10 Best Mobile App Development Companies In Shanghai

10 Best Mobile App Development Companies In Shanghai
06Sep, 2021

The world is becoming more connected every day. With over 1 billion people in China, many businesses are looking to grow their customer bases by developing an app. This blog post will take you through the top 10 mobile app development companies to help your business succeed in Shanghai!

Exemplary Marketing

Exemplary Marketing is a mobile app development company ranked as one of the top companies in Shanghai. The Exemplary Marketing team works on projects both small and large, from apps for local businesses to those with hundreds of thousands of users worldwide. With an extensive experience developing software applications, they have what it takes to help you succeed.

Exemplary Marketing specializes in custom software design and application development for iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, and Blackberry platforms and cross-platform enterprise applications using PhoneGap or Cordova framework.

Exemplary Marketing offers a complete turn-key mobile app development solution. They handle every aspect of the process – including design, coding, testing, and launch. In addition, you won’t be left wondering where your project is or what’s going on with it because they are renowned as good communicators.

Just Pro

Just Pro is a mobile app development company based in Shanghai, China. They offer various services, including custom programming, business application design, and development. Just Pro is an international leader in the industry of high-tech digital transformation with its headquarters located near Shanghai Pudong International Airport as well as offices across Europe (Paris), Asia (Hong Kong, Singapore), and the United States (New York).


QPSoftware provides mobile app development services for clients all over the world. The company is based in Shanghai, China, and has been around since 2012. QPSoftware specializes in working with international brands to meet their goals through positive global exposure using technology such as apps available on multiple platforms (iOs & Android).

QPSoftware provides various services for apps such as UI design, back-end development, analytics, and monitoring. The company works to offer its clients the best solution possible through complete support from beginning to end.

QPSoftware has provided mobile app solutions on several different types of projects in various industries, including: education, healthcare, and retail.

Insigma Hengtian Software Ltd

Insigma Hengtian Software Ltd is a mobile app development company.

Insigma Hengtian Software Ltd has a strong focus on client satisfaction. They are also very passionate about the work that they do for their clients as well. They have won the trust of their clients by creating mobile apps for top brands. Insigma Hengtian Software Ltd has many different packages that you can choose from if you wanted to work with them on your project. They have a fantastic portfolio, and their rates are very affordable, especially when compared to other companies in Shanghai.

Leap Cloud

Leap Cloud is a leading full-stack technology provider for enterprises and startups. They have over 100 patents in AI/ML and more than 300 employees working on cutting-edge technologies worldwide. In addition, their experienced R&D team has successfully delivered many projects from startups to Fortune 500 companies.

Leap Cloud works with a wide range of startups, enterprises, and academic institutions located in more than 30 countries worldwide. They can help transform ideas into mobile apps by providing comprehensive services for all aspects, including idea exploration/demo building/user research and development and marketing & data mining.

They have developed mobile apps for clients in various fields, including education, e-commerce/Fintech, entertainment, live streaming, etc., with the number of users exceeding hundreds of millions.


Wiredcraft can develop and design applications for Android, iOS, Windows Phone, or any other smartphone platform. The Shanghai-based software company was founded in 2011 by Ming Yin to provide clients from different industries with high-quality apps that can suit their business needs. They can work on different types of applications such as enterprise, financial, and entertainment. Though they specialize in app development, their services also include web application programming & design and software consulting.

Grandeur China

Grandeur China has been an integral part of many successful organizations since its inception in 2009. They have provided services to enterprises and professionals across industry verticals such as eCommerce, media & entertainment, healthcare, education etc.

They are proud to have worked with some of the best brands in different industry verticals. Their clientele includes various companies, ranging from small to medium enterprises (SME’s) and large organizations.

Grandeur China’s comprehensive services include: Consulting Services, Product Innovation & Research; Mobile App Development for iOS/Android Platforms; Enterprise Application Integration (EAI); Web Application Development; Custom Software Development and Maintenance.

Grandeur China has a team of over 100 experienced professionals who possess expertise in their respective domains and are committed to delivering high-quality services every time.

TMO Group

TMO Group was founded in 2009 to provide creative and quality applications for all devices like smartphones, tablets, and other smart gadgets. It is also one of the first companies to offer services related explicitly to the Android operating system.

TMO Group’s primary focus is to offer complete mobile app development services for all devices. It also provides cross-platform application development, responsive web design, and UI/UX design solutions at very cost-effective prices.

TMO Group has developed more than 300 applications, games, and websites to date used by millions of customers worldwide on different platforms such as Android, iOS, and Windows. The company has a team of 200+ talented developers who are always ready to give 100% for every project they work on.

Bray Leino Splash

Bray Leino Splash is a mobile app development company that is among the top in Shanghai. The platform has been around for years, and many apps have been built using its services, which speaks to their quality of work. In addition, Bray Leino Splash offers free consultations when designing an app and how it can be monetized. This allows users of the company to be confident that their app will look good and generate revenue.


Ekohe is a mobile app development company in Shanghai. The Ekohe team comprises skilled developers and designers who have worked on hundreds of projects for various clients.

Ekohe has customers worldwide. The most popular apps are WeChat-related, such as data mining tools to help users find hidden gems in their social media network regarding how many friends they have and who they are in contact with. Ekohe also has clientele from other countries such as Malaysia, Japan, Sweden, Korea, and more.