20 Best Mobile App Development Companies in Sydney

20 Best Mobile App Development Companies in Sydney
20Aug, 2021

Hopefully, your main website will already be optimized for mobile. If it’s not, you need to address this fact urgently. Even if it is, however, you still need to recognize that the regular internet wasn’t really created with mobile devices in mind. That’s why apps are generally the best way to give your users a great experience.

There are plenty of mobile app development companies in Sydney. In fact, there are so many that finding the right one can be a real challenge. With that in mind, here is a list of the 20 best mobile app development companies in Sydney.

Exemplary Marketing

Don’t be fooled by the name. Exemplary Marketing is a marketing agency that can handle implementation as well as strategy. In other words, they take your problems or goals and turn them into actual real-world solutions. What’s more, they do this at a price the average small business can afford.

Technically, Exemplary Marketing is based out of Chicago. In actual fact, they work all over the world, including Australia. They offer a wide range of services in addition to mobile app development. If, however, mobile app development is all you need, they’ll still be happy to help.

EB Pearls

EB Pearls focuses on websites and mobile app development, particularly for eCommerce companies. It also offers staff augmentation and branding services. With its narrow service catalogue, you might expect that EB Pearls works largely with small businesses. In actual fact, however, it can support a very diverse range of companies.

Its clients range from start-ups to enterprises via all shades in between. It also covers a wide range of sectors including nonprofits and government agencies as well as commerce and industry. This gives it a wide range of experience on which to draw.

App Boxer

As the name suggests, mobile app development is at the core of what App Boxer does. In fact, a glance at its service catalogue shows a long list of services related to mobile app development before you get to anything else. If you do keep scrolling, however, you’ll discover that App Boxer offers several other services both technical and strategic.

App Boxer is probably best known for its work with big-name companies. It does, however, also work with start-ups and smaller companies. It also has a base in Melbourne to go along with its two offices in Sydney.

Lizard Global

Lizard Global has a very distinctive company style. It’s young, fresh, fun, colourful, and doesn’t take itself too seriously. From a cultural perspective, that either clicks with you or it doesn’t. Regardless of what you think of their style, however, nobody can dispute that Lizard Global knows what it’s doing when it comes to digital technology.

Mobile app development is just one of a range of services they offer (all to a very high standard). These services include consultancy and training as well as hands-on development and integration. They’ll happily take on projects of all sizes and across a variety of sectors.


Folio3 describes itself as offering “innovation as a service”. In practical terms, it offers mobile app development and eCommerce services along with general digital marketing consultancy. Its main customer base is divided into three areas. These are startups, small businesses, and enterprise clients.

In addition to its base in Sydney, Folio3 has offices in several other locations throughout the world. This can be very useful if you have a tight deadline. Your project can literally be passed from office to office as working hours change.

Appello Software

Appello Software describes itself as creating web and mobile software for business. This means that it has a very strong focus on mobile app development. It also offers custom website development, database management and healthcare software development. Appello Software has offices in both Sydney and Brisbane along with the USA and the UK.

Even though Appello Software only highlights its experience in the healthcare sector, it actually has experience across a wide range of sectors. It is known for developing scalable software. This means that an initial investment can continue to give a return even when a business grows and/or moves in new directions.


DigiGround is primarily a mobile app and software development company. It does, however, also have a number of other related strings to its bow. These range from user interface and experience design to graphic design and its associated skills. For example, DigiGround can also take care of photography/videography and animation.

DigiGround’s main office is in Sydney but they also have an office in Newcastle. Their team is currently fairly small (albeit very talented). This means that there is a limit to the quantity and scope of the projects they can handle. If, however, you just want a mobile app developed, they could be a great choice.


xEnabler aims to do exactly what its name suggests. It enables companies to leverage digital technology so they can better serve their customers. This means that mobile app development is only a fairly small part of what they do. That said, it’s certainly a lot more than an afterthought. xEnabler has a very skilled and dedicated team.

Because xEnabler has such a wide service catalogue, it’s able to handle a diverse range of projects. It’s also able to adapt to the needs of companies of all shapes, sizes and industries. Regardless of whether you’re an enterprise with a huge project, or a startup wanting a basic mobile app, xEnabler is able and willing to help.

