20 Best Mobile App Development Companies in Quebec

20 Best Mobile App Development Companies in Quebec
04Aug, 2021

With mobile app development, there are many companies across the world that are doing their bit in the development of mobile technology. If you’re looking for some of the best when it comes to mobile app development in Quebec, then here are twenty companies that might be of interest.

Exemplary Marketing

Exemplary Marketing is one of the most well-known and recognized for its mobile application and development services. Across the world, they are picked for their competitive applications that help meet all the needs you have for IT. They help to develop iOS and android applications that are user-friendly and have cross-platform compatibility too.

Covering a wide range of services, Exemplary Market is your go-to for mobile apps and development in its technology advancements that it’s achieved so far.


Nventive is one that provides a collaborative journey for all those who use their services. It’s interactive and a dynamic process that can help bring any ideas you may have to life in a professional and quick manner. This company has plenty of experience in providing the tools you need to provide solutions to your problems.

Their approach is focused on four key stages. These are discovery, design, development and deployment. Each one provides a chance to brainstorms, test and trial mobile apps from an idea to the end product being downloaded onto a device. The technology, design, strategy and creativity are all important aspects of this process.


Vellgus is a mobile app development company that is focused on next generation technologies and making them accessible to all types of businesses. Whether you’re a small, large or medium company, Vellgus Inc. provides everything from product managers to solution architects. Clients have many different ideas when approaching this business and every one of them is given the time it needs to eventually great a strong business.

You can expect great customer-centric services that are creative and can be adapted to iOS, Android or Hybrid.


Dimonoff utilizes technological solutions in order to tackle the challenges that many companies have within their business. They work primarily with machine-to-machine connectivity. The development of electronic subsystems is also well focused on as well as production parts for connected products.

Dimonoff Amotus Services also helps with the development of wireless technology and cross-platform software too. The list is endless and many businesses turn to Dimonoff for it’s expert assistance.


Ever had a wild idea that no other company has been able to run with? Well why not try Vooban? At Vooban, they live and breathe wild ideas and concepts when it comes to mobile and app development.

They can help build these ideas and concepts into the real thing, helping transform your business into something unique. Whether it’s a brand new application idea or wanting to give your old systems a revamp, then Vooban is the right fit for you.


Having helped many high-potential brands, they have offered a great deal of integrated brand experiences through their knowledge on the market of technology. They’ve helped a Canadian marketplace for nearly fifty years now and their combination of creativity and relevance is what likely makes them one of the most popular to use when it comes to mobile app development of any kind.

It’s something that sets them apart from others, which isn’t easy to do in an industry that’s heavily saturated.


For developers and designers, Snipcart can offer a lot in the way of mobile app development. With a specialism in e-commerce solutions, it’s one that’s necessary to focus on for many businesses who find themselves gravitating to the online world as a source of income.

They’ve helped remove the problem areas of building e-commerce platforms into any website and any mobile apps too.


Like a Phoenixx rising from the ashes, this company really does provide innovative technologies that are crafted through the knowledge of skilled experts that know exactly what they’re doing. They help to find smart and effective processes that deliver the best solution to fit your needs as a business.

Being able to work with a dream team like Phoenixx is a n opportunity worth taking. They help reduce operational costs and boost business efficiency that are tailored to your company’s specific needs.

Spektrum Media

The type of mobile app you build will need to rely on communication and team work to perfect it. Spektrum Media is committed to providing this development approach to all the clients it works with both past and present. Keeping you in the loop as a client is key as well as being able to coach you through the various processes when it comes to mobile app development.

Transparency and an understanding are two key elements that it delivers to their clients.

Bkom Studios

Offering a range of digital services, Bkom Studios is predominantly in the video game industry. They help brands to develop their presence though across a variety of platforms that include mobile. With more than 100 people working in their studios in Qubec City, they help create and develop across a number of services such as websites, social media, marketing campaigns and most importantly, apps.

With cutting-edge technologies and experimentation, Bkom Studios offers a fresh perspective on video gaming.

Nomade Solutions Mobiles

Everyone has a mobile device in their hands nowadays and so Nomade Solutions Mobiles are driven to providing the best experience for those who have them. There are lots of us that use apps in order to get around our everyday life. Without them, we’d have real struggles and so Nomade Solutions Mobiles pushes the boundaries of mobile development to offer more than just the basics.

Whether the app is for your audience or for employees, this company can provide the service you need.


Having been around since 1997, Modellium is a great one that specializes in the development of software and solutions packages. They have experts within IT development as well as statistical analysis, both of which are very important to mobile app development.

With user-friendly, and cutting-edge technology solutions, they help provide the best opportunities for their clients and the ideas they possess.

Amiral Agence Web

Claiming to be the experts in web browsing, Amiral Agency Web is a great one for those who need website development, online applications and mobile applications. Not only that but they also offer a range of SEO services to help ensure the deployment to these apps is as successful as it possibly can be.


Whether you’re looking to develop a new web platform or you’re in the early stages of a mobile app, Tink is a great company for delivering what you need. The expert teams at this company help to draw from their creativity and determination to provide the very best for all their clients.

They help to not only define the idea the client has but to implement and elevate the mobile app to another level of excellence.

Nexapp Technologies Inc

Nexapp Technologies has a delivery approach that creates value and a service that’s dipped generously in collaboration and honesty throughout the process.

With a talented team that engages and mobilizes their talents towards the visions or goals of the client, Nexapp Technologies Inc provides everything and more that you need for your mobile app development.

Cellulaire Marketing Quebec

Whether it’s website creation, SEO or mobile app development services, Cellulaire Marketing Quebec offers it all. They can help with inbound link strategy to doing the necessary tasks needed to improve search engine optimization. All of which can be handy when developing mobile apps.


Helping companies since 2003 with their technology, TLM has over 70 team members that have extensive knowledge when it comes to programming and testing mobile apps in development.

They help invest into each and every client in order to create softwares and applications that go beyond what the client would dream or wish for. TLM is driven to turn their customer’s dreams and visions into reality.

Nine Dots Studio Inc.

Nine Dots Studio Inc. is another business dedicated to developing games so that the industry of gaming continues to grow and develop further. They help many brands to develop their games across multiple platforms that include mobile apps. There’s creative input from everyone within the organization and that also includes the clients themselves.

A collaborative process is an important element for this business to move forward with on every customer they work with.


Hyper offers many solutions for those clients after digital services. Whether that be graphic design, web design, web hosting and applications – it has it all and more for those that choose the company to work with.

As well as SEO optimization, Hyper has managed to provide many successful projects to it’s clients when it comes to mobile app development.


With hundreds of projects in custom software development, mobile applications and web design, Bulldozer can help with any digital project you may have as a business. They have several options to pick from when it comes to providing digital solutions to your business processes.

With mobile applications in mind, they’ve help save many of their clients hours of work that can end up helping the business elsewhere. They identify the opportunities that your business needs.

There are plenty of mobile app development companies out there but these are some of the best to try out on the market today.