20+ Best Mobile App Development Companies in Washington

20 Best Mobile App Development Companies in Washington
06May, 2021

With the fasting growing and demanding technology advancements, businesses are needing more help than ever to modernize and stay engaging for customers. A popular platform to establish a presence is through mobile applications. Mobile applications are not easy to design or create, thus help from a mobile app development company is the key to unlocking the potential mobile apps can offer. If you are based in Washington or surrounding areas, here is a list of the best mobile app development companies.

Exemplary Marketing

Exemplary Marketing is a prime example of what every business needs to help them be modern and on-trend with the latest software. As well as other services, the team can provide all-size businesses mobile app development to help bring a vision to life. They are recognized around the world for their extraordinary IT solutions, which can help your business create a user-friendly and cross-platform mobile app.

21Twelve Interactive

If you are looking for specialists that solely offer web and mobile development, 21Twelve Interactive will be able to offer you what you are looking for. They understand the technical difficulties and modern features all apps can entail. Thus, they will develop a seamless app to offer an endless and optimal user experience.


The technology solutions provider, Clearly Innovative, is a team-based in Washington that can provide small and large businesses with mobile app development services. They produce high-quality web and mobile modules, which perform at the highest ability to ensure customers will stay engaged and impressed. They can also create custom content. Thus, no matter your vision, they can ensure it comes to fruition.

3Advance Apps

Looking for an advanced mobile application developer? 3Advance apps are a small team of app developers that work endlessly to create your perfect app and make your ideas come to life. They can solve all solutions and turn your ideas into easy-to-use modules for a user-friendly app. They can help you through every step from design and testing, to content creation and app development.


If you are stuck for inspiration and do not know what you want to involve in your app, Orases can help you. They can offer their expert ideas and guide you through the design process before committing to developing the app. They can provide you with a high-end solution that aligns with your business and its needs.


Bytelion is a mobile and digital agency that was founded by a veteran. The team consists of expert coders and designers that will work closely with your ideas and bring them to life through a mobile app. Their promise is a final result that is user-centric and offers rapid results.

Code District

Code District is a Washington-based development company that specializes in mobile apps. They work with all-size businesses, no matter if you are small or big. Whether you have a big or small idea, the team will ensure they can offer the best results for a mobile app within your budget. They are aware that not every dollar can be spent on mobile app development, so they offer competitive prices for all customers.


The team at NotionTheory are highly advanced in the field of new digital media. Not only do they offer virtual and augmented reality for websites, but they offer it for app development too. Thus, no matter how wild your idea is, they can make it come true and create some unique and fun features.

Technorley Inc

Technorley Inc is a team with diverse expertise. Some offer IT solutions, while others specialize in app development for both web and mobile. In this case, for those seeking mobile app development services in Washington, the experts in that field will ensure to offer bespoke and quality solutions to bring your mobile app idea to life.


No matter how small or big your company is, MassLight has worked with them all to develop mobile apps. No matter if you are a large enterprise needing a new advanced app, or a startup with a vision, their expertise and ideas can help create the best app to satisfy your needs. With full-stack development services and knowledge in all areas of software development, you can guarantee to have a user-friendly, attractive, and unparalleled finished product.

Fast Rope Labs

Fast Rope Labs is a group of research and development experts. They are known for developing impressive products for all software solutions, such as mobile apps. The team is open to working with small or large companies. No matter your size or ideas, they will help you develop the ultimate app to align with your business.


At Cubix, the leading app developers can create software for any type of device. Whether you need wearable apps, iOS or Android apps, they can provide you with a high-quality, immersive, and innovative finished product. They will help you through every stage from the initial design to the final touches to ensure you get the solution you desire.

Swenson He

The team at Swenson He is passionate and driven to offer clients the dream mobile app they have always desired. Their award-winning services help take businesses to the next level through modern and innovative apps. They assist with the design, as well as strategy and ongoing communication throughout the project. They won’t leave you standing and will take every idea on board to ensure your mobile app aligns with your vision.


3 SIDED CUBE is a team that is driven through every step of the mobile app development process. They do not want to offer generic content or services. Instead, they want to offer genius solutions for each business. They aim to offer life-changing development for startups with ideas to large international enterprises that need to up their technology game.

Blue Label Labs

If you are seeking help for the entire mobile app process, the team at Blue Label Labs can guide you through every step. The team is experts in both design and development for mobile and web apps. They partner with entrepreneurs as well as large corporations to offer user-friendly and modern applications.

Magneto IT Solutions

Magneto IT Solutions are a worldwide app development company that offers award-winning services. Their aim to to offer end-to-end guidance, support, and development services to create your dream mobile app. They work with an array of devices, from tablets and phones, and iOS to Android.

Chop Dawg

For those businesses that have no ideas for a mobile app but know they need one, Chop Dawg can help inspire you. Their expert team will offer you the best solution for your business, as well as take you through the process from design and testing, to the development of the app. They take on board your brand and ensure to offer a valuable solution for you and your customers.

Attract Group

The team at Attract Group are driven professionals that offer any size business IT solutions. If you are looking for help developing a mobile app, then the team will ensure to take your vision on board and present to you a user-convenient and immersive app. There’s no use in creating something similar to another app. Thus, the team at Attract Group will use their expert experience to create something bigger and better than you could envision. They aim to help take your business and your ideas to the next step.


Young and aspiring – that’s what Navtech is. The team of young professionals is keen to use their tech-savvy expert ideas to help turn your mobile app idea into a real and successful feature of your business. The team will work to meet your budget and provide cost-effective solutions for startups and small businesses.

Dogtown Media

For businesses that are ready to take their ideas into the future, the team at Dogtown Media will help you achieve your goals. With offices based throughout America, many businesses can obtain their mobile app development services. They are a mobile-tech powerhouse with endless experience that can offer you a powerful, responsive, and user-engaging app.

Webleonz Technologies

Webleonz Technologies is a dedicated and tech-savvy team that offers businesses the best solutions to enhance and boost their business. They aim to help you unlock your fullest business potential. As well as solutions services, they can work with you on the design and development of your mobile app ideas.


FlexMade is a software development company headquartered in Seattle, Washington. Their development services cater best for all-size businesses. No matter how big or small your mobile app project is, their large team can make it come to life. With experts in programming and additional experts in coding, the team works together to offer all businesses the best solution for their business. The company now has offices around the world, so all businesses can enjoy their mobile app development services. No matter if you need a solution for an iOS app or Android, the experts have experience in all fields to provide a solution for any project.