20 Best Mobile App Development Companies in Surrey

20 Best Mobile App Development Companies in Surrey
07Aug, 2021

Finding the right app development company is the first step to having a successful app created for your needs. There are a wealth of app development companies to choose from in Surrey and you may be confused about who exactly you should trust with your mobile app development.

You need a company that is dependable and reliable, you also need 0a company that will work with you every step of the way until your app is finally completed. A successful collaboration is the only way to ensure that you end up with the app you envision. Are you ready to create the app you have always wanted? If so, take a look at the top 20 app development companies in Surrey.

Exemplary Marketing

Exemplary Marketing is considered one of the top app development companies in the world. They have received several awards that salute their excellent app development team. Exemplary Marketing develops IOS and Android apps that are visually appealing.

The apps are also easy to navigate and very responsive. If your goal is to create an app for your business then exemplary Marketing can deliver a quality app for you at an affordable rate very quickly.  Exemplary marketing helps businesses in a wide range of industries. It doesn’t matter what your industry is, their team is likely to be able to come up with a mobile app solution that will be right for you.

Mango Project Inc

Mango Project Inc is one of the best app development companies in Surrey. They are well-known for collaborating with their customers and are eager to ensure that they address any complaints or issues during the development process. Mango Project aims to make your business’s goals their own so that they can provide you with a personalized solution.


Develop is well-known for its relationships with its customers. They work with their customers in a collaborative effort that results in high-quality mobile app development. They always assign the most qualified team to every project that they take on. They have partners in North America, Australia, Europe, and even Asia.


NectarBits is one of the best companies for developing an IOS app. The company was started in 2009 and provides custom software for the web as well as mobile apps. About 40 percent of what they do is mobile app development. The rest of their services are focused on eCommerce development as well as web development.

Opacity Design Group

Opacity Design Group has been providing service for over 18 years. They specialize in assisting small businesses. They have a portfolio that showcases the work they have done for several local companies that have trusted them to reach their goals.  Opacity design uses the latest technology and stunning visuals to complete every project.

 BPO Canada

BPO Canada is a Canadian-based company that has strong ties to India. They have an offshore Development Center where apps are created. The company was founded in 2006.

The company is big on app development as 75 percent of its business is dedicated to mobile app development.

Netz Solutions Inc

Nets Solution Inc is an app development company that has about 50 percent of its business projects devoted to app development. The company was founded in 2003 by a couple from Germany.

It has grown tremendously and now has about 35 members on staff. They have a service center in Miami Florida.

Conquer Experience

Conquer Experience devotes about 40 percent of its business to mobile app development. They specialize in developing video games and have developed some of the best video games available today. They have also built several mobile apps for various businesses.

Kindlebit Solutions Pvt. Ltd

Kindlebit Solutions is an app development company that is globally renowned. The company was founded in 2008 and is globally renowned and has an Offshore Development Center in India. If you’re searching for unique mobile apps created by experts then this is the company for you.

IQ Business Suite

IQ business Suite helps small businesses to compete against the giants out there. They help small businesses come up with Technologies for their business needs.

They develop mobile apps for their customers but they also assist with the creation of online and Mobile stores as well.

Rational Lab

Rational Lab has a team of very experienced web developers. They have been working together since 2012 and create scalable apps for business days.

They pride themselves on completing projects very quickly and you will have your mobile app up and running in no time  When you select this company.


Digi Guru started as a one-person and team and has expanded to employ over 60 employees. They develop some of the best web solutions for businesses.

They can help you create a mobile app but if you need graphic design solutions or digital marketing services they can also assist you.

Agranee Solutions

Agranee solutions is a company that is striving to become a leader in technology. They are one of the best IT Service Solutions around.

However, they also specialize in the development of mobile apps. If you need a mobile app developer then this company is a great choice. They aim to develop long-term relationships with their clients which means that they enjoy collaborating until the final product is delivered.

FrogPlum Solutions Inc.

About 20% of this company’s business is mobile app development.  The company was founded in 2017 and they have continued to grow at a steady pace. They are client-centered and try to help clients achieve their business goals. This company is a good choice for assisting you with developing your mobile app.

Green Space

Green Space is a great company for assisting you with developing a mobile app. About 20 percent of their business is mobile app development. They develop various types of software for businesses. Green Space also does graphic design as well.

BluuData Labs

If you’re looking for effective web app development then BluuData Labs is right for you.  They connect their customers with artificial intelligence solutions, data scraping, data science, data engineering and web development as well. This means you can get a wealth of solutions for your business all in one place.

Eclick Software and Solutions

This company can assist you with web development and many other solutions as well. They are a creative agency that can assist you with your logo design and website design. They do digital marketing as well.

They create custom web applications and mobile applications as part of their service. They have a solution-driven approach that allows their clients to receive the best quality service possible.

Marqet Solution Inc

This company is one of the most customer-driven companies around and they are committed to developing great relationships with their clients as well as providing them with top-of-the-line solutions for their business.

They specialize in several services that you can use. If you would like them to create a mobile-friendly or desktop app they can create it for you. If you need digital marketing solutions then you need to look no further. For your website app development projects you can also consult with them as well.

Jassal Signs

Jassal Signs believes that design can empower your business to grow. They not only create mobile web apps but they also create promotional materials for your business as well. If you are looking for beautiful stationery that showcases your business’s focus then they can do that for you.

They try to set new standards in print by creating materials that have a creative design. If you need cost-effective print materials as well as mobile solutions then this company is a good fit for you.

Find the Best Solutions

Finding the right solutions for your business is something that every business owner wants to accomplish. When you can find the right solutions for your business it means that your business will go a lot faster and you can make more profits.

However, while it is not impossible to grow our business on your own, it is always best to bring in expertise when necessary. This means that you will need solution providers that are capable of providing you with the outputs you want at affordable prices and with high quality.

When you are searching for a mobile app development solution it is even more important that you choose a service provider that understands what they are doing and has experience in the field. If you don’t do this you can end up having to go back to the drawing board more than one at which can waste valuable time and money.