20 Best Mobile App Development Companies in Rajasthan

20 Best Mobile App Development Companies in Rajasthan
27May, 2021

If you’re wondering which are the best mobile app development companies in Rajasthan, you’re in the right place. In this post, we run through the top agencies in the area, giving you the inside scoop on each of them.

Exemplary Marketing

Exemplary Marketing is the leading mobile app developer in Rajasthan. It has more than ten years of experience working in mobile app design and development. To date, it has completed a staggering 3,200-plus projects for its clients, achieving an average rating of 4.9 stars out of 5.

Exemplary Marketing credits its success to its working practices. It begins by collecting information about the kind of results that clients want and then builds out a UI/UX suitable for their vertical. It then prototypes software before moving onto the full app development and quality assurance phases. Most impressively, Exemplary Marketing continues to provide 24/7 support for clients, even after their apps launch.


TechIngenious is a mobile app development company located in Jaipur, Rajasthan, best-known for its one-stop-solution approach. Its team of dedicated and skilled mobile app developers strive to transform ideas in your mind that function and serve customers in the real world. With its help, it claims that its clients can achieve “untouched heights,.”

TechIngenious offers multiple app development expertise including Android App development, iOS App development and React Native. It has an impressive app development portfolio, creating apps for some of the trendiest brands in India and across the Asia-Pacific region.


WeDigTech is another mobile application development company in Jaipur which focuses on helping startups create beautiful bespoke applications for the sales and marketing processes. The outfit offers planning and analyzing in the development process, user-friendly designs, and content management as part of its standard packages. It develops across all the usual platforms, but also offers expertise in HTML5 apps, helping to save on multi-platform costs.


WebSenor is an IT company based in India with offices in the USA and Kuwait that offers a range of mobile app development services to customers. The brand works hard to fully understand its clients’ needs and acts accordingly. It currently has more than eleven years of experience, making it one of the most coveted and sought-after agencies in all of Rajasthan.

The company aims to make app development easy and fast for its clients. Its team comprises core professionals with development competence as well as creatives who specialise in giving apps a “classy touch.”

Orion Solutions

Orion Solutions is an award-winning mobile app developer that has received substantial media coverage since inception. The brand is famous for using emerging technologies such as blockchain, machine learning and AR in its apps to enhance the user experience and help companies leverage hardware to the maximum extent possible. It’s app development expertise covers mobile ecommerce development and game development. It now employs more than 45 people and has delivered over 1,000 successful projects.


NineHertz is a fast-growing company that has already gained a reputation for excellence online. It has delivered more than 1,750 projects to more than 450 clients worldwide and employs over 575 dedicated professionals on its team.

NineHertz says that not only is it great at producing compelling apps, but that it also uses coding standards that apply internationally, making its work highly translatable. It offers 100 percent quality assurance and has been operating for more than 12 years.

True Value Infosoft

True Value Infosoft got its start all the way back in 2011. It’s famous for providing a combination of user-friendly design combined with powerful internet marketing techniques. It currently employs many highly experienced professionals who allow it to complete a variety of technical projects all under one roof. It boasts one of the best customer retention rates in the region because of the quality of its output.

BR Softech

BR Softech is an ISO-certified mobile app developer with offices all over the world, including in Rajasthan. The agency currently employs more than 150 highly skilled team members, ready and willing to take on virtually any project you send their way.

Originally BR Softech saw itself as an IT consulting and solutions provider. But it’s expertise now makes it one of the best mobile app developers, with more than 5,500 such projects delivered to date.


DreamSoft4U is a leading mobile app development company based in both Rajasthan and USA. It specializes in creating ingenious apps that meet the needs of its clients’ customers in new ways. It offers a combination of in-depth software knowledge and understanding of platforms and networks for building apps. It is, therefore, a highly experienced company, with expertise covering mobile UI design, web-based mobile applications, native app development, custom mobile app development, mobile game design and mobile commerce solutions.


GrowthWalt believes that mobile apps should have a high level of interactivity, no matter what they’re for. For that reason, the agency is currently a top choice among brands that sell less engaging products and services.

It offers both native iOS and Android development, as well as Ionic, React Native and progressive web apps. And it focuses on the flow of apps so that they align with businesses’ goals.

Reva Consultancy

Reva Consultancy based in Jaipur promises to provide customers with mobile apps that work all the time. It works hard on all projects it undertakes. And it operates a direct working strategy which means that it believes in building lasting partnerships with its clients. Customers should choose this brand if they want professional advice, quality results and a client-focused approach.


DevTechnoSys is currently celebrating more than 10 years of operation in website, mobile application and software development and has worked with some of the biggest brands in the world, including Whirlpool, Nike and Pfizer.

The outfit is ISO 9001 certified in mobile and web app development, and has solved some of the most challenging modern technology problems for its clients. To date, it has completed more than 950 projects for over 450 customers but continues to strive, innovate and improve its services.

SEO Senor

SEO Senor started life as a digital marketing company in 2013. However, as its expertise and ranks grew, it soon moved into the field of mobile app development, helping brands grow their enterprises and reach their full potential.

The nice thing about SEO Senor is how it combines the basics of SEO with app design. It believes that for apps to be successful, companies need to disseminate them widely. And so it combines its eight years of SEO experience with the development phase to make this possible.

System Polygon

System Polygon is an app development company that aims to address real business situations. It works to minimize costs, improve ROIs, reduce development cycles and streamline its processes to make its offerings more cost-effective. It currently has a wide range of expertise and experienced teams who know how to use the latest technologies.

Konstant Infosolutions

Konstant excels in deploying the most advanced technologies in app development, including cloud and cross-platform integration, on-demand services, mCommerce, eCommerce, and enterprise mobility. Its vision is to become the most trusted and preferred offshore IT solution for businesses running from startups to large enterprises. It currently has more than 17 years of experience and boasts more than 2,500 happy customers.

Elixir Technologies

Based in Udaipur, Rajasthan, Elixir Technologies promises to create mobile apps that will help companies thrive. It has more than ten years in operation, operates two offices globally, and has more than 1,000 loyal clients who return to it again and again.


Mindnovative is a small app developer with a big reputation. Even though the outfit has only delivered 150 mobile apps in its history, it already employs a team of more than 100 people and is growing fast. It says it can help any business modernize.

Webtech Software

Webtech Software, also based in Udaipur, was founded in 1999. Originally, it focused on PPC and SEO. However, it now offers mobile app development using its classic creative approach. It’s philosophy is to use its unparalleled experience to deliver solutions to customers that they will love. Clients choose the agency because of its focus on strategy and support after publishing.

LiT Solutions

LiT is a mobile app developer in Jodhpur. It offers an end-to-end solution for both iOS and Android apps, utilising a wide variety of the latest technologies. It also specializes in iPad application development, catering explicitly to the tablet segment of the market.


Rounding off our list of the top 20 app development companies in Rajasthan is Alphonic. This company currently boasts more than 10 years in business and has over 850 clients. It has developed more than 2,300 web and mobile apps, and hires over 100 technical experts to make it happen. It focuses relentlessly on the profitability of its clients’ businesses, consulting with them on the best way to leverage their apps to improve overall sales.