10 Best Mobile App Development Companies in Rehovot

10 Best Mobile App Development Companies in Rehovot
26Oct, 2021

Are you searching for the 10 best mobile app development companies in Rehovot? Then look no further, as this handy guide contains a list of some of the most highly rated mobile app development companies that you need to be aware of in the city of Rehovot, Israel.

Exemplary Marketing

Exemplary Marketing is a group of over 500 software development experts that help businesses to accelerate the development of world-class software solutions and applications. Exemplary Marketing combines technological expertise, specific domain experience, and a passion for excellence to deliver enterprise-grade solutions.

Exemplary Marketing prides itself on having holistic industry and technological expertise to create, integrate, and deploy truly superior custom software solutions for their clients. To accomplish this goal, Exemplary Marketing has cultivated a vast ecosystem of partnerships with industry and technology leaders that can be used to your advantage! What’s not to love?


InoStudio is committed to developing the UI/UX design of mobile applications, following Apple and Google guidelines. They will prepare a logo, presentation, landing page, and promotion materials, and they will publish your application in the app stores (App Store and Google Play). They also use analytic systems and set up automatic monitoring tools to see how well your app is doing, so they are a very thorough brand that cover all bases.


Globalbit is one of the leading software houses in Israel in the development of Web & Mobile applications for well-known companies, brands and groundbreaking startups in Israel and around the world. The company’s portfolio of work includes dozens of software solutions that currently serve more than 100,000,000 people around the world, and their development experience spans across a range of industries including pharmaceuticals and medicine, security, e-commerce, technology, retail, business services and much more.


With a long list of big brands utilizing their services, Tamooz is a key player in the mobile app development industry, as they offer a passion for product creation that sets them aside from other popular providers. Above all, they believe in partnership with their clients, focusing on fluent communication, dialogue between teams and cooperation to achieve mutual success. By bringing in a combination of innovative spirit and deep appreciation for real world complexities, Tamooz helps world leading companies bring their next generation products and applications into existence.


Elpisor is a customer-oriented company that has been working in the IT industry for more than 10 years, developing and deploying software tailored to clients’ specific demands in a way that ultimately meets all their business goals, expectations, and requirements. Elpisor boasts several positive reviews left by previous clientele, so this suggests that they are a responsible business that meets expectations.


If you want to put your app development task in the hands of awards winning experts that always make sure to over deliver, then Moblers is the perfect team for you. App development is their core service and a source of pride at Moblers, and they have  gathered the brightest, most talented professionals that can take your project in any state and generate superior results of the highest standards. Moblers passionately contribute to the successful launch of dozens of applications, so you can easily find examples of their work to make a more informed choice.

200 Apps

200 Apps was founded almost 10 years ago in 2014, and they have developed more than 100 products so far. Their team of UX strategists, app designers and dedicated engineers are ready to build your next great venture, no matter how crazy your idea is! They aim to build applications that users will love, so you can rest assured that your project is in safe hands.


Branded specializes in innovative technology-enabled business platforms, mixing exceptional engineering and UX design talent, along with a focused product strategy enabling them to create agile, scalable systems that respond quickly to the ever-shifting nature of the digital economy. They know that creating an app is easier said than done. They lay the groundwork with every single service they provide, using the foundation they build before development to craft smart and reliable servers, gorgeous and engaging client environments, and handy tools that you need to maintain control of your product.

500 Tech

500 Tech delivers sophisticated, long lasting, production software on time. With dozens of production projects under their belt, they have vast experience with numerous development methodologies. Their team specializes in complex web and mobile applications and have built projects that smoothly handle thousands of live updates per minute, display complicated charts, custom user interfaces, geographical and medical data and maintain compatibility with a plethora of devices.

Muze Studio

Muze studio empowers their customers through strategic design methodology, being both high-speed and responsive, solving design challenges while aiming to place users at the center of everything they do on all digital touchpoints. Muze believes that solid, authentic design is the foundation for success, so their goal is to help your business design your story and achieve your objectives. They have many recognisable clients that can vouch for the quality of their services, too.