20 Best Mobile App Development Companies In Telangana

20 Best Mobile App Development Companies In Telangana
31May, 2021

Whether you are trying to develop an app for your startup, a more established business, or just as a side-project, you are always going to need to have the best minds on board to help you with it. App development is not a simple or an easy task, and it is often invaluable to have the right kind of help on board.

In this article, we are going to take a look at 20 of the best mobile app development companies that can be found in Telangana. These are all going to be good options to choose between when you are looking out for an app development team to help you with your project.

Exemplary Marketing

Arguably the single best app development company in all of Telangana is Exemplary Marketing. While they are not only an app development company, that is one of the many things they do – with their larger approach being to offer an all-in-one form of marketing to any company that needs it.

Exemplary Marketing offers top of the line app development using the Waterfall Method, creating apps for both Android and iOS with equal proficiency. Their apps tend to be highly appealing aesthetically and visually, and easy to use and navigate too, making them popular app choices for many, professionally and personally.

They can also help with all UI and UX aspects, to produce apps which are tailored for your needs individually. That means that they can help you to achieve whatever your goals might be in your business, through the development of an app with their expertise and knowledge.

If you are in need of a fantastic app development company right in the heart of Telangana, then Exemplary Marketing simply has to be your first choice.


Devathon are known to deliver great app products, although only for Android and perhaps not to quite the same proficiency as other companies out there. However, they will always deliver on their promises, and they are known for a particularly transparent way of doing things – always keeping you clued up on what’s going on during development. They are definitely one to look out for if you are in need of great Android apps.

Test CompanyYakin

They might not have the clearest or most attractive name, but in fact Test CompanyYakin are quickly becoming one of the most trusted and admired names in web and app development, in Telangana and beyond. They also offer a range of services related to web development and design, so if you are looking for something that can combine that with an app, they are going to be able to help you in a big way.

Aurora e-Labs

Some of the best apps are those which are based on the right customer metrics and analytics. As it happens, this is the exact service that is offered in detail by Aurora e-Labs. They always use a customer-driven approach, and what that means is that they end up with apps which are proven to please. This means an app that will help your business performance in more ways than one. They also have a speciality with AI powered chatbots, which can be a handy add-on for any app that you might be developing.


CodeCrux is a generic software development agency, and one of their main areas of interest and expertise is app development specifically. They specialise and pride themselves on their UI and UX design, as well as well thought-out and cleverly unique app designs that allow you to remain ahead of a constantly changing marketplace. For business owners who are keen on being truly ahead of the curve, using a team like CodeCrux could be the way forward.


It’s also worth looking at some of the younger businesses in Telangana, and one of the newest is Dare2dream. They are still only in the early days of their operation, but they are quickly setting themselves up to be one of the most trustworthy app development companies in the state. They appear to look set to offer the full range of app development services that you might possibly need.

Duphos Media

A lot of the older, more traditional media companies are slowly but surely turning towards app development more and more, and a good example of the kind of company you should keep an eye out for is Duphos Media. With a great approach to digital marketing, their apps are always geared to help your business achieve more.


iGenero likes to focus on what they call ‘developing business ecosystems’. This is certainly a pretty unique take on the process of developing an app, and it’s that individuality which sets them apart as one of the most trustworthy in the business that you can find in Telangana. With a strong technological ability and focus, their apps always turn out to be powerful market-leaders.


If what you are looking for is simply a stripped-back approach to producing a simple, highly user-friendly app, then you could do much worse than looking to Ingresos for help. With their app development, you will always find that it is incredibly easy-going, and that they produce some of the best apps on the market every time, but without the fuss – and without much of the price tag of some other Telangana app companies either.


For some of the most trustworthy end-to-end software development out there, including some amazing app development, you can always check out Inrisoft. They have extensive knowledge in all matters related to app development, so you can be sure you are going to get exactly what you need here every time. They offer reasonable prices and a quick turnaround time for all their customers.


The focus that Khusaki brings to app development is really quite a refreshing one. They genuinely love to take your ideas, brainstorm them with you, and help you to turn them into some amazing and unique apps. If you are an idea-led entrepreneur, you’ll love Khusaki’s philosophy.

Maisa Solutions

With a focus on not just building products, but helping to build businesses up from the ground, Maisa Solutions are often a go-to for young businesses looking to grow quickly and dependably. If you are keen for that kind of approach, you should get in touch with Maisa Solutions at your earliest convenience. They will be a great choice.

MK Developers

It’s always important to be able to trust your app developer, so you know that you are getting the best product every time. If you are looking for an app development company in Telangana that you can really trust, you should definitely consider MK Developers – they pride themselves on their trustworthiness, and it’s one of their main selling points.


True experts in everything mobile, MobileWays are a top app development company in Telangana, and they have a very unique approach: they like to combine engineering with an artistic point of view. If that suits your way of working, you’ll find you get on with them very well, and that they are bound to give you an app that you ultimately love.

Ninth Creations Media

Some app development companies are especially suitable for specific industries. If your business is operating within the ecommerce world, then you should seek out the help of Ninth Creations Media, who are well-versed in creating amazing apps for ecommerce businesses specifically. They will provide you with exactly the kind of app you really need every time.


Proantz markets themselves as a ‘top-notch’ app development company, and it’s certainly true that they have a lot of amazing benefits to their service. Most of all, they have a clear focus on providing an amazing customer and user experience, so if what you care about mostly is keeping your customers happy with your app, Proantz are going to help you out with that in a big way.

Riktam Technologies

Riktam are on the pricer end of the app development companies in terms of prices. However, you are getting a lot for your money in most cases, so it is probably worth approaching them if you are keen for a great result. If nothing else, they are going to give you an amazing app that you can make good use of, so that’s something to consider and be glad for.

Switch Soft Technologies

A full service design and app development company in Telangana, Switch Soft are some of the most trusted people out there when it comes to generic app development. As well as mobile development, they also make great and powerful web apps.

WTA Studios

In essence, WTA Studios are actually a studio for app development, and they bring a real professionalism and dedication to their apps every single time. If you want to have an app that is going to stand the test of time, you should definitely check them out.


Last but not least, we have Zetagile, who offer a range of powerful app solutions for your needs. Whatever you need to get out of an app, they can deliver it for you.