25+ Best Mobile App Development Companies in Rhode Island

25 Best Mobile App Development Companies in Rhode Island
04May, 2021

For mobile app development, it’s important as a business to create apps that fit the modern day needs of any company’s customers and clients. Here are some of the best mobile app development companies in Rhode Island.

1. Exemplary Marketing

In mobile development, you want a company that can cover all angles and Exemplary Marketing certainly does that. Providing everything from graphic design, to the development of the app through UX/UI, there’s a lot that this company can do and very little that it can’t.

2. MojoTech

MojoTech is a leader when it comes to the web and mobile development industry. With several offices dotted across the US, the company is responsible for clients of all sizes and maturities when it comes to the product development cycle. They take it from the idea stages to the moment it goes live and beyond that.

3. Blackburn Labs

With over six years of experience now, Blackburn Labs have a great team of architects, programmers, and process specialists in order to continue creating mobile development that’s created by award-winning software designers. You’re in the presence of royalty when it comes to this company and there seems to be no challenge that’s stopping them from excelling.

4. DataGenius Technologies LLC

DataGenius is one that is an innovator when it comes to mobile apps and digital branding. They deliver everything the client needs with simplicity and efficiency at every turn. Their state-of-the-art and leading mobile apps make them an idea choice for any client looking for these types of services. They have plenty of happy clients to prove their credibility.

5. Ajasra consulting and ICT

Based in India mainly, this consulting and ICT services company provides worldwide solutions, including those in Rhode Island. Operating for both big and small companies, they help grow businesses regardless of where they are on the ladder. From the start or the current position of their digital progress, Ajasra helps all it’s clients exceed their expectations.

6. Scandia

With a long history on the internet, Scandia has grown and continues to grow during its existence. With focused solution engineers that thrive on solving complex problems within business on the web and via mobile platforms, they’re a great company when you’re experiencing complexities in business.

7. Orkiv Retail Solutions

With Orkiv, they focus on building and implementing systems for B2C eCommerce and B2B distribution. With refined UX/UI skills, they help create some stunning mobile-friendly websites and applications where they’re needed.

8. Worldways Social Marketing

Worldways operates both as a global social marketing agency but also as a marketing firm in Rhode Island. Founded back in 1996, it’s got quite the presence on the market and has helped many non profit foundation and government clients during it’s time.

9. Lynck

Covering all the areas when it comes to brand and creative design in a business is important. Lynck recognizes that importance and helps to create websites and mobile apps that are SEO driven and help generate the results needed for a growing business.

10. Web Brilliant, LLC

Providing high-quality solutions for all it’s clients, Web Brilliant offers solutions for website, marketing and mobile app developments around the clock and at a price that’s affordable for many businesses. They help virtually any sized business, regardless of its complexity and what it’s after. It’s certainly an important attribute to have as a company!

11. Work-Shop Design Studio

As a multidisciplinary design studio, Work-Shop partners with clients that have all manner of creative and complex problems. They help to provide impactful results when it comes to their clients and have managed to help many small businesses, big institutions that are Harvard and Brown, as well as non-profits. They’re a good all-rounder in regards to who they help when it comes to business.

12. Trilix

As a management consulting firm, the combined assistance of business and technology consulting is helpful for those looking for software development services. They work to help all their clients to solve the complex problems they’re having and to help maximize the growth potential they have.

13. Mega Websites

Mega Websites is responsible for the design and professional services it offers for businesses that are small to medium sized. With mobile app development, making a website compatible with the needs every customer wants is important and this company can certainly provide that at a much more affordable rate than most.

14. Hyperlink InfoSystem

With Hyperlink InfoSystem, they’re the leading mobility service that helps to offer the latest in mobile apps for businesses across Rhode Island. They have the expertise and technological abilities required to rival other mobile app development companies, by using top-notch technology.

They’ve helped many clients reach their potential when it comes to mobile apps.

15. Intricate Web

As a leading mobile app development company, Intricate Web provides a custom solution that is fitted to the business requirements and needs. With both experience and technical knowledge under their belts, they’re a great choice for anyone needing expert development teams and individuals for mobile apps.

16. Moonbird Design

For any business looking for that superb efficiency when it comes to mobile app developments, Moonbird Design is certainly one that can provide what you’re looking for. Not only do they have fantastic designers but they also have equally fantastic developers too. They have a vast amount of experience in order to create the best mobile apps without having to spend a fortune on creating them from scratch.

17. Panoptic

Being able to provide a ROI with anything in business is important and Panoptic makes sure that your investment is being well spent when it comes to mobile app development. Their team which works on this side of business is well-experienced and knowledgeable. They’re dedicated to providing quality services and client satisfaction across the board. They guarantee it!


One of the best software companies out there to help with both web and mobile development has to be JANETO. With expertise and access to high-quality resources, they provide clients with inventive and innovative solutions that are tailored and work fro them specifically. They help decrease working costs and development time, providing the same, if not better quality to the client’s products and services.

19. Cyber Care

With a clear development style that’s focused on the client’s collaboration, Cyber Care offers both efficient and innovative software that often gives it’s clients the rival advantage that they need. They make sure that all their clients are taking their software development, particular mobile, more seriously than ever before. Regardless of size, it’s important to cover when doing business.

20. Quartus Technology

For leaders in mobile app development, Quartus Technology remains a strong contender. They help make their clients look powerful in their appearance and provide the best analysis in order to get to the heart of what’s needed for the client technically. Through experience in the industry and previous plans in place, this mobile app developer has everything to fit the demands of those they work with on a regular basis.

21. WoMA Technology Solutions

Designing and developing client-centric digital solutions is something that WoMa Technology Solutions has been driven in doing for some time now. Developing apps and websites are part and parcel of their services whilst making sure that they help create a digital presence for the company that’s perfect for their customers, whomever they are.

With such a strong focus on their clients, the work provided is fantastic. They also have a highly flexible and well-experienced team.

22. Kenzan

As a software engineering and full-service digital consulting firm, Kenzan offers custom, end-to-end solutions. By providing this, they help businesses reach their goals when it comes to their technical strategy. They bring the idea to life from development to delivery.

23. The Mega Agency

A full-service digital agency, The Mega Agency is one that helps connect both technology and creativity together. They help many clients to engage with their customers in the right way, through the use of mobile app developments and other applications that can provide extra revenue for the business.

24. Auxano Global Services

Headquartered in India, Auxano Global Services has deep-dived into mobile app development projects for many businesses in the Rhode Island area and beyond. With compelling work environments and infrastructure, their in-house developers are like no other and have adapted to agile app development methods. They continue to improve and grow as a business and by using different technologies.

25. Wings Tech Solutions

At Wings Tech Solutions, they explore challenges that are found across a variety of industries and therefore help improve their ability to solve any problems and issues that are thrown their way. When it comes to providing software development services, they’ve catered to many industries in Healthcare, Finance, Education, and Retail to name but a few.

26. AnyforSoft

As a future-ready company that’s both competitive in spirit and agile in it’s services, AnyforSoft is made up of experienced professionals that mix both UX/UI with backend technologies. Helping to meet the business needs of it’s clients through effective software development in mobile app solutions.

With so many great mobile app development companies available in Rhode Island, it’s difficult to choose!