25+ Best Mobile App Development Companies in Tennessee

25 Best Mobile App Development Companies in Tennessee
07May, 2021

Mobile phone applications are continuing to grow in popularity and they show no signs of slowing. Since most activity in apps is about leisure and enjoyment and only 5% is devoted to shopping, a business app that aims to get leads or make a sale may be ineffective for the business/company but it does open up new markets, without a doubt.

Dedicated development for the platform in which the application ran, each platform requires a specific programming language in which the application must be written which is why you should enlist the help of a professional company.  To develop an app you must use custom development tools of Google and Apple where the goal is to build apps that look and behave as users of iOS and Android expect. This way it is accessible to all and that is why development is key, as well as design.

If you are facing a new project, app development, setting up a venture, or developing your idea, the moment comes when you will be required to choose the technology, which has great significance on your project planning, so a mobile development company would be able to speak to you about all the possibilities and choices that you have as well as discussing the budget of the project which is sometimes a very significant factor probably in the early stages of startups. What you may expect when going through consulting with a company, is the idea and then how they will implement it for you.

You will probably have an initial consultation followed by a ‘mock-up’ as well as certain demos before the technological characterization. Once the strategy is formulated, you will move on to complete the development and from there the app will be transferred to Apple’s App Store and Android’s Google Play. The development of applications for iPhone and Android requires familiarity with both languages and extensive and professional knowledge in the field. This isn’t easy to achieve for a company with limited knowledge. If you are a brand in Tennessee that is searching for mobile app design and development, then you will need to choose wisely to ensure that all your boxes are being ticked.

If you are a young entrepreneur and have an idea for an app, or a startup that has not yet built a widget, or any other business that is not yet in cyberspace – it’s time to contact a company that can make the dream into reality. A professional team is going to be vital for your growth as well as working alongside you to maintain your company’s ethos. Designing an app is equally important as anything else – you want to ensure that you have the design that is going to appeal and give your customers an exceptional UX. Without this, people are likely to delete the app or not download it at all. If you are in Tennessee and are looking for a development company, then look below because we have a list of over 25+ Best Mobile App Development Companies in Tennessee locally that will be able to assist with your needs.

Exemplary Marketing

Exemplary Marketing is a company with a wealth of experience and knowledge within the mobile development app sector. They have worked with numerous brands, from larger to smaller corporations, across multiple industries, gaining knowledge to help your brand grow. With impeccable communication and attention to detail, you can be sure that your app building is in the best hands. They provide solutions security, reliability, and efficiency for all of their customers.

Fortunesoft Innovations

They are a software company that provides cycle software development services for enterprises and startups. They look at technologies in mobile, web, cloud, analytics, AI and blockchain. They have over 10 years experience and claim to have over 150 happy customers and work across the USA to deliver app technologies to the brands that need it.

eBiz Solutions

eBiz Solutions, look not only at technology but beyond, including a main focus solely on the results. Their team has plenty of skills  to boast about and use a combination of business savvy and technical expertise, with the main focus on website building. They offer integrated technology solutions to help businesses grow and create apps and the like to help generate sales. Some notable clients are IMC and Memphis International Airport.


InfoPulse offers IT Infrastructure Operations, Cyber Security, and BPO for clients worldwide, as well as website and app development.  nfopulse has built a reputation of a trusted full-service solution provider.  With over 25 years of experience  in the field, they represent 7 countries across Europe and North America so their team is large. If you want a larger scale business then InfoPulse has the technology to drive some ideas forward. Their main focus is software development services.


TwinSun claims that they ‘love a challenge’. They are a small niche business in Tennessee and they help a lot of startups. They like to take ideas and develop them, and claim they can be your technical advocate to ensure that you’re on the right track. They take on purposeful work so if you’re looking for a specific area or idea then they may be able to help.

PointClear Solutions

In the medical field, PointClear is the leading app company dedicated solely to this industry. This is why they come in at number 6 for development. They are dedicated to help medical companies design and develop web and mobile applications and they aim to create innovative, user-friendly applications just for healthcare to improve their industry as  a whole and make services more accessible to all. This is their own focus, it is important to note.

The Green Hills Group

This company has had over ten years experience  in digital marketing and they work in the B2B sectors, providing solutions to digital marketing, including web design and marketing. They aim to generate significant numbers of inquiries and sales for clients in a range of business sectors, from startups to established companies. Some of the clients they have worked with are Greenway and REA Homes in Tennessee.

Darkstar Digital

Darkstar has worked with businesses spanning across all industries for over 19 years. They work with businesses large and small and claim to have unparalleled experience. They offer interactive web services to grow your customer base, with a heavy focus on UX and creative direction.

Harmon Group

The Harmon Group is a full-service marketing and advertising agency based in Nashville, Tennessee and they develop a range of creative marketing plans including app building, to help businesses succeed. They offer customized app building to suit the needs of all businesses, including sales and more. They work with a lot of fashion/beauty brands, and retail is at the forefront of their skillset. They have worked with Kelly Waters and Vincent Peach in Tennessee.


Pyxl is ‘passionate’. That is what they sell to their customers, passion. They work to create digital experiences which include mobile and web applications and can help businesses  monetize their investments in websites, web applications and more with strategy. They focus  heavily on giving their customers a dedicated plan to help them grow, and a bespoke experience with their app building. They use integrated inbound marketing to assist further and put customer service above all else.

Speak Creative

Speak Creative is an award-winning digital marketing agency with a focus on client partnerships. They work in both Nashville and Memphis, creating websites and apps.  Their focus is ‘partnering with meaningful brands’. They have worked with over 500 clients and have been in the business for 21 years. With 42 dedicated team members, they are a medium sized brand focused on helping brands take the next step in business.

Mobile Mentor

Mobile Mentor provides large business and highly regulated organizations with mobile-first software building for apps and websites. With security and support at the core of their work, they use tried and tested technologies. They utilize global resources and expertise to help businesses reach their goals, and drive better performance. They believe in saving time and money and keeping risks to a minimum to help you grow, even with a more limited budget. They seek to mentor businesses to learn how to use the app and get the best out of it for their success.

Level60 Consulting

They are a company that specialize in the development of software, websites, mobile apps, and more, by using intelligent solutions. They use modern technology to give companies a stepping stone into the future of technology.  They work across certain industries including hospitality and Retail as well as Senior Care. They are knowledgeable with a large team and based in Nashville, New York and Boston.

Starshot Software

Starshot is a full-cycle software development with offices in both Tennessee and Europe. They have a large talent pool, compiled of programmers, managers, and UX/UI designers and consultants and in-depth knowledge across many industries, including Media, Healthcare and Construction. Some notable clients are Narus Health and Trello.

Forty AU

This is a company that began its work in 2010. They worked with numerous clients in the small business, healthcare, and entertainment sectors from 2006 until they breached out into other areas, including app design. They are a small, yet dedicated team of developers, focused on helping brands bring their ideas to life.

Nextbrain Technologies

AppZoro Technologies

Corelley Ventures

Dev Digital

Mercury Intermedia

Acklen Avenue

Lounge Lizard


121 ecommerce

Motion Mobs

Verge Pipe Media