25+ Best Mobile App Development Companies in Virginia

25 Best Mobile App Development Companies in Virginia
05May, 2021

From initial concept all the way up to final design and implementation, mobile apps are complex and take a great deal of work to get right.

For this reason, it’s essential to make sure that you utilize the best mobile app development service. That is, finding mobile app developments that are comfortable within your niche, can educate as well as collaborate, and look to long-term solutions should be fundamental to your choice.

In this post, we’ll list 25 of the best mobile app development companies as well as discuss why they’re important, and how they could benefit your firm.

From there you can compare, contrast, and generally feel better informed about your decision going forward. Without further ado, let us begin

What makes this firm special?

Exemplary Marketing

Exemplary Marketing offer thoroughly bespoke mobile application development, with a true emphasis on the UI and UX app design principles that are crucial to gaining and retaining users. They implement gold-standard and reader-friendly visuals and functions, and make sure that cutting-edge technology is utilized to help boost sales and increase traffic. They take pride of place on our list for being exceptional to work with, and offering a range of world-class utilities in aid of every client they work for.

Hyperlink Infosystem

Hyperlink Infosystem are known for their AI integration within their mobile app development, leading to a range of interesting outcomes. They have nine years of experience in mobile app design and have contributed to over 4000 projects in that time. They also place a great focus on design and aesthetics.

Technology Rivers

Technology rivers are masters at building highly scalable apps that can handle both simple and complex instructions. They’re also able to develop competent and useful wearable apps for personal devices outside of your mobile range, integrating them with the larger hub apps you have developed at large. As such, they’re a great, flexible, and affordable choice.


Dalmet Technologies take pride in developing apps for a range of platforms and via a plethora of languages. They keep security and performance at the hilt of every project they develop, with glowing testimonials, particularly relating to their SaaS models. This pedigree has given them something of a sterling reputation, which is why they have secured fourth place in this list.


Shockoe are mobile essentialists, with their slogan ‘Mobile By Design’ emphasizing the need for a portable, interconnected software space. They are rooted in engineering prowess and are known to partner across corporate divisions. They strongly and emphatically care about mobile development, its quality, and its implications for the future, and so serve as a reliable service to have in your corner.


BetterBunch lead with a passionate approach in their marketing, which truly does go some way in helping their service seem human and dependable. They have been operating since 2011, and say that they live for the thrill of a technical challenge. They utilize intuitive interfaces, clean design, and form-fitted code to help your app deliver on every standard.

DreamTeam Mobile

DreamTeam Mobile develop apps for events, business apps, games and even apps for internal distribution within your firm. As such, they have a vast quantity of experience and a deep understanding of how a competent mobile app functions. By that metric, even complex results that integrate with geolocation necessities can be provided for.


Achievion utilize the power of AI to provide intelligent mobile solutions. Their smartphone and tablet cross-platform applications have been noted industry-wide, with a breadth of experience developing for both iOS and Android operating systems, as well as their relative app stores. They’re a firm favorite for many intermediate-sized businesses.

KNS Technologies

KNS Technologies digitize, provide e-commerce, and curate mobile applications in tandem to ensure your mobile app is a true reflection of the quality of your brand, nothing more, and nothing less. Their growth is primarily driven through referrals and they have experience developing for even the most humble Startups as well as large corporate entities.

FullStack Labs

As evidenced by their website, FullStack Labs prioritize great design including prototyping and user testing, as well as publishing custom software for their mobile app development strategy. Their nearshore and onshore staff solutions allow for immediate support contact and continual collaboration with you as a brand. As such, they’re a confident choice for the full-scale development and deployment of your app


Simpalm is one of the leading providers of building apps for companies and startups, and have been serving Virginia for over ten years. Their experience covers educational institutions and non-profits, meaning they also know what it means to develop apps for the public sector and charities, not just corporate entities looking to gain revenue. This unique perspective may be relevant and worthwhile for your own brand’s app approach.


Qburst focus on developing apps alongside fully integrated technologies such as machine learning and eCommerce standards, making them a premium choice when trying to develop an app that’s also a hub for your purchasing and order form needs. Their familiarity with Data Engineering and the Internet of Things enables them to uniquely apply their development expertise to the task at hand.


INT delivery #digitalsuccess according to their marketing, but back that up with their testimonials with brands like Tesco under t heir blt, it’s not hard to see how their cloud, mobile, social and analytic-based priorities lend to excellent app development. They also curate a great Insights page to help educate their clients and interested professionals regarding industry standards worth knowing.

3 Sided Cube

3 Sided Cube are interested in bespoke and quality mobile app development, but they also provide technology solutions from an ethical and socially conscious lens. From their ability to impact very necessary charitable drives to putting the consequences of their development at the heart of what they do, they provide a unique and often affirmative approach to mobile app development.

Zealous System

With mobile app development for iOS, Android, Kotlin and Swift, Zealous System have covered all of their bases and can provide no matter what your requirements are. With SpotMeOut, LemonPage, YardtoYou and more filling the pages of their testimonials and reviews, it’s hard to argue with the industry-spanning benefits of selecting such a storied firm for your advertising needs.


INGIC take a multidimensional approach to app development, making sure that their process is agile, continually vetted by you, the client, and that all programming and UI/UX disciplines are integrated into the final product. This way, they assemble app store compliance at every level, which has secured them a spot as one of the most prolific app developers in Virginia.


Zibtek use worldwide developers to offer skills, scale and savings in the long term. They use staff augmentation to ensure your product is thoroughly and completely developed from the ground up, using coding sets like .net, PHP, Ruby, Python and more to provide you with the most beneficial result.


Techugo’s careful mobile app development has granted their clients over 26 million downloads, and have crafted 475 apps so far. They are a global firm with over 22 nations served around the world, and 150 plus brands assisted. As such, they’re a great choice for app developed on a global scale.


CodeBright collates all of their services into a rendered whole, allowing your mobile app development to make the most of the best quality assurance, strategic consulting, user experience design, and more. They also offer onboarding and staff training services to help your app become a familiar tool within and exterior to your business.


MobiDev has gathered a reputation for always keeping the bigger picture in mind, using visionary thinking to handle their software development routine. They’re also keenly aware that mobile apps are not only a side asset, but a fundamental utility to connecting with your business in an always-online world, and for that, they have gained trusting clients the world around.


A3Logics have 17 years of industry experience managing wireless networks, maintaining mobile devices and managing their 400 plus tech experts. As such, they are heavily qualified for mobile app development, including bespoke enterprise mobility for a better and more flexible interconnected approach.


Using the most cutting-edge data science and using custom and carefully selected teams for each project, TKXEL have services like Barclays and Nokia rendered as clients. They build award-winning apps, and use their collaborative discovery workshop to help define your idea, pursuant to what will work best for you.

Unified Infotech

United Infotech sell themselves as proactive experts in mobile software solutions, and with 10 years in the business and 150+ technology experts managed, you could say that’s totally fair. Their mobile app development process takes the best of ML, IoT and AI to curate the best solution, it’s not hard to see why they’re so coveted.

XB Software

XB Software utilizes React Native and their proprietary Webix Javascript UI to deliver client and consumer-based business applications for a range of different fields and companies. As such, they demonstrate themselves as fundamentally competent app designers.

Forebear Productions

Last but certainly not least is Forebear Productions, titans at developing backend development practices, cross-app and native app developments. Their maintenance and support system has been lauded, and they serve as a great pick for any business looking to develop a first-time app.