20 Best Mobile App Development Companies in Vancouver

20 Best Mobile App Development Companies in Vancouver
03Aug, 2021

It’s good if your website is optimized for mobile but it’s even better if you have a proper mobile app. Mobile apps really are the way to deliver the best possible user experience to people using mobile devices.

If you don’t have the in-house skills to create your own mobile app, you can get a mobile app development company to develop it for you. To help you choose the right one, here is a list of the 20 best mobile app development companies in Vancouver.

Exemplary Marketing

As the name suggests, Exemplary Marketing is best known for its top-quality digital marketing services. The company enhances this offer by providing various other IT services including mobile app development.

Although Exemplary Marketing is based in Chicago, they work around the world and have significant experience in the Canadian market. In fact, they offer their website in both English and French.

One of the benefits of working with Exemplary Marketing is that they are used to dealing with customers of all sizes and in all industry sectors. This means that they bring a wealth of industry expertise to each of their projects.

Freshworks Studio

Freshworks Studio is very much focused on the North American market with offices in both Vancouver and Seattle. They’re a young company (founded in 2016) and have a genuinely fresh attitude to life, business and software development. For example, their working practices are very much based on Agile methodology.

They specialize in end-to-end solutions and have successfully delivered a number of highly complex projects. They will, however, also take on smaller, simpler projects such as mobile app development for SMBs.

14 Oranges Software

According to internet legend, the name 14 Oranges Software is taken from the company founder’s favourite name and his favourite number. He changed orange to oranges because he thought it sounded better. While the name might be quirky, the company prides itself on its astute business sense and strategy. For example, although it is based in Canada, it has long had a remote and distributed workforce.

In Canada, 14 Oranges is best known for its work with municipalities and government agencies. It does, however, regularly undertake projects for private companies, including SMBs.


Founded in California in 2003, CIS now has over 1000 employees across five offices on four continents. Its extensive team allows it to offer an extensive range of IT services including the best mobile app development. The size of CIS (also known as CISIN) can be reassuring if you’re looking for a company to handle a really large project. It may not be so relevant for people with smaller projects. The good news here is that CIS still keeps a friendly, human touch.

CIS prides itself on thinking big so it’s hardly surprising that they built their brand on delivering length, complex projects. They are, however, also quite happy to work with SMBs on smaller projects.


Tiny but mighty, App-Scoop is based in Vancouver and, currently, does mobile apps, web apps and blockchain. That’s it. Their whole ethos is based on speedy service with a smile (and a reasonable price tag). As you might expect from this, their business processes are very much based on Agile principles. They pride themselves on their ability to develop prototypes quickly and then test them robustly.

If you’re looking to develop a mobile app as part of a larger project, then App-Scoop may not be the right choice for you. If, however, you just want to have one job done, quickly and well, then App-Scoop could be a great choice.

TTT Studios

TTT Studios describes itself as a “Digital Innovation Studio”. It’s based in Vancouver but works with companies around the world. Its specialty is developing custom solutions for disruptive companies. The ethos of TTT Studios is young, fun and dog-loving but their results speak for their dedication and talent.

This mobile app development company in Vancouver may not be the best option for huge projects, especially if time is short. If, however, you need serious innovation and/or have a smaller project then they are definitely worth considering.


RootQuotient is very much focused on Industry 4.0. For practical purposes, that means blockchain, AI and human/computer interactions. Its approach to work is a blend of creativity and technological skills, generally applied at high speed.

Although RootQuotient only provides a fairly limited range of services, they have a great depth of knowledge in these areas. This means that they can handle projects of all sizes from major developments to simple mobile apps.


Not to be confused with the similarly-named gourmet pie company, Pioneers’ name comes from Pi (π) and Euler’s number (e) plus the word pioneer. Although it’s based in Vancouver Canada, it was pioneering remote and distributed working long before 2020 hit the world. As a result, it has access to some of the brightest talents from around the world. It can also work on projects across time zones, languages and cultures.

Currently, Pioneers works exclusively in web design and app development. It prides itself on its outstanding customer service regardless of the size of the project.

A.Y. Technologies

A.Y. Technologies is a small, Vancouver-based technology company with big ambitions. Its size means that it can only provide a very limited range of services. What it does, however, it does very well. It’s quite capable of tackling complex projects as well as more straightforward mobile app development.

The main selling point of A.Y. Technologies is its ability to turn around projects quickly and efficiently. It also understands the importance of building software that is built to last over the long term.

Essential Designs

Essential Designs has six offices throughout the lower-mainland/GTA area. One of their offices is in Vancouver itself. The company specializes in mobile app development, web app development and custom software development. Its clients tend to be other SMBs, educational institutes and non-profits, especially smaller ones.

Mango Projects Inc

Mango Projects Inc describes itself as offering “boutique” software solutions. Their specialty is working with clients to figure out what their goals really are and then providing solutions to meet those goals. They have particular experience in developing mobile apps to work with connected devices like smartwatches.

If you’re experienced with IT projects, you may feel you don’t need a “boutique” service. If, however, you’re less confident with technology, you could very much appreciate Mango Projects Inc’s approach to mobile app development

SharpQuest Inc

SharpQuest Inc specializes in helping technology companies and enterprise clients which need to modernize legacy systems. Part of that involves mobile app development. Even if that’s not you, SharpQuest Inc might still be worth a look. Although their range of services is limited, they’re both knowledgeable and experienced within those areas. They’re also very customer-focused and responsive.

Arora Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Arora Technologies Pvt. Ltd is essentially a web-technologies company. It offers web design and development along with mobile app development and digital marketing services. Arora Technologies Pvt. Ltd is mainly focused on the SMB market. It essentially offers a one-stop shop for small businesses looking to leverage the power of the internet at a reasonable price.

Eleganz IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Eleganz IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is headquartered in Canada but does most of its development work in India. It offers a fairly wide range of internet-related services, including mobile app development. Most of its clients are SMBs either starting to go online or looking to expand their current online presence.


Convergence describes itself as an “all-in-one technology partner”. Basically, that means it can take care of all stages of a project from research and design to development implementation and testing. Its range of services is eclectic but it has the knowledge, experience and expertise to deliver. Convergence is committed to keeping work in-house to streamline workflows and encourage collaboration between teams.

Nirvana Canada

Nirvana Canada is, first and foremost, a web design and development company. They do, however, also offer mobile app development along with a range of other supplementary services. The service catalogue includes graphic design so they could be a good choice if you need real-world design services to go along with your digital ones.


Developex is based in Vancouver but does a lot of its development work out of its office in Ukraine. Although its service offering is fairly small, it employs over 300 people. That gives it a lot of bandwidth to handle projects as well as a lot of talent to draw on.

Winterwind Inc

Although Winterwind Inc was only founded in 2018, it’s already made quite a mark in its field. The company specializes in agile and scalable software design. Its main focus is larger-scale projects but it can also support stand-alone mobile app development. In addition to supporting iOS and Android, it also supports React Native, Swift, Kotlin and Flutter.

Many Hats

Many Hats is probably best known for its work in gaming and with augmented/virtual reality. It does, however, provide quite a wide range of services, including mobile app development. Similarly, although it tends to work with enterprise clients, it’s also quite happy to take on smaller projects for SMBs.


NectarBits specializes in offering web development and app development services to e-commerce companies of all sizes. As such it will happily take on projects of all sizes and levels of complexity. It can support React Native development and Flutter development as well as native iOS and Android development. With offices in the USA, Germany and India as well as Vancouver, it can work around the clock if that’s what it takes to meet a deadline.