25+ Best Mobile App Development Companies in South Dakota

25 Best Mobile App Development Companies in South Dakota
04May, 2021

Any company wants to offer their customers a unique, efficient and convenient user experience. Today the presence of the business in the smartphone of its customers is an equally important commodity since over 72% of the surfers today come through mobile phones. Therefore developing iPhone and Android apps for your business will give a big advantage over the competitors. A properly built app converts users to customers, builds a community and produces real added value.

Customizing customer interactions and engagement through location alerts, advanced accessibility and convenient payment systems are tools that enhance the customer experience in their dealings with organizations. Building a business application leads to increased sales, improved customer satisfaction and hence increased profits. With a mobile app, customers can make purchases from anywhere and get to know your services and products closely, as they search for them. Building a business application is your customer portal.

People rely on mobile devices in almost all of their conduct, from communicating with each other and with businesses, surfing social networks to managing their finances and purchasing products. For this reason, building a business app is essential for building brand awareness and establishing a loyal customer base. Depending on the features of the app, it allows customers to communicate with your brand easily, make purchases, receive alerts about new products and services, and activate a line of communication with the organization. These benefits enable business owners to better understand and address their customer needs, and achieve the important goal of business growth and an excellent customer experience.

How can building a business app help your business?

Here are some key benefits to building a business app:

  1. Payments through the app.
  2. Mobile apps enhance the customer experience through convenient payment options. Mobile alerts: Alerts about new products and services are simple methods to communicate with customers and maintain their loyalty.
  3. Geographic location: This feature allows business owners to know when customers are near your home business, so you can offer specials and special offers to encourage them to enter the business or contact you.

Mobile applications increase the amount of sales as they offer customers a convenient method of browsing and buying, and allow them to make purchases from wherever they are. You can even use your app to alert customers to news related to your organization that you want them to read, new products you have developed, and upcoming events you are planning. It is advisable to examine several versions of applications that can fit the organization, and take into account the applications that guarantee access across all major platforms, and offer more inclusion and reach to your business. For example, if your mobile app is only compatible with iOS, you will miss marketing your business to Android users. This is why you need to hire the professionals.

Developing an app is going to be vital but you need to ensure that you are using the right companies to achieve this. In this instance, it is recommended that you look at our list of 25+ best mobile app development companies in South Dakota. We have compiled a list to help you choose so that you make the best decisions time after time. Check out the list below!

1. Exemplary Marketing

Exemplary Marketing have an impeccable track record with a plethora of experience in making applications, from development through to the design. With marketing at the core of their business, they have worked across all areas of digital marketing. They have to provide their customers with “world-class solutions to make your business grow.” Their large expert team focuses on continuous improvements for your business, including the support that you need following implementation.

2. Click Rain

They are a business that has been predominantly run by family for many years. They are a ‘people-first digital agency’ that utilises all areas of technology to help businesses grow. They work with local brands and have been offering many marketing services in the digital world.  They have worked with brands for over 10 years and develop both apps and websites.

3. NewOver

NewOver claims their best asset is working on ‘complex tasks’. Business campaigns that need extra detail and also focusing on strategy to success. They develop apps for business with a customer focus  at their core. Their philosophy is one of “Design Through Discovery: we design in a way that’s usable, useful, and collaborative with those who will use and maintain the final product.” They are a cutting edge brand with modern views and have worked with brands since 2005, including Cold Brew Lab and Jarrod Smart Construction.

4. Nuvem Consulting

Nuvem is a premier cloud technology consulting and development firm, using modern trends and technologies to help your business. They help companies build apps and work with them on creative design and direction. They look at “real world” solutions for their pain points – encouraging more sales as you go. Their aim is to bring more older businesses into the new decade with Cloud services and modern techniques to create a sharp savvy business that works for you.

5. Appsky

Appsky have worked with Anvil Ready and Give Sight Global, apps that are not only for business but for a cause – assisting with worldwide causes and issues as well as education. They have only 90 projects under their belt and have worked with 65 customers. They are one of the more recent brands, having only worked in the industry for around 5 years. They are a creative agency that prides themselves on affordable prices for all local businesses.

6. Swanson Russel

Swanson Russel have worked with a number of names, large and small corporations and create a ‘real connection’, with their customers. They like to create a relationship between themselves and their clients as well as their clients’ customers, building reputation and creating apps, websites and campaigns to help the business grow. Their focus is heavily on the great outdoors. Camping and travel companies as well as regional healthcare and green industries.

7. Deliveron Consulting Company

Deliveron believes in helping our customers create software solutions in a well managed way. They offer business-driven solutions and focus mostly with Microsoft technologies. They have an impeccable team approach and claim they have a high success rate in their business. With their expertise set deeply with Microsoft and work to offer training and support for people who have used their services.

8. Clouds Interactive

They are a fast growing provider of Web graphics design, application development, and work with Cloud based infrastructures for added security. They are committed to helping their clients get the best out of their technology and offer competitive rates in the area of South Dakota. Clouds Interactive pride themselves on their website reviews and offer both mobile and web applications with Java, PHP and more.

9. Apex Informatics

With over ten years experience, Apex Informatics provides services to clients through their three underlying principles of professionalism, responsiveness and quality. They provide consulting and solutions such as marketing strategy and building of websites and apps. They want to work alongside their business to help them grow and some of them work with companies across all industries.

9. Grandstand Apps [Formerly Move Creative]

They call themselves the app development shop. Their major buzzword is ‘creativity’. They pride themselves on offering optimum creativity to create an app or website, as well as ensuring it has a great UX. They look at complex tasks and understand the core element of the customers needs before moving forward. Their apps have had over 8million views and they have had a growth of 220% in 2019. They offer a try before you buy type service on their website and have customer service teams on hand.

10. Victory Enterprises

Victory Apps builds iPhone and Android apps using new and advanced technologies and works with your idea of a new creative concept and then builds your dream. Their fees are different to many, they set out a fee for the cost of the entire project instead of hourly rates which some companies offer. They submit apps to Apple and Google and work with you to ensure that it is hitting the numbers you desire.

11. Mentor Mate

As the name suggests, Mentor Mate offers companies a helping hand, with all areas of digital marketing, to ensure that you are educated and empowered when deploying your campaigns. They are a custom software development company that focuses on bringing people together. They have worked with pharmaceutical companies through to Sports startup companies and they started to build their first app in 2001. With over twenty years experience, Mentor Mate has branched out to Bulgaria and Sweden.

12. Mindgrub

Their slogan, “powering lightbulb moments”. They have been a member of the Inc. 5000 for seven years and they offer all companies a full service marketing experience, including branding, team augmentation, and of course app design. Starting their journey in 2002, Mindgrub has developed award-winning projects Wendy’s and DELL and focus heavily on some of the biggest names across all industries.

13. Electric Pulp

14. Appacus, Inc

15. Blend Interactive

16. Solution Technologies Inc

17. Design Center Inc

18. New Lion

19. Jed Mahonis Group

20. Modern Tribe

21. Software For Good

22. Auxano Global Services

23. Magnify Apps

24. Sioux Falls Software

25. Made By Thaw

26. Insight Marketing