20 Best Mobile App Development Companies in Tamil Nadu

20 Best Mobile App Development Companies in Tamil Nadu
29May, 2021

Are you looking for some of the best mobile app development companies in Tamil Nadu for your brand? If so, you’re in the right place. In this post, we list our top twenty providers, describing what each company offers and how you can benefit. Check it out below.

Exemplary Marketing

Coming in at top of our list is Tamil Nadu-based agency, Exemplary Marketing. While the company provides a host of digital services, it excels in mobile app development, having achieved a stunning forty million downloads from the iOS and Play Stores for its clients since its inception.

The reason for Exemplary Marketing’s success is the breadth of its knowledge and experience. It’s able to take ideas from seemingly unrelated fields and deploy them in customers’ apps in a way that other companies can’t, thanks to its specialisms in artificial intelligence, SAAS, CRM and social media.

Jayam Web Solutions

Jayam Web Solutions is one of the fastest-growing mobile app development companies in Tamil Nadu, offering a host of products and services for clients across industry verticals.

The company is successful because of how it focuses all of its app development around things that businesses care about most. For instance, it delivers quick loading – great for users – scalable traffic, and bug-free code. It also allows its clients to build multiple device compatibility into their apps, letting them reach more customers.


AES or Advance Ecom Solutions is an award-winning mobile app developer which targets eCommerce stores. The company promises its clients rapid delivery, a veteran mobile development team, ongoing tweaks and improvements to published apps, and plenty of features. It offers both IOS, Windows, and Android development, as well as custom app development for specialist applications.

AES believes that its mobile app development in Tamil Nadu offers clients a host of benefits including improved business ROI and customer loyalty. It also promises that its apps will make businesses active on all days, not just traditional office hours. AES has more than 18 years of industry experience and always delivers projects on time and on budget.

Fusion Informatics

Fusion Informatics has been around since 2000, making it one of the longest-standing mobile app developers in India. The company’s vision from the start is to be a leader in digital transformation by helping clients adopt technologies that transform their core processes. The brand comprises a team of passionate and dedicated technologists who have expertise working with clients of all sizes, running from startups to enterprise scale.

Fusion Informatics’ success comes from its core values of innovation, integrity, allegiance and trust. Since 2018, it has set up new offices in Dubai and Bangalore, and now focuses on expanding its app development services across the Middle East.

Pyramidion Solutions

Pyramidion Solutions focuses on dedicating itself to its clients to beat out the competition. It believes that every modern business needs to go digital in order to become successful. It currently focuses on developing hybrid and native apps for its clients, always ensuring that they keep pace with current trends. Some of the top brands in the world have chosen to use Pyramidion Solutions for their apps, including Kohler, Siemens, Bacardi and Secude.

Team Tweaks

Team Tweaks is a relative newcomer to the Tamil Nadu mobile app development scene, but it’s had a massive impact. In just two years, the brand has delivered over 1,500 projects to more than 500 clients worldwide. Business is so good that it now supports a team of more than 80 professionals. And it serves more than 15 countries, mostly in South Asia and the Middle East.

The company’s mission is to bring people closer together digitally. And to do this, it wants to create a tech company that provides advanced and secure solutions. Its full stack of mobile app development services include Flutter, React Native, Android, iOS, and internet of things.


Intrepid is a Chennai-based mobile app developer that aims to create solutions that transform businesses and accelerate growth. It works closely with its clients to better understand their requirements and then deliver on projects. The brand handles all aspects of the mobile development lifecycle, from initial planning all the way through to support and maintenance after publishing.


Smarther is a leading mobile and web development company in Tamil Nadu that currently serves clients across more than 20 countries. It has a young and dynamic team, ready to take on practically any challenge that you throw at them. It works intelligently and diligently to find solutions for clients operating across diverse sectors.

Why choose Smarther? Three reasons, the brand says. The first is its experience. Second is teamwork. Smarther delivers projects carefully and efficiently, using its unique process. Lastly, it’s technology-oriented, which means that it supplies the latest and greatest app innovations.

Skein Technologies

Skein Technologies deserves a place on our list of the 20 best mobile app developers in Tamil Nadu because of its interdisciplinary team. The company comprises technology architects, web developers and data analysts who all deploy their skills to make your app as compelling as possible. It develops simple apps for simple mobile as well as more complicated versions for 3D interactive systems and IoT applications.


Technovators focuses on building “immersive apps” that draw consumers towards brands.

The company started off as a small outfit in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. However, it’s since grown significantly and now has sales offices in Detroit. It delivers more than 95 percent of projects on time, and offers unparalleled customer support.

Ninos IT Solutions

Ninos IT Solutions is a full-stack technology provider that also has substantial experience in mobile app development. The firm offers experienced developers and designers who can meet current market standards, it says. So far, it has managed to amass an impressive portfolio of clients, including companies like Brand Blitz and Timex.


WePop is a specialist custom mobile and web app development company, and winner of several awards. It specifically targets small and medium-sized enterprises and says it understands what it takes to be successful in business.

According to WePop, being responsible is part of its corporate DNA. For that reason, it handpicks every member of its forty-strong team of designers, engineers and developers.


Brainak is a top mobile app development company in Tamil Nadu which focuses on providing its customers with unique features and solutions. It believes that “adapting is change” and, therefore, offers all the latest standards in app design. Clients can order native and hybrid apps, get app testing, improve the UI of existing apps, and receive around-the-clock support and maintenance.

Line Focus Technologies

Line Focus Technologies creates iPhone apps that make its customers “happy.” The company works with some prestigious clients, including Rotary, Honeywell and Bhavini. It’s iPhone app services include creating news, games, entertainment, search tools, ebooks, calculators, CMS and photo apps for its customers.


Krify is a Tamil Nadu-based app developer which uses its experience to differentiate itself from the competition. The firm has received international recognition for its services and focuses on helping clients design mobile apps that convert. The company is time-conscious, meaning that it always ensures that it delivers projects on time.


Sataware got its start in 2010 when its founders, Ashok and Arun set it up. The two brothers combined their digital expertise to offer their clients a range of powerful app-building services. Sataware is affordable, agile and flexible. It helps brands leverage apps to scale quickly.

The Digital Branding

The Digital Branding is a leading digital marketing company based in various locations around the world, including Tamil Nadu. The company has delivered on more than 1,500 projects and currently employs more than 120 members of staff. Its team has experience working across multiple industries and offers state-of-the-art app development services across multiple countries. It prides itself on being able to handle both online and offline engagements with its clients.

PG Softwares

For those looking to convert their websites into a mobile app, PG Softwares is the clear choice. The company is a proud collective of creative web designers and developers with experience across a range of domains. The company began in 1998 in Coimbatore and credits its longevity to its commitment to customers.

BSR Solutions

BSR Solutions prides itself on being a multi-platform mobile app development company, based on Tamil Nadu. The brand hails from Trichy and offers several bonuses it believes its clients will love, from high-quality platform-specific development to tools that allow firms to monetize their apps.


Rounding off this list, we have Cloudi5, a company whose core value is to help its client go digital. It’s currently completed more than 335 successful projects for more than 200 clients and boasts a rare 100 percent satisfaction rate. The company credits its success to its passion for delivering high-quality output. It works to a precise timetable, clearly setting out the conditions of each deal and delivering on time. It also offers quality assurance for customers wanting minimum standards guarantees.

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