25 Best Mobile App Development Companies in Texas

25 Best Mobile App Development Companies in Texas
13Mar, 2021

With the increasing number of people using smartphones and tablets to access the Internet, mobile app development provides a unique opportunity to reach a vast number of potential customers. In turn, a mobile app allows you to have access to millions of new customers. There are many benefits of using mobile app development for your business, including building customer loyalty, increasing your visibility and accessibility, and also reinforcing your brand and what you stand for. Are you looking for a mobile app developer in Texas? Read on to find 25 of the best mobile app development companies in Texas.

Exemplary Marketing

Exemplary Marketing is known for its high-end enterprise software services. We are dedicated to simplifying key business processes, maintaining business productivity, monitoring functional aspects, and assuring multi-level security. Our native app idea means you can create an app that will work across all kinds of devices, and also machine learning integrated means your app will be as automated as much or as little as you’d like. We have a skilled team of app developers that can work with Java, .Net, ROR, Python, PHP, Magento and WordPress.

Exemplary Marketing helps companies from a wide array of businesses in their technical and digital transformation. By developing a systematic and scalable business structure, we can accelerate the company’s potential growth.

Five Pack Creative

Whether you’re looking for an ecommerce or a transportation app, Five Pack Creative builds apps with more than just a pretty face. They employ a variety of technologies like machine learning, AI and IoT functionality to create mobile apps that are as technically advanced as they are visually stunning. With the ability to scale to your company size and budget, and also extremely user and tech friendly, they can help you create a stunning app for your business.


The web application development process at Openxcell has been built around four fundamental principles: scalability, usability, security, and performance. With extensive experience as a mobile app development company, their team of experienced developers assists you with well-planned development stages to implement critical aspects of business for the competitive advantage of online business. Web apps that are one-of-a-kind can handle complex transactions while maintaining security and scalability.

Ripen Apps

Their Top Mobile App Development services enable businesses to not only stay connected with their customers on mobile devices, but also to gain a comprehensive understanding of key performance indicators (KPIs) in order to make better decisions. Ripen Apps provides real-time business intelligence for better workforce management and enhanced user experience.

The BHW Group

BHW is one of Austin, TX’s leading mobile app development firms. They’ve built mobile apps for large corporations like Chick-fil-A, public organizations like The University of Texas, start-ups, and non-profits over the last 15 years. Their apps have been downloaded millions of times, generating and capturing hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue for our clients, winning numerous awards, and ranking in the top ten of the Google Play and iOS app stores.


Syberry has a lot of experience with different technology stacks and creating innovative mobile apps. They create the best mobile apps for their clients; their solutions are dependable and robust, and they always use the most up-to-date and effective UI/UX.


They have personalized iPhone and Android app development services for various platforms, with smart features and enticing aesthetics. Their mission is to assist companies in achieving long-term growth and scalability, rather than just developing digital solutions.


Labrys designers create concepts that align the user’s needs with the company’s goals. The designers of User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) construct something that is seamless to the user’s next step. This design maximizes usability and provides the consumer with an outstanding overall experience.


Idealogic use a wide array of tools that help them to make the interface catch more attention     and at the same time be simple, navigating and intuitive. They use a variety of design techniques to create appealing illustrations and animations that are specifically tailored to your product. It allows your brand to stand out from the crowd, attract new customers, and communicate the right message to existing ones.


Praxent can help you expand your reach by developing a sleek mobile application that puts your business in the hands of your customers regardless of the device they use. Praxent validates, designs, and develops custom mobile apps that increase a company’s visibility, revenue, and reputation, whether you want to use Android, iOS, Axamarin or React Native.

Nimble App Genie

As one of the leading mobile and web app design firms, they carve attractive and exclusive app designs to meet the needs of your clients. Creating UI/UX systems that are consistent with current trends and future technologies. They keep the concept simple and elegant while incorporating essential brand elements. Their custom designs help businesses and start-ups expand their brand’s market appeal.

Copper Mobile

Copper Mobile offers six distinct yet integrated services that span the entire mobile solution development cycle. From business strategy to ongoing support, Copper Mobile offers every service necessary to build apps that make business sense; Mobile strategy, UI/UX design, Architectural design, Development, QA and testing and Ongoing support.


Most development companies build your app around their preferred coding methods. Apptitude takes the opposite approach: they begin with the design and only code once the design is perfectly aligned with your vision. They never cut corners or put developer preferences ahead of user experience, and your finished app will look exactly like the one you approved.

Apello Software

They are able to create unique and aesthetically pleasing visual design solutions that fulfil both your user needs and business goals and use insights to determine how your product and service should function.

Jackrabbit Mobile

The Jackrabbit team of experts will collaborate with you to develop a custom digital solution that meets your and your users’ needs, based on nearly a decade of experience. Following the completion of Design & Discovery, their expert developers build the mobile application using a single code base in a cross-platform language like Flutter or React Native,but the development process will differ for each project.


Their team has rich experience in developing incredible mobile apps as well as startling UI/UX designs concerning your business requirements. Their diligent developer works seamlessly to create extraordinary apps using a mix of powerful tactics and impeccable business value.


They are placed to develop a user-centric interface for your company from concept to launch. S-PRO views design as more than just typography and a logo; it is about assisting users in achieving what they want. Customer satisfaction is founded on a good user experience.

Lean Apps GMBH

Project Sprint is a tool used by Lean Apps to help you get your idea from paper to app as quickly as possible. Working with Fortune 500 firms to successful start-ups, their experience in user interface design and mobile app development has helped them create amazing products for their clients.


Omega takes bold, unpredictable, and innovative choices based on its 9 years on the market and a team of well over 100 people. Their staff meticulously analyses all of their clients’ strengths in order to build a competitive advantage and additional benefit for their app. The team will focus on both functionality and aesthetics in the development process.


They enable you to reach your customers across all devices with their native and hybrid app development services. Their mobile developers are eager to collaborate with you and assist you in achieving your business objectives quickly and effectively. Bixlabs will work closely with you to build up brand loyalty around your company’s branding so nothing looks out of place.


All of your custom mobile app creation and mobile app design needs are met in one place. They make scalable apps that respond to your changing needs. They also provide assistance at all levels of product creation, from developing a proof-of-concept app and MVP to full-scale app development and distribution to app stores.

Unique Software Development

They strive to understand the market and the project’s ultimate aim, whether it’s growing sales, brand recognition, or inventing something fresh and special, in order to create your perfect mobile app. From creative ways to completely use mobile technologies to mobile designs that will keep your users entertained and engaged in the long run, they’ve got you covered.


A mobile application development firm based entirely in Dallas, Texas. They offer a variety of development options, from Node.js to Swift to React Native, to meet your vision and budget. Every app development project differs from the one before it in today’s world. Due to the complexities of these projects, proper planning with a capable partner is required to ensure your success.


RetroCube is a well-known iPhone and Android app development company that offers high-quality services. They implement and deliver the best app design options because they have a wide panel of app developers on board. They know how to entice users while still discussing concerns that frequent app users face.

Swiftkick Mobile

Their obsession is creating iOS and Android applications tailored specifically to the devices they live on. Whether you want to bring a new product to market, or bring your current product to the next level, they’re ready to build an unparalleled mobile app of any size or scope. Before long, you’ll have an app that is pixel perfect, delightful, and homepage worthy.