10 Best Mobile App Development Companies in Philippines

10 Best Mobile App Development Companies in Philippines
17Nov, 2021

With the rise of mobile app development, many startups and established companies are looking to create a mobile app. Recent research from App Annie predicts that by 2021, there will be more than 1 billion active smartphone users in Asia alone. This is a huge opportunity for any business to explore, especially if your business isn’t as well established as Google or Amazon. But how do you decide which mobile app development company to choose?

Fortunately, we have taken the time to look at the top 10 mobile app developers in the Philippines and compiled them into this list. We will discuss what they offer, their pricing structures, and other relevant information you need before making a decision. The following list has been curated based on different factors.

Exemplary Marketing

In today’s fast-paced world, customers don’t just look for developers who are skilled at creating mobile apps; they want to know who is creating those apps and what they stand for. This is where companies like Exemplary Marketing bring their expertise to the table and can help you get the best experience possible from your app.

The company also has a good reputation in the industry. Apart from this, they provide a custom development option. The custom mobile app development services were what pushed them to make it to the list.

X-apps Marketing

Some companies would have no marketing to offer, but that does not mean they do not offer any marketing. They might just focus on online marketing with certain portals, such as their company websites and blogs.

However, with mobile app development, you want the audience to use your app for the most part. As a result, you want to create an X-app. An X-app is an app which has a particular goal in mind.

With X-apps, your audience will be more engaged, and your app will have more users and sales. This is an integral part of mobile app development in the Philippines. So, make sure to look out for the X-app marketing aspects of the company you want to work with.

IQ Creative

IQ Creative is a mobile app development company with a team of more than 30, and they also have a full service that offers e-commerce solutions and mobile app development. They focus on creating unique apps to meet the needs of their clients, and they also put a lot of emphasis on performance and usability.

Speaking about their services, Gordon Wong, the founder of the company, said that “if there’s a gap in your market and you want to offer unique and interactive solutions, then our experts will develop an app that caters to your needs.”

Visual Anthropology

Extensive research has been conducted to find the best mobile app development companies in the Philippines. We have highlighted the companies that they believe are the most impactful and inspiring in the mobile app development sector. Visual anthropology has contributed to our list and based on this.

On the subject of the startup world, Visual Anthropology explains, “If you are just getting started on your business journey, using technology is the only way to set yourself apart from the competition.


AppMakr is one of the best mobile app development company in the Philippines. They have recently expanded their mobile app development team and now offer mobile app design services as well as mobile app testing. They are one of the most sought-after mobile app development company in the Philippines.

WebNet Philippines

WebNet Philippines is an online business that operates a number of different channels to deliver cost-effective web and mobile app development services. This company is passionate about customer satisfaction. They have some other channels that you can choose from to get your app designed.

Web Net uses a unique value proposition to give you the best possible experience while also offering competitive prices. This includes all-inclusive pricing for the entire project, which includes the maintenance fee and the development fee. If you decide to accept their contract proposal, the development fee will be one-time and subject to recurring payments.


Armed with a team of talented engineers, BDCreative is passionate about creating original content. They offer a range of mobile app development services that include mobile app stores integration, Android app testing, iOS app testing, app analytics, and much more.

Their development services range from $400 – $2,000, depending on the complexity of the mobile app. However, this is a per-project fee, so depending on how much they need to implement the application, your mobile application fee will be based on the number of projects you want to be completed.

Red Dot Lab

Known for their accessibility and detailed knowledge of mobile development, Red Dot Lab (RDL) offers app development services that are targeted to cater to clients in both the local and international markets. RDL prides itself on using software that is easy to operate and maintain, catering to the needs of all different kinds of clients. They are backed up by a team of highly skilled engineers who can provide a cost-effective mobile app development solution for your business.


With Felico, you will be spending less time creating your mobile app since they have scalable technology that can develop over 25,000 apps and games within 90 days. They will look after the development aspect of your app, and you will be free to focus on the marketing.

Another great thing with Felico is that they have their own in-house team of creative and professional developers who are responsible for writing the original code, UI design, and testing. So if you are looking for a custom-developed mobile app and you are considering Felico, you can be assured that your app will be built in a professional manner.

U2 Design

Located in Quezon City, U2 Design is a software company offering mobile app development and marketing. U2 provides a range of solutions, including app design, branding and development, mobile app marketing, and mobile app maintenance. They are specifically tailored to take on enterprise and B2B solutions.


In the future, mobile app development will be the next big thing, and services offered by the top mobile app developers in the Philippines will be top of mind for many entrepreneurs.