20 Best Mobile App Development Companies in Plymouth

20 Best Mobile App Development Companies in Plymouth
30Jun, 2021

Creating a mobile app for your business is no small task. From deciding the right solution to creating a strategy and building a responsive and functional mobile app, it is imperative to hire a reputable and trusted company for your new endeavour.

Building a mobile app can benefit your business and offer valuable opportunities to reach your target audience. A mobile app not only puts you ahead of your competition, but it also improves customer engagement, provides a way to communicate with your customers directly, and increases brand awareness.

According to Ofcom, 87% of adults in the UK use the internet, and two-thirds of adults in the UK access content on-demand. With the increase in the use of mobile devices and smart technology, it is crucial for your business to reach more customers in a way that is easy and convenient for them. A mobile app provides communication, engagement, and a number of solutions right in their pocket.

Whether you are looking for a simple mobile app development or a more complex operation, below you will find the top 20 mobile app development companies in Plymouth that can help skyrocket your business to the next level and beyond.

Exemplary Marketing

Exemplary Marketing is known for their innovative and world-class mobile app development that provide attractive, visually stimulating, easy to navigate and highly responsive solutions. Exemplary Marketing prides itself on a cost-effective, end-to-end solution and will support you from the initial design and build, all the way through to the launch and promotion of your mobile app. All apps are compatible with Andriod and IOS and come with a prototype so you can test your product and ensure it launches at the highest standard.

57 Digital

57 Digital is a team of mobile app developers with over 6 years of experience, who provide aesthetically pleasing apps for a range of businesses. 57 Digital also builds smartwatch apps and Apple TV apps, helping your idea come to reality. They are well known for their Minecraft Explorer companion app and content creation for Minecraft MarketPlace.


Whether it is a new idea you are bringing to the market, or looking to recreate a solution, Elixel partners with your business to take your idea and turn it into a scalable mobile application. Elixel will take your mobile app on a journey from development, launch, and future evolution.

Web Design and SEO Company

The Web Design and SEO Company offer a range of digital services to small and medium-sized businesses as well as start-ups, who are looking for brochures, website design, and mobile app development. All apps are developed with a responsive design, optimisation and guarantee value for money.

Life Apps Lab

The Life Apps Lab has been a specialised business since 1998 focusing on software development and a range of web technologies. They are known for their app development with industrial companies, as well as aided the development of numerous online learning programs.

Beech Comms Ltd

Beech Comms Ltd have worked with over 300 companies and are known for their professional mobile app design and online marketing services to help you build a successful online brand.


Trotus is a one-man band that specialises in creating complex business apps, offering front-end and back-end development that will bring your business idea to life. Whether it is a new development to support production or to streamline your services and manage employees, Trotus can help build you a solution. Trotus specialises in in-app solutions for your business, internally, and for your customers.

Square Apple

With over 20 years of experience, Square Apple offers a full stack service, to help you achieve your vision. From design, UX and infrastructure, they can help you develop a fully responsive, hybrid solution like no other. With over 20 years of experience, Square Apple is reliable and professional.

Fine Web Design

Fine Web Design is available on a case-by-case basis, to help your business build the perfect, bespoke eCommerce platform or mobile app. Services also include one-to-one support and full hosting. Fine Web Design has worked with thousands of independent businesses to design and develop in-house, a range of tech and cross-platform apps.


Studiose combines their hands-on approach and creative passions to deliver a bespoke website or mobile app that suits your business needs. Studiose is known for handling mass data and information, to help take from your concept all the way through to completion. They will handle the design, development, and testing, as well as the competitor and marketplace research.


Computech provides a range of services to design and support your mobile app development; from sales lead information, logging timesheets to support maintenance and multi-tiered agricultural applications. They welcome brand new developments or integration of existing applications, on both IOS and Android.

Queens Gate Studios

Queens Gate Studios are known for their systems development on open source software platforms to help you easily scale. Whether you are looking for a complex design or a straightforward solution, they combine their elegant solutions with the relevant technology for a simplified and functional workflow that suits your timescales and budgets.

WebBased Ltd

WebBased Ltd has been creating effective online solutions for Local Authorities, Teaching Schools, and Academy chains since 2001. They work with your business to enhance learning and communication, by developing specialist online learning, training, and trading solutions. Their solutions aim to tackle efficiency, with in-app progress monitoring, and an easy interface with built-in alerts, and appointment bookings.


CoreBlue builds systems from the ground up, working with a range of industries and different devices. They work closely with you on a long-term basis to ensure their software can meet the needs of your business and users as well as provide value. CoreBlue offers a high-quality, safe and secure service and prides itself in its fine-tuned approach.

Dean Wronowski

Whether it is to streamline an internal process for a more efficient and effective way of working or to create a companion for your customers, this software developer will help you turn your software idea into a reality. One to one support and integrated testing throughout the process, you’ll work together to ensure the software solution meets your requirements and is delivered on time.

Big Wave

Big Wave provides a bespoke service and works with you closely, to build cost-effective ways of communicating with your clients from their pocket. They have a team of developers who are highly experienced in creating, developing, and managing mobile apps, who work alongside small and big businesses to simplify their needs and provide the perfect app for their business.

Plymouth Software

Plymouth Software has a team of software and app developers who work with your business closely to create an effective and modern app compatible with Andriod, IOS and cross-platform, to help your business build profit. Their app development process includes efficient and modern interfaces, to keep customer engagement and brand awareness at an all-time high.


Createanet works with both startups and corporate companies from strategy to build, to develop native IOS and Andriod apps that provide a unique customer journey. With over 21 years of experience and 555 apps developed, they will help you take your idea and transform it into reality. They also offer marketing and social media solutions to help you get your app off the ground upon launching.

Hoot Media

Hoot Media builds feature-rich IOS and Android compatible apps for your business, which incorporates their custom-built, powerful content management system. Their content management system allows you to have full control over the app, for administrative duties and upgrades. All their apps are of a high standard and approved by iTunes and GooglePlay. Hoot Media also offers push notifications, integrated booking systems, and loyalty cards.


Hiyield design and build bespoke websites and mobile apps, with your customers at the heart. They’ll help you choose the app that fits your business and customers, with a stunning design and functionality to help drive engagement.

Mobile apps can help drive more customers and engagement to your business, but only if you build the right one. While mobile app development takes time and money, it is a worthwhile investment if you want to be a forward-thinking, well sought-after business within your industry.

With the use of mobile phones and smart technology rising all over the world, your own mobile app can help you reach more customers globally, drive engagement as well as keep current customers loyal, with an easy and responsive mobile app that delivers a solution right into their pocket.

The market is full of mobile apps, so it is important you find a company that you can work with, that will not only bring your idea to life but work closely with you on strategy and build, to ensure your solution is revolutionary. Each mobile app is built and designed from the ground up, which means you can tailor it to provide the best value for your customers.