25+ Best Mobile App Development Companies in South Carolina

25 Best Mobile App Development Companies in South Carolina
03May, 2021

Finding the best mobile app development company is crucial. If you are looking for the best in South Carolina, look no further than this list to find your perfect company.

1. Exemplary Marketing

Exemplary Marketing offers development help to iOS and Android compatible apps. Their focus is on helping you to create visually appealing, easily navigated highly responsive mobile apps. Their process is cost-effective, so perfect for start-ups. With innovation and many years working in the industry on their side, Exemplary Marketing will offer you just that – an exemplary service.

2. Fount

Providing services in strategy, design, development, and growth, Fount aims to provide a human-centered experience for your users. They work with you from concept to launch, ensuring that every area is covered. However, if you have already started your journey, they are happy to join at any stage.

3. Designli

As the top-rated software company in the southeast, Designli has a reputation to uphold. They work well with start-ups, focusing on consulting, design, development, and post-launch iteration – especially for apps and websites that have been newly conceptualized. They work in UI Design, iOS, Android, web apps, and flutter.

4. Extern Labs

Extern Labs is a relatively new company – having only started a year ago – but already they are making strides in South Carolina’s mobile app development industry. In the year they have been active, they have already worked for over 30 companies, from EdTech to Telecom. They work to be customer-centric, optimistic, and innovative.

5. Kopis

Kopis is the largest mobile app development company in South Carolina. Working since 1999 (formally known as ProActive Technology), Kopis has the experience and connections to make your mobile app the best it can be. Their senior employees have experience in database administration for healthcare, so you know you are dealing with a company specializing in high-stakes and critical areas. Their clients range from startups to Fortune 100 companies, so you will receive excellent work no matter your status.

6. Riddle & Bloom

Riddle & Bloom find success by putting the user first. Effective mobile apps, in their eyes, are made by those able to stay relevant and be memorable. With this in mind, Riddle & Bloom will help you figure out the best way to adapt to your user’s consumer behavior. They hope to bridge generations and make connections between you and your user.

7. Worthwhile

Having experience in the industry for above 20 years, Worthwhile has the experience to make your app great. They won Greenville’s Small Business of the Year award in 2015 and have only gone from strength to strength since.

8. Haricot Technologies

Haricot Technologies was established in 2015. They aim to incorporate your vision for your brand while elevating the creative design of your app. Being focused on results leads to cost-effective and fast-paced work that will leave your mobile app looking good and attracting users.

9. Radical

Based in Greenville, SC, Radical is there for your needs by knowing the landscape intricately. With mobile app development, Radical seeks to impress the importance of storytelling and innovative tactics. The solutions they offer to clients are unexpected, creative, and out of the box. By extinguishing the standard ad agency model, Radical hopes to provide their clients a unique approach.

10. Modulant

Modulant aims to find that perfect spot between strategy and execution to deliver their clients the best mobile app development service. How? By using the suitable methodologies and tools while relying on their years of expertise. Using a business-focused approach, Modulant offers high quality, low costs, and quick deployment, whether you are a Fortune 100 company or a Federal agency.

11. Blue Key

With over 20 years of experience, Blue Key has found the road to success lies in being ambitious. If you are looking to achieve big goals, Blue Key will help you to fulfill them. They hope to optimize your users’ digital experience by increasing conversions and driving customer loyalty in the way that suits your needs best.

12. South Digital Agency

South Digital Agency’s motto is as follows: articulate visually, convert effectively, function with ease. With these aims in mind, South Digital Agency is the company to use if you want your mobile app development to run smoothly while still being innovative, creative, and suited to your consumers. They aim to be with your every step of the way, on hand to consult whenever you need them.

13. Code/+/Trust

Code/+/Trust wants the process to be smooth for you. They use a phased approach and work to specific timelines. They hope to offer smart UX and creatively beautiful design for your mobile app alongside the transparent timelines. When approaching mobile app design, Code/+/Trust sees the best method is to focus on business objectives. The rest should fall into place.

14. CodeLynx Inc.

CodeLynx has an impressive list of clients – from the College of Charleston to the Department of Defense. Then, they can work with big, ambitious projects, no matter the size of your company. CodeLynx is set up around two different but complementary business functions: system integration and software integration. They have the expertise to take your mobile app to the next level.

15. Advanced Automation Consulting

Advanced Automation Consulting aims to be with you from development to life after your app is complete. They want to become partners with their clients in the long-term success of their companies. This equal partnership shows that Advanced Automation Consulting cares about the vision of their clients as well as the technical side.

16. easyboyweb

The aim of easyboyweb is to provide a mobile app that works beautifully on all devices. The development of mobile apps is more than just technical to this company – they also want to help their clients to build a clear brand and maximize their online presence.

17. MessageMuse

MessageMuse takes a unique approach to mobile app development. They see the most success coming from them empowering their clients to do their best work. By creating the best possible services, MessageMuse positive change naturally follows. They focus on user experience as an independent agency, taking a collaborative approach and listening to consumer insights.

18. The Adams Group

With over 20 years of experience, The Adams groups will offer you well thought out strategy with beautiful design. Their work with hospitals and healthcare companies shows they can face the most demanding and most complex challenges with innnovation and resillence. With their creative campaigns, The Adams Group hopes to bring audiences to action.

19. Adeeban

The great skill in code that Adeeban possesses means your mobile app can be taken to greater heights than you can imagine. They’ve been working since 2018 and are always on top of the current industry trends. With a partnership mindset, choosing Adeeban will lead to longevity in your working relationship.

20. Pixel Freez

Pixel Freez has a growth mindset. Whether you come from a small start-up or an established business, Pixel Freez wants to use this working opportunity to expand your business. When it comes to mobile app development, Pixel Freez focuses on brand, audience connection, and passion.

21. Web Developer OC

Web Developer OC is a great option for those working on a budget. They specialise in meeting the needs of small businesses – especially the need to be cost-effective. Despite the focus on keeping prices low, they still offer high-quality work and aim to create professional looking mobile apps.

22. Ellev Advertising Agency

Ellev Advertising Agency have won awards for their great design. They can help your mobile app development with their experience in design and marketing – whether you are looking for graphics, photography, or publicity.

23. Uprise Partners

In order to promote growth and achieve their client’s business objectives, Uprise Partners focuses on melding three key areas: strategy, technology, and marketing. Their employees are some of the best in the business – those who have run brand campaigns for some of the biggest names from launch to IPO.

24. bLogix

bLogix aims to maximise your revenue with their work. They want to deliver for you tangible, high-impact results. By working collaboratively, bLogix hopes to accelerate sales and demand.

25. Launchpeer

Lauchpeer seeks to be by your side every step of the way. From concept to launch, they aim to take you to where you want to go within sixteen weeks. Launchpeer boasts the first and only fully remote incubation program that runs part-time, focusing on non-technical founders exclusively. The start-ups they have worked with have gone on to be featured in Entreprenuer, Fortune and the Hustle.

26. Hyperlink InfoSystem

Hyperlink InfoSystem aims to help their clients reach market instantly, achieving their goals. With the skills and expertise to develop scalable, high-quality, and well-performing apps, Hyperlink InfoSystem wants their clients to win, not just develop an app. With excellent pre-development planning, Hyperlink InforSystem catches all potential problems, leading to a smoother process that is managed quickly and effectively.

27. Digital Scientists

Digital Scientists wants to get mobile apps into the hands of customers as soon as possible. For this reason, they work quickly and cost-effectively, problem-solving as they go. Their apps are feature-rich and made with the consumer in mind.