Coopers Design

Coopers Design does mobile app development, web app development and digital management. Digital management essentially translates as SEO and AdWords. It’s focused very much on start-ups although it does work across a range of industries. Coopers Design is a small team with just one office, in Sydney, working core office hours.

As such, Coopers Design is unlikely to be the best choice for anyone with a large-scale and/or complex project. If, however, you’re a smaller company, particularly a startup, Coopers Design could be just the right company to deliver what you need to a budget you can afford.

Systematix Infotech

Systematix Infotech is largely geared towards servicing the needs and wants of enterprise clients. As such, it offers a huge range of digital technology services. Mobile app development is just a tiny part of its overall service catalogue. Notwithstanding this, Systematix Infotech delivers products to very high standards.

As you might expect from an enterprise-orientated company, Systematix Infotech has a presence in multiple countries. The bulk of its development work, including its mobile app development work, is undertaken in India. This can give it an edge when dealing with large-scale, complex and/or international projects.


Despite the name, mobile app development is just a small part of what AppsFirm does. It also offers web development and cloud/service dev ops, along with marketing and SEO, graphic design and IT support. In other words, for some businesses, AppFirm could be the only company you need for anything to do with IT and/or marketing.

Even though AppsFirm has an extensive service offering, it’s actually a relatively small company. At present, it only has one office and works core business hours. This may not be ideal for later companies. If you’re a smaller company, however, it’s unlikely to be a problem.


Five2One has five key business areas. These are web and mobile apps, technical strategy, artificial intelligence, API and platforms and training. Its client roster includes several major enterprises but it’s quite happy to work with startups and small businesses. Five2One currently only has one office and a fairly small, but highly-skilled, team.

Arcade Dev House

Arcade Dev House is probably best known for the large-scale projects it conducts for major brands. As you would expect from this, the company has extensive breadth and depth of expertise. It is, however, also very open to working with startups and small businesses. Arcade Dev House has offices in China and the UEA as well as Sydney, Australia.


XAM describes itself as a leader in digital transformation and enterprise mobile app development. It works with some of the world’s biggest names, across several industries. As you might expect from this, it offers an extensive range of services, including mobile app development.

XAM currently only has offices in Australia but it is represented in Melbourne and Brisbane as well as Sydney.

Mode Games

As the name suggests Mode Games is a specialist in-game apps. This includes mobile game app development. Unsurprisingly, a lot of their client base consists of companies looking to sell games and/or to gamify activities such as education. They do, however, often work with businesses looking to gamify some aspect of their business offering to improve their marketing.

IIH Global

IIH Global really is a global company with a presence in the UK, Germany, the UAE, and India. It has an extensive service offering and has wide experience across a huge range of industry sectors.

It’s mainly geared towards implementing large projects for enterprise clients, particularly multinational ones. Mobile app development is a very small part of its remit but its standards are still impressively high.

Chaos Theory

Chaos Theory describes itself as Sydney’s leading game and app studio. Unlike Mode Games, however, its main client base consists of companies that want to gamify some aspect of their business. Its status as a niche specialist has won it contracts, and plaudits, from major brands. It is, however, still very accessible to startups and small businesses.

ustwo studio

ustwo studio takes its name from the fact that it was founded by two childhood friends. It’s built its brand on its engaging combination of creativity and technical skills.

Their work portfolio takes diversity to a new level. Highlights include creating an app for kidney surgeons and creating an online hub for braille Lego bricks. In short, if you need a company that can think out of the box, ustwo studio could be the answer.

Techno Impact Pty Ltd

Techno Impact Pty Ltd delivers a wide range of services mostly related to digital marketing and digital transformation. Its main focus is on software development, particularly mobile app development. Techno Impact Pty Ltd is very much focused on the mid-sized enterprise market. It does, however, work across multiple industry sectors.

iGeek Team

iGeek Team are specialists in mobile app development. They do, however, also offer a few additional services. These include web design, digital marketing and branding. Currently, iGeek Team only has one office (in Sydney, Australia). Its team is fairly small but its skills allow it to work with major enterprises as well as start-ups and small businesses.