25+ Best Mobile App Development Companies in Vermont

25 Best Mobile App Development Companies in Vermont
06May, 2021

In an increasingly digital world, your company needs to keep up with the latest technology and trends to stay ahead of its competitors and ensure you are not missing out on potential sales opportunities. Creating a mobile app for your company is an excellent way to give your business a competitive advantage and encourage more consumers to shop with your business. A mobile app will make it far more accessible and convenient for customers to buy from you and helps you to deliver a seamless customer experience. But, to enjoy the benefits of having a mobile app, you need to ensure the investment is worthwhile. Choosing the best mobile app developer for the task is vital when you need a new app for your business. The app will represent your company, so you need to ensure it performs well and offers an excellent user experience.

Knowing which app developer to choose to design and develop your new app can be challenging. You need a developer that can create an app that looks great and represents your brand in the best possible way. To help you ensure you have a mobile app that you can rely on for your business, it is helpful to do some research. Take a look at the list below to help you find the best mobile app development companies in Vermont and the surrounding area.

Exemplary Marketing

With over ten years of experience with mobile apps design and development, Exemplary Marketing is a go-to choice for anyone looking for the Best Mobile App Development Companies in Vermont. The Exemplary Marketing team features over 250 experienced, in-house designers and developers. The Exemplary Marketing team will take care of each stage of the app development process to ensure the finished product fits your requirements and offers a user-friendly experience for customers. After your app is completed, a 24/7 support and maintenance service is also available.

Got2Web Internet Services

Got2Web Internet Services was established in 2001 and now offers Got2App Mobile Services as part of their range of services. Got2App Mobile Services develop apps that are suitable for Android, iOS, and Mobile Web to ensure cross-platform compatibility.

Empower Mobility

Empower Mobility is a Vermont-based mobile app development company. The team at Empower Mobility follows a clear process when developing your mobile app. Their process takes you from initial clarification of what you want from your app to testing and development with optional after support also available.

Green Mountain Software

After being founded back in 1993, Green Mountain Software has developed hundreds of apps for customers across the world. Green Mountain Software prides itself on offering clients high-quality mobile solutions while working with you to provide a personalized service.

Vermont Technology Group

Vermont Technology Group is a well-established technology solution partner that first opened in 1984. Vermont Technology Group offers a customer-focused service and designs and develops apps for both iOS and Android.

Hyperlink InfoSystem

Hyperlink InfoSystem offers both Android app development and iOS app development for their customers. Hyperlink InfoSystem designs user-friendly, attractive apps to meet your requirements and will work to ensure your app is developed without delay.


Hark is located in Burlington, Vermont. Hark is a boutique agency that offers creative digital strategies to help businesses deliver results. The development team at Hark uses a mobile-first approach to develop apps and websites that provide an excellent user experience.


VDW has been creating customized software solutions for businesses for over 20 years. VDW is a full-service software consulting and web development provider that provides solutions to the needs of companies across the United States. VDW can help with everything from developing mobile applications to e-commerce solutions.

Rocket Farm Studios

Rocket Farm Studios is an app development company that delivers mobile apps to meet business’ exact needs and exceed expectations. The team at Rocket Farm Studios is happy to take on a challenge to meet the specific needs of their customers, even on complicated projects.


Snappii creates custom apps for businesses across a range of sectors for both Android and iOS devices. Snappii delivers its custom apps fast, so you won’t be waiting for an extended period of time before seeing the finishing app. Snappii also offers a ready-made app service that you can use to create an app for your business and then customize it to meet your needs. You do not need coding knowledge to customize an app on Snappii.

Group6 Interactive

Group6 Interactive is a digital marketing agency based in Rutland, Vermont. Group6 Interactive offers a full range of digital marketing services for its customers ranging from search engine optimization, graphic design, website design, and app design and development. This interactive digital marketing agency has been established since 2011.

SDSol Technologies

SDSol Technologies is a company providing mobile app development with offices in Burlington, Vermont. SDSol Technologies can help you take an initial idea and work with you to develop it into a fully-formed, live app. SDSol Technologies can create iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Apple TV, Android, and even cross-platform apps.

Portland Webworks

Portland Webworks delivers mobile applications with a mobile-first approach to ensure customer satisfaction for mobile users. Portland Webworks has a wide range of skills and experience, having been established in 1999. Portland Webworks has a strong focus on delivering customer satisfaction and delivering high-quality IT solutions.

Fuse Ideas

The team at Fuse Ideas is experienced in creating interactive digital experiences to promote brands. As well as building a business’ digital presence, Fuse Ideas also offers a range of marketing services, including brand strategy, social media, mobile applications, website development, marketing campaign analytics, and more.


Zco is a software development company that has been developing innovative software solutions for 30 years. Using their experience, Zco provides customers with high-quality custom mobile apps and web apps. The agency is made up of a team of over 300 people, which enables Zco to tackle projects both large and small.

Maine Creative

Mobile app design and development is just one of the services provided by Maine Creative. Their other services include branding, photography, and content production. Maine Creative creates apps suitable for both Apple and Android devices.

Freeport Metrics

Freeport Metrics has provided software development services for over ten years. Freeport has teams in both the United States and Europe that create B2B digital products such as mobile apps and web portals.


Raka is a digital agency that focuses on helping businesses to build success in the digital space. Raka helps companies improve their results to increase conversions and drive more organic search engine traffic to their sites. Custom app development is one of the services that Raka provides businesses as part of their digital strategy.

OGO Sense

OGO Sense works with businesses across a wide range of industries to provide an online marketing service that helps boost customer retention and attract new clients. OGO Sense offers web design, web app development, mobile app development, and internet marketing services.

Dom & Tom

Dom & Tom is named after its twin co-founders who launched the business in 2009. Dom & Tom offers digital services covering DevOps and hosting, mobile app development, user experience design, and product design.

Venture Aviator

Venture Aviator has three offices in the United States and delivers custom software solutions to its clients. The team at Venture Aviator are experts in both custom web development and custom mobile app development and work fast to develop your idea and get your product to market quickly.

Quartus Technology Inc.

Quartus Technology aims to provide its customers with the best possible mobile app tailored to your company’s needs. Quartus Technology strives to deliver high-quality customer service, which starts from the idea stage of the development process and continues after your new app is up and running.


Elf works with a range of organizations across a variety of industries, including federal agencies, to provide them with innovative digital solutions. The team at this creative digital agency develops and designs mobile sites and web apps used for many platforms, from in-car technology to wearable devices. The apps designed and developed by Elf are mainly focused towards Apple iOS operating systems.

TAGE Multimedia Productions

TAGE Multimedia Productions has been offering web development services since 1994. TAGE builds apps that are designed with long-term use in mind. Apps built by TAGE enable clients to manage their content independently, and apps are created with a focus on future scalability.


WBPRO’s team of developers has over 15 year’s experience and expertise in the industry and will work with you to develop a custom mobile app that benefits your business. WBPRO builds native mobile apps, hybrid mobile apps, and Xamarin native apps that utilize C# language.

Galaxy Weblinks

Galaxy Weblinks offers technology services to a range of businesses. From startups, enterprises, small to medium businesses, and even digital agencies, Galaxy Weblinks has a technology solution to benefit your business. Whether you need to develop a mobile app or need analytics and reporting solutions, Galaxy Weblinks should be able to assist.