this post will be exploring 15+ of the best mobile app development companies in West Virginia.

Exemplary Marketing

While Exemplary Marketing may sound like another marketing company, this agency is able to design, develop, test, and launch complex apps that rival those from the largest firms in the world. This is thanks to their large team of dedicated app developers, alongside their commitment to providing a full range of quality business services.

Unlike many app development companies, Exemplary Marketing can help you to launch your app on iOS and Android, along with helping you to build a platform on your website that offers the same features. This is an excellent approach to app development.

Technology Services Group

Technology Services Group, is a development and design company based in Wheeling, West Virginia. With loads of excellent developers working for them, this company has a wealth of experience in the field of app development, and this gives them the skills to produce apps that truly stand out from the crowd.

Agile5 Technologies, Inc.

As its name suggests, Agile5 is a development company that specialises in agile processes. This means that you can expect your app development process to be fast and high-quality, while also receiving an incredibly professional service. An Agile approach to development is rapid, scalable, and perfect for small companies that want to be able to grow in the future.

Agile5 has worked with companies like Amazon in the past, and the team has a wide range of qualifications and awards that show how seriously they take their work. This makes this option great for businesses that want to make the most of mobile platforms without having to do the hard work for themselves.


With skills in web design, app development and design, and even product design, AppWebStudios is a great choice for those in West Virginia who want to develop a mobile app. With support for both iOS and Android, you can have all of your work done under one roof if you choose this company to work with you.

Xapp Design, Inc

Xapp Design is a Charleston-based design company with the skills to take your app design to the next level. Having worked with a wide range of businesses in West Virginia, this agency has a long history of creating apps that provide a robust and easy to use platform for customers to access. Building apps for the modern market is hard, but companies like Xapp are able to provide good results thanks to their experience and positive approach.

Mobilize 360

As its name suggests, Mobilize 360 is a mobile app development company. Based in Weirton, this company is able to provide services across West Virginia. Creating iOS, Android, and cross-platform apps, this company can help you to design systems that will work very well for your customers. UX/UI design is a big part of this company’s work, and this is ideal when you’re trying to make apps that appeal to as many people as possible.

Blue Fin Solutions

Blue Fin Solutions is one of the larger companies on this list. Most of their design skills are based on websites, but they have worked on apps in the past to great success. Alongside design, Blue Fin can also help you with consultations. This can make it possible to improve your business before it even gets started.

Associated Systems Professionals

Like many other web design companies, ASP is able to produce attractive and user-friendly designs for apps across different platforms. Their experience in the world of web design can easily be applied to apps, making them a great choice for anyone who wants to build an app that will appeal to a wide audience.

Hyperlink InfoSystem

Hyperlink InfoSystem is one of the largest companies on this list. With offices in both the US and India, this company is able to provide low-priced design services that will still match the needs of your customers in West Virginia. This makes Hyperlink InfoSystem’s apps extremely affordable, with the rate you pay reflecting the working costs across the globe.

Of course, many people are concerned about outsourcing development to countries like India, with language barriers and other regional problems causing issues for people in the past. In reality, though, working with a company that has offices in the US as well will ensure that you get the best of both worlds when you are having your app developed.

Floco Apps

Floco Apps specialises in creating apps for a variety of different platforms, including iOS and Android. Having worked on a wide range of successful apps, this company has proven its skills in UI/UX development, along with being able to launch complex apps successfully. Companies that dedicate themselves to app development will often be able to offer better services than those who have diverse options.


Raveka is a modern web design and marketing company with a host of different skills in its team. Based in Beckley, West Virginia, this company has become well-known for developing complex apps that are able to achieve the goals of the businesses that they work for. This makes them shine amongst other agencies, especially considered how easy it is to access them.

Bulldog Creative Services

As you can tell from the Bulldog Creative Services website, modern design is at the heart of this company’s work. With slick websites and smooth apps under its belt already, this company has proven itself with its app development ability. Along with creating beautiful apps, Bulldog is able to make mobile apps that work well for users, with UI/UX design being at the heart of their work.

Media Foundations

While Media Foundations can work on websites and other aspects of marketing, apps are this company’s biggest field. With the ability to design, build, and test your app, this company has become a popular choice for businesses in West Virginia. Of course, though, it’s well worth exploring their portfolio to make sure that they have the skills to pull your project off. In many cases, companies like this will have a very specific niche.


ManekTech is a company with many different branches, covering a huge array of different digital services. App development and design fall into this, and this company is able to produce beautiful apps that work across mobile platforms. This has made Manektech a great option for companies of all sizes, with their services being both affordable and easy to get started with.


KoreVariance is an app development company that can take your digital project from an idea to a fully tested and launched product. This enables you to work with the same company on both your design and development and this can help you to achieve amazing results with your app development. KoreVariance is able to work on software applications for platforms like Windows, too. This means that they can help to push your company forward in new ways without forcing you to spend loads of time searching for developers.

Hit Your Mark Media

Hit Your Mark Media promised to be able to produce quality mobile apps without breaking the bank. Budget options like this are great when you are first getting started, but it does mean that you’re likely to lose access to advanced features for your app. Businesses creating apps for basic functions won’t mind this, though it’s worth keeping in mind to make sure that you don’t get started only to find that they can’t do what you want.

Dexios Design

Dexios Design is one of the few bilingual app design companies in West Virginia, with team members that can do their work in Spanish. This is excellent for companies that work in more than one country or want to reach out to minorities. Translation can be a very expensive service, especially for apps. Thankfully, though, Dexios will not only be able to produce apps in English and Spanish, but they can also create seamless UIs that will work in any language.

As you can see, there are a lot of app development companies available in West Virginia. This state is packed with modern companies, and this has opened the doors to development agencies that want to provide excellent services to their clients. Of course, though, you need to do your research before you buy into a company like this, and this article is just the start of your hunt.