10 Best Mobile App Development Companies in Sakai

10 Best Mobile App Development Companies in Sakai
05Oct, 2021

Mobile application design in Japan means you can harness the best in expertise and skills across the company, highlighting exceptional performance and customer service.

Utilizing only the best in available technologies, mobile application design services can enable you to enhance your company and meet consumer demand for a more flexible and responsive way to engage with a wide range of customers and internal communications too.

When it comes to choosing the best mobile application development company in Sakai, you want to make sure you are collaborating with a company that can see your vision and brings it to life to enhance your capabilities and supports your business the best way possible.

The 10 Best Mobile App Development Companies in Sakai

Exemplary Marketing

Trust Exemplary Marketing with all of your software solutions requirements. Exemplary Marketing is an expert in providing mobile applications to various companies across a wide range of industries.

Their cutting-edge skills and use of the latest UI/UX technologies allow their engineers to build efficient, scalable applications and services to benefit your company. Services include API Development. DevOps, Software Security, Applications Design, Development, and Maintenance.

Ego Creative Innovations

Trust Ego Creative Innovations to create high-end hybrid and native apps for use by a host of different SMEs in various industries. Work with their qualified professionals to build your ideal mobile applications thanks to their one-stop-shop approach to designing your software needs.

With experience with Xamarin, Swift, React Native, and more, their full-stack enables them to create scalable and functional apps to support your company.

Hyperlink Infosystems

Hyperlink Infosystem has produced mobile applications for various markets, including financial, healthcare, entertainment, fitness, retail, and more. They also offer a top-notch mobile app development team using cutting-edge techniques and technology. Since 2011, they have helped companies achieve actual results by focusing on their software development and design techniques.

Innovative mobile app development team delivers the brand image to client’s problems.

LANEX Corporation

Based in Japan, with 22 years of experience in building top apps for medium to large Japanese organizations, including the government sector. They have extensive experience in the development industry. With headquarters in Sendai and offices in Tokyo, California, and Cebu, they use a hybrid strategy to provide on-shore administration and support while retaining the benefits of offshore development.

Share Media

Share Media, situated in Hong Kong, is a full-service firm that specializes in mobile and online application development. A vision for the company is to produce the most inventive and disruptive world-class apps possible. This company comprises distinctive UI/UX designers, mobile & web app developers, and business analysts with over ten years of experience in agile app development.

Their team of developers and technology revivalists has developed projects and marketing operations that have generated a significant return on investment.


21Twelve Interactive is a 2016 startup based in Tokyo, Japan. They work with worldwide developers and local Japanese entrepreneurs on mobile and home consoles, combining the best of Western and Japanese development cultures. 21Twelve have an advantage in Android app development because of their ability to quickly adapt to newer technologies and processes, thanks to their recent emergence in this market.


Making a difference in the world by always setting new standards and refining existing ones is expected from IGNIS LTD. The concept of IGNIS LTD. was conceived in May 2010, when the company was founded.

‘Ignis’ is a Latin word that means ‘fire.’ They aim to contribute to the advancement of the world’s evolution by developing new standards for the eras to come in the future.

maeBe co, LTD

maeBe co has a lot of expertise in recreating legacy apps. From resurrecting old apps to creating new ones, they aim to cover as many mobile phone types as feasible, as well as high-performance applications. They are skilled at aiding those unfamiliar with app stores like Apple’s and Google’s by providing an all-in-one service from developer account creation through app release.

Trenser Technology Solutions LTD

Trenser is a pure-play technology services company serving global product companies. We are passionate about creating software that is future-ready and easy to use. They develop embedded mobile, web, and cloud software.

Customers look to them to comprehend communication networks, operating systems, device variety, and vital system resources. One key strength is combining various technical environments to create software solutions that support collaboration, business logic, data interchange, security, and analytics.

Rococo Global Technologies

To further expand our global network, Rococo established a branch in the Philippines in 2011. Rococo first established a branch in Makati City, Manila, and in the year 2012, it expanded to Cebu City. The branch from the Philippines expanded to Cebu City in 2012. RGTC collaborated with top universities and partnered companies in Cebu to further promote global strategy.